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Designs by Jewelsjewls

Birdie Love

I've wanted to make "something" with birds so I did. The "love" piece was hand stamed by me and I created the flower on it. This is my first...
Components: Glass beads, swarovski crystals, brass charms, Brass chain and clasp.

Purple Ice

I love amathyst and I had these little beads. I was inspired when I dropped a purple bead in the pile of these white beads. It reminds me of purple...
Components: Amathyst beads, white mix of seeds beads, clear beading string and silver toggle

What Is This?

Does anyone have any idea what kind of piece this is? I know it's Zuni work, but I don't know anything else about it. Do you know any kind of...

Breast Cancer Awareness

Ive wanted to do a pink piece for a long time, when I found these beads I knew that was it. I am inspired by breast cancer survivors, they have...
Components: I used a kalidoscope of beads. I played off the breast cancer beads and the pink charm bead. there are glass beads, ceramic, swavorski crystal and peals. I used a clear bracelet wire.

Lapis attack

I found these beads as a necklace and earrings in a box of hand me down stuff. I saw the box they were in and had to open it. When I did I had such...
Components: Lais Lazulia, 14kt gold spacers and clasp, Bleak beading thread and beading gold colored beading wire on the earrings.

Yellow Spring

Again, sorry for the quality. Took this with my phone. I had to share it with you. I found these pretty little butterflies and had to make...
Components: I used glass beads along with yellow swavorski crystals and yellow seed beads. I used silver chain and clasps.


Sorry for the poor picture quality, I took this on my phone. This was something I thought I'd try my hand at. I wire wrapped this and placed white...
Components: White and blue turquoise, Silver #24 wire & Silver #10 soft wire.

Just for fun

The trend here where I live is big and bold. I'm not really into that so making this took me out of my norm. I have to admit I had fun making it...
Components: Turquoise and silver spacers. Silver beading wire and clasp.

Big Green

I found thise green pendent at a small bead shop in my travels. I knew I wanted to make something with this but I wasnt sure. I bought the beads...
Components: Green glass pendent and beads, large green pearls and green swarovski crystals. Silver beading wire and clasp.

Mixed stones

I was inspired to do this set by a pic in a magazine. I wanted to make a mixed stone set as I have not yet done one. So I decieded these two needed...
Components: Amethyst, Jade(not really positive, once I find out I'll edit this) and silver beading wire.


I was inspired by a piece of turquoise I bought at a sale. I want to get into silverwork so I decieded to start small. This is not a big piece, but...
Components: I used a sterling silver chain & silver 22 gauge wire.I did a little wirework and created the earring hooks by hand.

Lace Agate

I'm not real good with my stones yet but I know this is Lace Agate. Mexican Lace? Something like that.It is 35mmX40mm. I found this in a yard sale...
Components: I love the depth in this lace agate piece. It is very pretty.

Gold Coins

I was in the mood to make something brown or gold and this is what I came up with.
Components: Gold color coins, Beads

Owl Necklace

I had this owl and thought it would look great just plain. So I threw this together. I added a pair of earrings from my Jewelry box. Not a very...

Jen's stuff

These are my daughters pieces she made. She doesnt bead very often with me but when she does she always makes something pretty. She is 17 and this...

Passion for purple

I love purple and since I was in the mood of love for Valentines Day I decided to make a purple piece out of "my" love of purple. I made this piece...
Components: Amethyst, purple pearls, spacers, butterfly pendent, swavorskie crystal add on and bead wire.

Whimsicle Valentine

I was inspired by the holiday. I love Valentines day! I'm wearing it tonight to a valentine dinner.
Components: I used red glas hearts, swavorski crytals, red & white Acrylic beads, Open hearts of antique silver color, antique silver chain and silver chipped beads and silver beading wire.

stroke of luck

Just an experiment with wire. I hand never flattened wire before so this was just a chance of luck I got it to turn out this way. lol Anyway, I...
Components: 16 guage silver wire


These colors remind me of clopatra, dont ask me egyption, who knows. Anyway I like red. I saw this in a book and made it to my...
Components: Silver wire 20 guage, yellow & red seed beads.

Many at once

These are many of my first designs. I started beading sometine in September and this pic was taken in Nov 2010

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