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Designs by Jewelry by Shannon

From Russia with Love

Custom order for a husband who wanted a black velvet choker for his wife with a gemstone in either red or blue.

He ended up selecting both...
Components: See above.

Verde Queen

Verde Queen (Necklace)

I'm drawn to these disk beads in different shades of greens/browns with different textures, especially on the edges....
Components: See above.

Snips and Snails

This necklace was made of odd and ends of a little bit of everything and is a very feminine necklace. It can be worn long or doubled over and worn...
Components: See Above.

Gemstone Rainbow

This necklace set started with my ziploc bag of 'orphan' gemstones ... I just love how the random colors and shapes seem to have been meant to go...
Components: See Above.

Moody Blues

This prayer box bracelet is a commissioned piece that someone asked me to make for them for a Mother's Day gift. Wenche, I had to put on my...
Components: See Above.

Forest Folly

This all started with the copper/sterling focal piece in the front and Arja's beautiful bronze PMC heart she made, and the rest grew from that!...
Components: See Above.

Dancing the Night Away

Perfect for that 'little black dress' ... here's a necklace that moves with you when you are out dancing the night away! Dangling/dancing vermeil...
Components: See above ...


It's hard to get more wired than this bracelet ... it started with lots and lots of exactly measured wire and gemstone components with loops on...
Components: See Above.

Pretty in Pink

I just love these HUGE freshwater natural pink pearls with the fancy clasp ... they are hand-knotted in a coordinating shade of pink. :-)
Components: See above.

Ruby Necklace

This was a custom order for a customer's wife. He ordered early so he could put it aside for Christmas. The huge, deep red topaz was the...
Components: See above.

Amethyst Knot (2 necklaces that look like 3!)

I just love amethyst gemstones and this large laser-cut beauty was the inspiration for this piece. (over 37 cts!) I took the gold wire on a...
Components: Amethyst, vermeil

Purple Passion

Ok, this one is for all the purple lovers out there! Mixing my favorite color with Hill Tribe silver and dangles, decided the heart needed to be...
Components: See above.

The Long and Short of It (Necklace Trio)

Have you ever had a short necklace and then wished you had one to layer with it that was a little longer, and then one even longer still? That's...
Components: See Above

Mini-Round Robin - Purple Heart

This mini-round robin project with Carol and Martha warmed my heart (literally!). Mine started with a 6 inch segment in the back (including a...
Components: See above

Shades of Sapphire

These sapphire blue glass beads from Afganistan have been in my mind for some time. Each one is a slightly different shade of blue, rough cut and...
Components: See above.


Have you ever been fishing on a nice fall day when the waters are so clear you can see the fish? You can see the green/brown seaweed they are...
Components: See above.

Playful Peridot

Ok, this one was on my design board for too long but it's finally finished! All the spring designs people have been posting inspired me, as did...
Components: See above

Crimson and Clover

I love gemstones and these are some others that I'd had in reserve for a while -- large laser cut faceted Garnet with HUGE laser cut faceted Honey...
Components: See above.

London Blue Topaz Princess

I just love this London Blue Topaz in a rounded/square shape ... 37.50 whopping carats!! (if you see any marks on the stone on the close up, they...

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