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Designs by Vampire Chickie Ravin

OMG My Hands and Fingers!!!

A wirewrap octopus pendant requested by a client...OMG this was HARD to do!!! But fun none-the-less.... ;)
Components: 18 gg and 26 gg copper wire, yellow opal. LOTS of elbow grease!

Purple and Green Dreams

I saw the 2 colors together and thought they looked odd, but weirdly cool, it started out as just the 2 strand choker/necklace idea, then turned...
Components: the purple and green I reallu don't know, they feel smooth like silk, but don't get scratched up like I think silk would. The green chips are peridot, silver seed beads, clear glass seed beads, and the odd shaped multi colored ones are I believe some sort of glass, I used both silver and gold findings, like the lobster clasps for the interchangeable bracelet focal.

Carved Carnelian Mans Necklace

This is for a dear friend, the guitarist of Senzar Moon, J.E.! Check out their website Senzar're amazing improv artists, and...
Components: Carved carnelian asian style pendant, Hematite, Carnelian, Obsidian, Red Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, sterling silver lobster clasp.

Copper and Hearts Cuff

The sheet copper and the cool little crystal hearts inspired me. ;)
Components: sheet copper, hammer and anvil, red grommets, red 18 gg wire. Adhesive.

Funky Copper Gauntlet

Just trying to be inventive, I actually had alot of fun making it, and really like it!! :D
Components: Sheet copper, silver colored grommets, brown cord, 20 gg silver wire & 18 gg copper wire-twisted and coiled together, silver colores large spikes- 3 of them.

Chalcedony and Pearls redone

Again, had been bored an d messing around when I made the original, didn't like the way it hung, so added to, and fixed it, really like it now!! :D
Components: Chalcedony, Fwps of various shapes and colors, clear quartz chips.

First wide band copper ring

the copper, it's all about the copper!! :D
Components: Copper sheet metal, glass leaves, careful cutting, shaping, and hammering and such.

Chalcedony and Pearl

I was sitting at the JL, bored senseless, and just started fooling around, this was the result, meh, ::shrugs::
Components: Silver fwps, 3 different sizes, dark grey fwps, 3 different sizes, Faceted Chalcedony rondelles, and a spacer turned pendant.

Gift from Brian 2

Amazing slab of Labradorite.
Components: Labradorite

Gift from Brian 1

An Amethyst Cluster....A gift from my amazing husband
Components: Amethyst

A BIG Ring to match the cuff, heh

The cuff inspired a matching ring, lol ;)
Components: 18 gg copper wire, brown and green stones.

Woot! An actual beaded cuff!!

Seeing all the beaded cufs, cuffs that were actually cuffs without clasps...all of them inspired me!
Components: 14 02 12 gg copper wire (I think), not really sure what the stones are, just know that they are gorgeous, the brown I think might be some kind of jasper, and the green either faceted jade or adventurine maybe?

My Odd Version of an Ear Cuff, heh

Seeing Lynns inspired me, I used to do these as a kid with paperclips, lol.
Components: 18gg silver wire, silver froggy, green seed beads, larger green bicones, silver bicones

Decadent Drops

This AMAZING gold burnished copper inspired me.
Components: Gold burnished copper open diamonds and circles, 26 gg copper wire, copper bead, peacock fwp's ummm, rectangular guess you'd call them? Hand made copper ear wires, 18 or 16 gg I think.

Grand Illusions

Goldie H's peridot illusion necklace inspired me to give it a try. Thank you Goldie, I hope you don't mind.
Components: clear beading line, silver lobster clasp, round chamagne fwp's, diamond top drilled peacock fwp's, patience, heh

Copper Waves

All the cuffs and wonderful wire work I've been seeing inspired me, I hope to get as good at bracelets as the rest of you at some point! :D
Components: 14 or 12 gg (I think) copper wire, elbow grease, heh

Purple Pendant

Just another of my weird
Components: Purple Crazy Lace Agate, erm, thing-a-ma-jiggy I got at Micheals, pink and green mix glass bead chips, black cord, silver head pin, purpe bead that went with the thing-a-ma-jiggy. ;)

Primative Seas

The pearls and the weather, lol
Components: Purple biwa fwps, rusty pink potato(?) fwps, silver barrel clasp.

Ankle bracelet on elastic

the stones and weather inspired it, heh
Components: Carnelian, obsidian, seaweed quartz, and elastic cord.

3 ring slave bracelet

Juust an odd idea I got and wanted to try out.
Components: elastic cord, black and red seed beads, red druk beads, obsidian, and a silver triangular do-hickey.

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