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Designs by Gemme Designs


I had seen a similar design in a Mallorca pearl shop but I couldn't afford it :D, so I made myself one.
Components: Sterling silver chain and peacock pearls

Simple by Design

I had big plans for these Keishi pearls when I ordered them. I had also ordered an elaborate silver chain and lots of headpins to thread them on....
Components: Keishi pearls and sterling silver

Once upon a dragonfly

Paired a few of my favorites, brass and abalone, with this beautifully crafted life-size dragonfly.
Components: Abalone ovals, brass findings and brass dragonfly pendant.

Snow drops

A simple yet elegant piece which basically put itself together :D
Components: Natural White Quartz drops, black SW 6mm bicones and gunmetal findings

Ebony & Ivory

I put all your advice together and restrung with onyx rounds which give a lot more flexibility to the square beads and solve the problem. :D I also...
Components: Sardonyx diamonds and brass findings.

Field & Blue Skies

I always loved Blue Lace Agate, but when I saw this bicolor one I was swept away! :D The detailing and the colors are just amazing and the...
Components: Bi Color Faceted Blue Lace Agate, Brass findings and Kabela Design Antique Brass Victorian Link.

Turks & Caicos

This piece has an island/vacation feel to it. I just fell in love with these sea blue quartz rondelles and thought the shell leaves were a nice...
Components: Carved shell leaf beads, sea blue quartz rondelles, opal round beads and brass toggle clasp and beads.

Baby Blues

I make a lot of these, most of them with black SW (that's all everybody wants!), but finally I was asked to make one with blue agate to match a...
Components: Clear SW bicones, blue agate rounds, sterling silver 11-0 seed beads and SW sterling silver toggle clasp.

Floating Quartz

Simple floating necklace made with leftovers.
Components: Tourmalated Quartz rounds & small rectangles, Swarovsky crystals and silver seed beads

Pearl Beaded Watch

Flat spiral stitching with pearls mounted on a watch for my best friend's birthday :D
Components: Swarovsky 4mm & 6mm pearls, sterling silver seed beads, silver toggle clasp and silver watch face.

Lariat Shimmer

I was very pleased with this piece when I finished it; it has the exact look I had envisioned. But I 'tested' it today and discovered it has a...
Components: 12mm Tourmalated Quartz rounds, Swarovsky Cosmic Ring Crystal and sterling silver components

My fully grown girl (lounging)

She was a year old here and 53 pounds...
The picture quality isn't great sorry, (cell phone pic) but I love her pose :D
Last picture of her, just...
Components: pure puppy love

Moroccan Bling

It was clear to me, since I bought them, that these elongated silver beads would be paired with these peach pearls, but the design was never quite...
Components: Elongated silver beads, Swarovsky pearls, Swarovsky bicones, silver spacers, silver bead frame and Swarovsky pendant bead.

Bold & Classic

A simple design that I enjoy wearing, but I was a bit deceived with the colour of my SW pearls when I got them. I find them a bit on the yellow...
Components: Sterling silver chain and clasp, SW 16mm pearls and pendant

Holiday Spirit (suite)

Companions to my Holiday Spirit necklace. The colors aren't quite right, the pearls are a deeper red. Night lighting and my lack of patience with...
Components: 8mm Burgundy SW Pearls and brass components

Serene Amethyst

I had a tulip pendant left and played it with other leftovers. I love the soft hues of these amethyst beads, they have a soothing look :)
Components: Amethyst round beads, sterling silver spacers, small purple glass beads, silver chain and tulip bud pendant.

Holiday Spirit

I needed a new necklace for my new Xmas party red dress. I had to keep it simple while making it stand out, so I went for big pearls :-) The last...
Components: 12mm Svarovsky burgundy pearls and brass components

Frog Prince

A small gift for a frog lover friend, I could not resist these cute frogs especially with her birthday around the corner. They look like they are...
Components: SS findings and SW bicones

Cherry Blossoms

Birdies again! This time with nice little glass flower blossoms. Still inspired by the same artist on Etsy, with my personal touch.
Components: SS findings and czech glass flowers

Fly Robin Fly

My version of an Etsy inspired design. Luv these little birds and the big tulip bead. Birds are flying away (south) here in Canada right now, I...
Components: Sterling silver findings and SW pearls

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