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Designs by Jazz

Natural Woman

Might keep this one....like I need ANOTHER necklace.
Components: Riverstone, Crazy Lace Agate (dyed)

Blood Sister

Love this ceramic pendant...
Components: Riverstone (dyed), Ceramic

Honey Do

Love this ceramic pendant and I find a lot of different uses for it.
Components: Honey Quartz, Ceramic

Amazonite and Onyx

The pendant in this piece reminds me of a puppy with long ears. Once I saw that, I could not unsee it.
Components: Black Onyx, Rainbow Amazonite

Rainbow Amazonite & Copper

Another Lima favorite stone, Rainbow Amazonite, with the filagree copper tube. I bought about 10 of those tubes, but haven't really figured out...

Graduated Rainbow

Graduated Rainbow Soocho Jade beads with sterling accents.

Using Lima Pendant....Again :-)

I bought 20 of that pendant.....love it.

More Leftover Stuff Thrown Together

I have been having fund creating my own pendants, AND using up stuff that's been sitting around forever.
Components: Wooden Jasper, Turquoise, Odds and ends...

Green Dream

I have been inspired by all you ladies with your wirework and have been playing around too. :-)

I have been creating a lot of my own pendants...
Components: Tree Agate and other agate beads.


A bunch of random leftover things that worked well together.

Land Star

Dolomite tube beads and star jasper pendant, copper wire and findings. I think I am keeping this one.

Summer to the Bone

Magnesite and bone beads.

Summery Fun

Chunky turqouise nuggets with coral beads and other accents make this piece a fun summery accessory.

Yellow Agate & Jade

I've used that rectangle coin in a lot of pieces, but I really like it with this.

Summer Fun

I just thought these all looked good together.

Tigers :-)

I've been away awhile, but do check in from time to time to see all of ya'lls beauteous designs.

Russian Coil

Another color family of my coil bracelets.
Components: Russian Amazonite, Opalite

Yellow Russian

I don't work a lot with yellows, but sometimes, when I can find other colors that mesh well, something cool comes out of it.
Components: Russian Serpentine, Yellow Turquoise

Bad Teeth :-)

More of the yellow agate that looked like bad teeth when it arrived. I kept it for awhile before it told me what to do with it.
Components: yellow agate

Zebra A-Go-Go

Love that Zebra Jasper! Some of the materials are from LB, some are from elsewhere. I haven't kept a zebra jasper set yet, but I know at some...
Components: Brown Zebra Jasper

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