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Designs by Mommykat Bubbly Chick

Strawberry Fields

Love this sterling strawberry & the other beads are pinks & reds mismatched.
Components: Sterling strawberry & beads, Cherry fire quartz, quarts, red Jade

Kindness Matters

Limas Shells, metal Kindness charm
Components: fun

Last one today... Scrap Earrings

Inspired by LRC, Thanks Nancy!!
Glass Beads, Copper twisted Scrap
Components: above

More earrings

Brass wires, turquoise rounds, copper pieces
Components: took a break for copper play.

Some Earrings

Took a break for copper play, and this is what I made
Components: Copper, gold wire

copper earrings

Okay ladies, so here you are. Practicing my cutting skills, the seahorses were originally traced out from a stencil with sharpie, then cut with...
Components: Copper sheeting

name, please....

MOre sheet metal work...Tin snips for cutting, drill, dremmel for filing.
Components: Chain, copper sheet metal. copper jump rings, LB Blue Water Jasper, Copper Beads, Copper clasp

Pick a Pair

Hoping these are cute, and will be quick sellers.
Components: Giutar Picks, Silver plate jump rings & earring wires

Lima's Lovely Shells

Last order that I placed before beading prison, I got these beauties!!
Components: Shell, pewter beads, pewter clasp, seed beads

Lab from the stash

More from the stash!
Components: Labradorite, green pearls, seed beads, sterling clasp, sterling lab pendant


More from my stash!
Components: Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Garnet, Hills Tribe Silver Pendant, Sterling Clasp

Sonja Inspired

This is two seperate pieces, but can be worn together
Components: LB Black Onyx, Garnet, Sterling beads, Sterling Clasp, Soocho Jade, sterling bead caps, Sterling Chain

Key Lime Berry Pie

Biulding from my stash challenged me to use unusual color combo...
Components: LB Lemon Chrysoprase, berry pearls, LB lemon ice pearls, LB Black Onyx, sterling clasp

Sea of Lavendar

Found this beautiful pendant- it is only listed as stone. I am pretty sure it is a jasper!
Components: Pendant, Chez Glass, Moonstone, Amethyst, blister pearls, Rosy White Ocean Jasper, Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal, Sterling spacers, Sterling Clasp

Fork over the amethyst!

Yes, it is another fork!
Components: Amethyst, shell spears, Champage pearls, silver chain, pewter clasp

The World Awaits

Another Fork!
Components: Kazuri Beads, Chrysocolla, Bloodstone, Hematite, Pewter Clasp, fork pendant, globe pendant

I Love Metal!

Cut golden sheet metal into these heart shapes, filed & drilled & hammered them
Components: snall red glass heart, brass bead, metal hearts, metal shears

Brass Band plays a love song

was just playing...
Components: Brass Heart, Chain, Coral, brass beads

Lazy Dragonfly

Chain, and the cute little dragonfly
Components: :D

Guess what this Pendant is made from!!!

Love this~ it was huge amounts of fun to make!!!! Can you guess what the pendant is made from?
Components: Handmade pendant, Vessonite, Fire Cherry Quartz, Amethyst, Bronzite, Faceted gemstones, Lucite Leaves, Copper Chain, Copper Clasp On Pendant: Glass leaves, Lucite Leaves, Vintaj charms, Brass Fairy, Chez Glass

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