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Flower Necklace

I was hesitant about this piece. I've worked on it, on and off, for a month (maybe more). I'm really happy with the flower, and I LOVE the green...
Components: Toho seed beads, silver plated toggle, from LB. Pearls.

Beaded Hair Combs

My best friend is expecting her second child and I am over the moon about it. She loves wearing stretchy beaded hair combs but the only colors...
Components: Elastic cord, orchid seed beads, pearls, goldstone, czech fire polished rounds. I used a lot of leftover items from my stash to construct this.

Cherry Blossom

Chenille stitch again. My sister suggested pink for cherry blossoms.
Its been added to my shop,
Components: Toho seed beads, magnetic clasp

First try at Chenille stitch

I found a youtube video for chenille stitch and I loved how it resembled little flowers. I decided to play into that in my color scheme. This piece...
Components: Toho seed beads from LB and a magnetic clasp

Bellflower Earrings for my shop

Just a bunch of earrings for my etsy store. Had plans for these sooner but my son was sick and then I had a full house all weekend. I really love...
Components: Toho seed beads, one-g, czech fire polished rounds, all from LB. Earwires and headpins

spiral and net

My littlest love has been sick the past week so I haven't had much mommy time, aka beading time. I finally finished these two pieces yesterday, and...
Components: Toho seed beads, one-g thread for both. The spiral also has czech fire polished 4mm, hematite rings and a magnetic clasp. The netting has czech round 3mm and wooden buttons. All from LB except the buttons and clasp

crochet stitch markers

I've been in a beading slump lately, since two of my project aren't coming together as planned. My sister crochets, and she suggested these. I've...
Components: Toho seed beads, czech glass 4mm, one-g thread all from LB. Headpins and eyepins.

Spring thaw

I fell in love with the picasso hybrid mix from LB and as soon as I got them, I knew they were destined for this piece.
Components: Toho picasso hybrid mix 2, one-g thread, czech fire polished round 3mm, all from LB. Two magnetic clasps

Bellflower Earrings

Bellflower Earrings for my sister. She loves blue bellflowers so this is perfect for her. My headpin and eyepin loops could use some practice.
Components: Toho seed beads, one g thread, sterling silver ear hooks, all from LB, headpins, eyepins

Creeping Bellflower

Spring cannot come soon enough for me!
I love bellflowers and I saw pictures of creeping bellflowers and was inspired. I'm planning earrings for...
Components: Toho Seed Beads and One-G Thread all from LB, hook and eye closure.

tennis bracelets

More tennis bracelets
Components: Seed beads, thread, czech fire polished round

double trouble

Had many different intentions of pieces I was going to create, and wound up with 2 lengths of herringbone rope, so I dreamed this up. I'm pleased...
Components: One-g thread, czech fire polished round 4mm, superduo's all from LB. Toho seeds from my stash and a button for closure

Herringbone Flower

I'm working on a few projects, and trying to get my etsy and facebook pages going, on top of raising a very active toddler, so I haven't managed to...
Components: Toho seed beads, one-g thread, czech fire polished rounds-3mm and 4mm, all from LB

pink tennis bracelet

Found this super simple tutorial and decided to try it out. This is the result.
Components: Gold seed beads, czech glass beads, c-lon thread, magnetic clasp

tubular netting

I made this for my sister for her upcoming birthday. She loves pink and burgundy, so this seemed like the perfect combination
The picture came out...
Components: Toho seed beads, glass pearls, silver lobster clasp

dreaming of texas beaches

This is an anklet I made which is inspired by the beach. My family and I are planning a move to texas in a few months and I wanted to be prepared...
Components: Toho seed beads, shell pearl, magnetic clasp, jumprings, c-lon thread

Monster Pajama's

My little one is not so little, so when he was 9 months old, we started running out of clothes for him. My husband insisted on helping me shop and...
Components: All lima beads products- 11/0 seed beads in lustered pumpkin, lustered sour apple, and english bluebell, 15/0 seed beads in white, slate shell pearls, one g thread


My six year old nephew has been staying here for the last week and today he said to me "aunt betsy, what do you do all day when charlie (my son) is...
Components: Ribbon, glass beads, thread

peas in a pod

I made this awhile back, just for fun. Its flat peyote that I stitched lengthwise and zipped up except in the center where the "peas" are. I saw...
Components: Miyuki seed beads in mint green, glass pearls, nymo size D, english beading needle size 10

Sapphire and Pewter Bead-Woven Circles

When I first learned beadweaving, geometric shapes were something I longed to learn. Circles have become a favorite of mine. This beauty is one of...
Components: Toho round 11/0, toho round 15/0, one g thread, size 10 english beading needle, potato pearls

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