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Designs by Pam E aka funky tulip

Who cares about a name, it's sold!

lots of blue and silver. Sold at a "trunk show" I had this weekend -- 7 necklaces (3 lariats, Shannon!), 1 bracelet and 3 pairs of earrings. I'm...
Components: river jasper?, Chrysocolla, silver beads, silver wire, handmade clasp

Pink and green, but not preppy

Another lariat, this type with brown cotton cord, copper and greens and pinks. I had too many dangles on it, at first, pulled it apart, and ended...
Components: Ruby Zoisite, Serpentine, pink glass, copper beads, copper wire, cotton cord

For Angela

A commission for a friend, who liked only part of another necklace I made :).
Components: Sodalite, freshwater pearls, pewter spacers, sterling silver handmade clasp

Garden party pearls

The focal was a bead I made, but the hole was a little off-center, so I had the worst time figuring out how to use it. I finally came up with this...
Components: Chrysoprase, Amethyst, pearls, vintage glass beads, hand-made glass focal bead

A different bracelet

Sometimes, you just got to experiment. This was the result of playing with hemp cord and gorgeous imperial jasper nuggets. the cord makes a toggle...
Components: Imperial Jasper, hemp cord

Diamonds and rust -- a simple bracelet

When Shannon issued her challenge, these jasper (picture jasper?) beads jumped immediately to mind. I'd had them forever, paid too much for them,...
Components: Picture Jasper, gold-plated spacers, gold-plated toggle

two more lariats

Two more versions, both on brown cotton cord. One is autumn themed (jaspers, amber, pearls and copper), and the other is purple (amethyst, pearls,...
Components: various jaspers, Amber, pearls, copper beads, copper wire, silver wire, cotton cord

My spin on lariats

Shannon got me thinking about these, combining lots of ideas I'd seen out there. Long lariat, about 36 inches
Components: Cuprite, Amazonite, Chrysocolla, sterling silver wire, black cotton cord

My first craft show display

This was outside, and there a few booths behind me, so it's hard to see, but my first attempt. The large display in the middle was a last minute...

Not your average pearls... and a question

Here's my question: I got an invite to do a small craft show -- it would be my first, so I'm excited and a bit clueless. How much "stock" do I...
Components: turquoise, freshwater pearls, copper chain

A few more earrings

Once I started with this concept, it was hard to stop! All silver or silver plate, with garnet, glass tube beads or chrysocolla

jasper and copper chain, 2 versions

I really liked these rice cut green water jasper, but thought a necklace mostly made of them would be too heavy. The copper chain was perfect....
Components: Green Water Jasper, copper chain, copper wire

Earrings in search of a name

Saw these earwires (or something like it) somewhere (probably HERE!) and had to try it. Sterling wire and amazonite. These turned out to be REALLY...
Components: Amazonite, sterling silver wire

I do love autumn

I've had the jasper donut for a while, but didn't know what to do with it. then I got the apatite and tourmaline chips, and it was perfect! of...
Components: Fancy Jasper, Tourmaline, Apatite, copper wire

Fortune teller

Found this pendant at a fleamarket, bought it with two others from the woman who made them. Found the beads at the fleamarket. I think they're...
Components: Fluorite, silver wire, glass pendant

Glass hanging doohickey

I decided to go with the really descriptive name.... I made two in blue and this one in multi-color, using up my old glass beads I can't figure out...
Components: glass beads, silver plated wire

It's a party!

really fun vintage beads, taken apart a long time ago, just waiting for this bracelet
Components: vintage glass beads, silver wire/clasp

Earring binge, part IV

I promise, no more earrings tonight!
Components: vintage glass beads, Larimar Blue Crazy Lace, silver wire

Earring binge, part III

would really like your thoughts on third one, do the colors go together?
Components: turquoise, Amethyst, African Turquoise, copper wire, jasper

Earring binge, part II

I was trying some odd color combinations, to see what worked. turquoise and pearls (last post), lemon quartz and amethyst,
Components: Lemon Quartz, Amethyst, vintage glass beads, silver wire

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