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Widowed and retired. Watercolor artist as well as jewelry designer, and a bit of a “Jack” of all trades! I HAVE to create, or feel that I would die without it. A true perfectionist in all areas, with a bit of OCD on the side! I’ve mellowed a bit through the years, but still strive for the best in all things. I found LB a few years ago, and love being able to interact with like-minded individuals. It keeps me on my toes and inspires me daily!

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  • Beadaholic commented on the Design “Help me Hummingbird”   13 minutes ago

    I would do a background made out of PC…but that’s me, and I am totally addicted to it! PC allows for mixing and marbeling of colors and you can also embed beads into it. It bakes hard, so you would certainly not have any trouble attaching a pinback to it! Czech crystals are good also. I [...]

  • Beadaholic commented on the Design “Amethyst Dreams”   8 hours, 46 minutes ago

    I can see why you want to keep this for yourself…it’s lovely! I am bad about that. I make stuff and have separation anxiety! LOL

  • Beadaholic commented on the Design “SURF’S UP!”   8 hours, 50 minutes ago

    Great design! Love the paper beads…the sari silk really brings out the colors of them!

  • Beadaholic commented on the Design “Mellow Yellow”   2 days, 8 hours ago

    I love the creativity and ingenuity in this design! Great job!

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