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Designs by Crystal Chick Miss Alex

Berry Cherry

Well LB inspired it... I got my order this morning... I just put it on... Made it for myself... lol...
I love pink tones and just the name Cherry...
Components: Cherry Quartz, Swarovski Crystals, Czech Glass rondelles, sterling silver beads...

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

I love Pietersite and Mookaite... I haven't cut the final string as once I put it on.. my husband said its not my colour.. However my...
Components: Pietersite, Mookaite, Porcelain Jasper, Swarovski Crystal, Czech Glass and Sterling silver beads and toggle... Purple Furnace Glass (looks blue in the picture)

Sweet and Sassy

This was one of those pieces that came together in minutes... I had just received the Labradorite Pendant and the Black Striped Jasper and it is...
Components: Labradorite, Black Striped Jasper, Glass Beads, Sterling Silver


This was made for a teenager that doesn't fit in... I thought that showing her everything can be different and beautiful at the same time.. Her dad...
Components: Lots of Beads Lots of Silver Seed Beeds Shell chips

Pretty in Pink

This is a Jr. High Graduation Gift... The Rhodochrosite beads have a neat Spiritual quality to them and then the Swarovski added the Bling factor...
Components: Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Swarovski, s/s

Back in Black

Black Sardonyx, Black Diamond Swarovski crystal with s/s.. Classy to wear to the office and understated to wear all the time... I was wearing it...
Components: Black Sardonyx, Swarovski Crystal, s/s

Lavender Cosmopolitan

This is a Classy Piece... The Coins some Potato Pearls with the Large Focal Dogtooth Amethyst and lots of silver just made it gentle with a bit of...
Components: Dogtooth Amethyst, Porcelain Jasper, purple potato pearls sterling silver beads

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