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Designs by John M

Desert Land

Stones remind me of desert lands, hence the name.
Components: Focal is a Faux Bone™ base with Chohua Jasper. The base is painted with acrylic paint. Stone attached with coper wire pegs. Other stones are Artistic Jasper. Copper beads.Copper spacers cut from 1/8 inch copper tubing, 5 mm long, and 16 gauge copper wire, heat treated for patina. Strung on black Greek Cord.

South Seas

Nearly finished, need to add clasp.

The use of ocean jasper in the piece, simply reminds me of the South Seas, atolls, reefs,
Components: Focal piece previously described. Remainder, Ocean Jasper drops on balled end copper wire. Copper tube spacers, textured, copper jump rings. Copper beads.Liver of sulfur patina. Strung on black greek cord. More at my blog

South Seas

This is a pendant made from Faux Bone™. It will become the focal point for a necklace which is in progress. When complete, I will show it here.
Components: Faux Bone™, copper wire, ocean jasper nugget bead.

Coral Reef

Inspired by the Ocean Jasper focal. Possibly could be worn to a Christmas party? Now then, I'd like to interject a note here to all those who have...
Components: Ocean Jasper, Rubylite, White Agate (faceted), Sterling Silver wire (22 gauge square, twisted), chain, bead caps, spacer beads. corrugated beads and charms. Very simple design.

Misty Morning Sunrise

The focal bead of fire agate made me think of a sunrise behind thin morning clouds. This is an old design, promptly glommed onto by my wife.
Components: Fire Agate, Pearl. Aventurine, Soocho Jade, Agate, Rose Quartz. Bali silver beads.


The blue drusy agate geode focal stone reminds of a south seas atoll, with the surf breaking over a coral reef, with a blue lagoon.

This piece,...
Components: Blue drusy agate geode, Blue Aventurine, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Nevada Jasper, Blue Mother of Pearl Mosaic, Sodalite, Blue Onyx Agate, and Ocean Jasper. I8 gauge sterling silver wire, charm, spacer beads. 24 inches in length.

Ocean Currents

This piece inspired by the blue agate focal.
Components: Sterling silver wire, 20 and 18 gauge, charm, bali beads, bead caps. Blue crazy lace agate, Lapis, White Fire Agate, Kyanite, Sodalite, Lapidalite, Aquamarine, Swarovski crystal bicones, and seed beads.

Summer Sky

I think the Sodalite focal says it all. Deep blue sky of summer with various types of white clouds.
Components: Not a lot going on here, 18 gauge ss wire, Sodalite, Lapis, White Agate, White Fire Agate. Simple, easy design.


Again, the Landscape Jasper focal said Africa, and so this design was born. A bit of departure for me as I usually don't work with cabochons.
Components: Landscape Jasper cab, Sardonyx Agate rondelle, Artistic Jasper faceted barrel, Leopardskin Jasper tear drop, Artistic Jasper round, Russian Turquoise round, Sterling silver wire, bead caps and charms.

The Koi Pool

The Rhodonite focal is the inspiration. Reminds of dark water, lotus and koi appearing and disappearing.
Components: Rhodonite, Rainbow Obsidian, White Agate, Rain Forest Jasper. 18 gauge sterling silver wire. Rhodonite with green is a bit hard to find, and the focal is very special to me.

Hidden Jungle Pool

The focal stone is again the key to the title. I love Rhyolite aka Rain Forest Jasper.
Components: 18 and 22 gauge sterling silver dead soft wire, ss charms and bead caps and spacers. In order from the pendant., Kyanite with Ocean Jasper, Rhyolite, Blue Pietersite, Lapidalite Jasper, Rhodonite with Green Opal, African Jade with Kiwi Jasper, and Rhodonite with Spider web Serpentine.

Summer Garden

Originally intended as an entry in a "Summertime" inspirational contest. It's for anyone who wants to attend a summer party and make a statement....
Components: 18 and 28 gauge dead soft sterling silver wire, tiny ss beads and charms. Stones are (from spider web to clasp), Spiderweb Serpentine, Lapidalite Jasper, Soo Chow Jade and Damar Jasper together, Unakite and Orange Botswana Agate together, dyed purple Kiwi Jasper, Unakite and Bots Agate again, then Spesspartine Garnet with African Jade.


The artistic, or paintbrush jasper seemed sort of prehistoric. The addition of dinosaur charms makes the piece live up to the name. Intended for...
Components: 18 gauge sterling silver wire, spacer beads, bead caps, and charms, Artistic/Paintbrush Jasper, White Agate, dyed Kiwi Jasper, Blue Pietersite, Rainbow Obsidian, Lapidalite Jasper.

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