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Designs by Vampire Chickie Ravin

The Donut Experiment 2

got to playing zoned out, and this happened, again a bunny ear bail WOOT! I LOVE this pendant!
Components: Brecciated jasper donut, 30 gg copper wire, 22 gg black coated aluminum, 2 copper rose beads, 2 round gun metal beads.

The Donut Experiment 1

was again, playing around and experimenting, got this, and love it. not sure if it's african torquois or african jade. and WOOT! My first bunny ear...
Components: either african torquois or african jade, 30 gg copper wire, copper bead, and 2 round dark wood beads

Olive Fire Agate

ok, this is probably one of my FAVORITE stones! I just wanted it simple so as not to detract from the stone itself.
Components: Olive Fire Agate, 20 gg gold wire

Banded Red Agate

I THINK this is banded red agate, I was just playing with coils and twists with various colors and gg's of wire, and this was the result. I sorta...
Components: banded red agate, 30 gg copper wire twisted with 22 gg black coated aluminum wire

Crystal Spear

just trying out different ideas in wrapping crysta spears. different wire gg's, colors, and wrapping styles. Open to any and all ideas! =)
Components: Quartz Crystal spear, 30 gg copper wire, twisted.

Cute Little Charm

just a fun little pendant or charm I made thinking of my friends grandaughter who is currently sick with pneumonia. =(
She LOVES pink and gold =)
Components: rose quartz and 20 gg gold wire


my first attempt at the viking weave, used too big a gg wire, and it's lopsided...but it's kinda growing on me, hubby and roomie love it, lol.
Components: Sardonyx cabacon 20 gg silver tone copper wire

Something Different

sorry about the lousy pic quality, still using the el crapola web cam, and bad lighting. This started out with me attempting to do a viking weave...
Components: Picture jasper cabacon, 20 and 30 gg ss wire

Shells, Pearls, and Hearts

No one single thing inspired me, just sorta popped outta nowhere this one did, heh.
Components: fwp's, seed beads, silver beads, shell beads, shell heart pendant, and silver filagree heart pendant.

Pink N Silver

the little porcelain hearts inspired me, the rest just sorta came together.
Components: silver focal, pink glass beads, Rose Quartz, silver beads, crackled clear glass beads, and 2 prcelain, hand painted hearts.


The focal filagree pendant inspired me. And a glimpse of a necklace I saw on a Hindi woman on TV.
Components: Gold filagree pendant with glass, Shell, Wooden Jasper, and gold beads.

Beaded Spiral Cuff

I'M BAAAAAAACK!!!!! Woot!! ::Dances:: Finally, the drama has died down enough that I can have a bit of computer time! YAY! All the lovely wire, and...
Components: 16 gg brass (?) wire and 24 gg gold wire, glass, brass, pearl and wood beads. Elbow grease, lol

Rainbows and Peace

The peace symbols inspired me, and the crystaline rainbow seed beads, and the silver chain just kinda fell into place. This the only piece I've had...
Components: silver peace symbols and chain, silver toggle clasp, silver beads, and translucent rainbow colors of seed beads.

Classic Feather Earrings

The feathers kindly left for me by the local gaggle of chickens and one rooster, inspired me. They leave me such perfect feathers! =)
Components: feathers, copper beads, silver beads, copper 26 gg wire, ss ear wires.

Kamelot Concert makeup final result

after lots of playing around, this is the final result, could not STAND the false eyelashes, they went down the toilet, lol.
Components: Lots of makeup! Woot! ::dances::

Extreme Make Up, lol

I'll wear it! Woot! ::Dances:: I couldn't concentrate on a book, laying down didn't help, so I started experimenting with make up ideas for the...
Components: Green+Black+White+Nude colored make up. lol

Halloween Pendant Wirework

The brass skull and crossbones influenced me, the rest just came from my need to experiment, lol, I think the wirwork looks kinda shoddy, but my...
Components: 16 gg copper wire, 18 gg copper wire, 26 gg copper wire, elbow grease, experimental weaving, and a brass skull and crossbones that used to be on a pair of earrings that broke on me, lol

Red Tigers Eye Tree of Life

Made for a customer per request.
Components: 16 and 26 gg copper wire, Red Tiger Eye chips.

Finally! Properly Gauged Ears!!

These were my b-day gift! I got this pair and a pair that's light and dark blue striped. My earlobes are gauged for 8 gauge plugs, and I finally...
Components: acrylic

Finished Octopus Necklace

Big, and heavy, but pretty cool!
Components: Yellow Jade, copper wire, silver seed beads, dark topaz seed beads, copper rondelles, red adventurine, Muscovite, Citrine, yellow dyed jade, faceted maroon jade, and faceted black fire agate.

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