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Designs by Jazz

Cool Blue Bracelet

More of Lima's outstanding Chalcedony beads.
Components: chalcedony

Cool Blue Ice

More of Lima's awesome Chalcedony, along with some blue aventurine and opalite. I love Lima's Chalcedony rough nuggets.
Components: Chalcedony, Opalite

Another Use for Lima's Copper Pendant

I saw a comment someone made on another piece I did using this pendant about wanting to see something with it. Here's one!
Components: Poppy Jasper, Red Jasper, red and yellow mixed agate, accents copper

Happy Bracelet

And then I do THESE sometimes, which are not peaceful at all. My clients call them my 'Happy' bracelets.
Components: glass, stone, clay, Marble, trade beads, all kinds of stuff

Some of the bracelets

Some of the stone bracelets on memory wire. Sometimes I do them with a whole mishmash of stuff, and sometimes, they are just more peaceful when...

Banded Black

I love this stone when you get a good sample of it with lots of stripes and striations and not a lot of cloudiness.
Components: Banded Agate

Ocean Jasper

I don't love this stone, so it's hard for me to work with, but a client brought me some of the beads and asked me to make her something from them.
Components: Ocean Jasper

Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee is what my sister named this one. I gave it to her for her birthday.
Components: Citrine, manchu agate (marble)

The Slice That Started It All

This is the first slice I fell in love with, the first piece of jewelry I made with a slice, and the one that started me on the Journey of the Slice.
Components: Carnelian, red agate, ceramic

Gray Matter II

This one was my boss' Christmas present. She loved it.

Has anyone used the gray/orange Botswnana agates from LB together? I love the...
Components: Botswana Agate

Surf & Turf is out the door so I can play here again for a few. :-)))

Got these gorgeous beads at Lima.
Components: Blue Calsilica Jasper

Fun Bracelet

I love the combination of turquoise and coral.
Components: turquoise, apple coral

Autumn Leaves

I love hunky, chunky stones. I live in DC, and all my clients ask me to do them a piece in the "redskins" stone. :-)
Components: Mookaite

Beach Fun

Rainbow Amazonite (thanks LIMA!) and Paua shell fun.
Components: Rainbow Amazonite, Paua Shell

Dalmatian Days

Chunky hunks of Dalmatian Jasper with a little Lava thrown in.
Components: Dalmatian Jasper

Peppy Poppy

LOVE the huge go-go shape pendant...took me awhile to figure out what to do with it.
Components: Poppy Jasper, Bone


Yet another slice. Clearly I cannot get enough of these. I had NO IDEA that I had done so many pieces with these slices!
Components: Carnelian, red agate

Yellow Turquoise

I can't normally wear yellow because of my skin tone, but something about this piece made me want to give it a home. So I kept it!
Components: Yellow Turquoise, Red Jasper

Moody Blue

Chalcedony is also one of my favorite stones, and Lima has some beautiful examples of I have found anywhere.
Components: Chalcedony, Blue Aventurine, Wood

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