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(update 3/19/2012:) Hi to all! I am no longer in Texas and have now been beading for about 5 years. I actually started because I had purchased a necklace from a particular store and it just fell apart. When I looked at seeing if I could fix it, I decided that I could make my jewelry myself and probably save $$. So, I got some supplies and promptly became enthralled and then addicted! After that I decided to sell a bit. It has been really fun. I also use my jewelry to raise $$ for SIDS Awareness (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) which is something deep in my heart. My husband and I have been married 37 years (now will be 40 in August 2012)I am quite sure I must have gotten married when I was 3:), survived raising 2 boys – who actually turned out really great despite what we might have predicted as we sloshed through their teenage years. I am pretty sure they were each 15 for about 5 years. We also raised my precious and beautiful niece from the time she was 15 (I was actually only 12 when she was born, so we had always been close)and so she is as if she were our daughter. We have all granddaughters and I tell my sons that the girls are my reward for surviving the two boys:) We are now living in Columbus, Ohio near our sons and daughters-in-law and two of our 6 living grandchildren (all wonderful granddaughters:). After so many years of all of being scattered across the continent, we are just having the best time living near one another – all in Columbus. And if we could only get that thiRd branch here, i don’t think I would ever leVe town again. There is no sight in the world more beautiful than our kids and grandkids! I am excited to learn more from all of you because from the fresh picks and now the design gallery, I know I am in the presence of incredibly talented artists! I still love shopping and learning at LimaBeads!

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  • Kathryn Lobert commented on the Design “One for me!”   6 months, 3 weeks ago

    I LOVE this! The colors are so rich and sumptuous! The design is special – the ribbon adds that perfect element that kicks it into the stratosphere! Definite favorite!

  • Kathryn Lobert commented on the Fresh Pick “Peacock Love”   7 months, 1 week ago

    This is one of the loveliest picks I have ever seen.

  • Kathryn Lobert commented on the Fresh Pick “Live Oak and Azaleas”   1 year, 4 months ago

    I was heading to check out the sale and this pick practically jumped off of the page with the gorgeous colors. One of my favorite of all times!!

  • Kathryn Lobert commented on the Design “Unicorn Shimmer”   1 year, 5 months ago

    Stunning! I am one of those weird people who has trouble with asymmetry, but I love this piece. It is so beautiful in its design that it took me 2 or 3 minutes before I even realized how wonderfully you made the asymmetry an essential design element!!

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  • Kathryn Lobert
    On March 28, 2010 Kathryn Lobert said:

    OK -I accidentally found a few more eggs, hit 50 and am retiring before I go nuts! I have picked my prizes and am going to go ahead and order and wish all the rest of you noble hunters my best:)

  • Kathryn Lobert
    On March 26, 2010 Kathryn Lobert said:

    OK – here is the problem with going through each gemstone page. After a few, I realize that I have forgotten about the eggs and am looking at the stones. Then I have to go back until I see a page I remember with no egg. The other thing is how devious this contest is! Just when I decide I have done enough and just am not going to find any more, I find one and am driven further in the search! Eyeballs are spinning!

  • KittyMom Linda
    On March 19, 2010 KittyMom Linda said:

    Bless You – and congratulations. You are allowed to say the name – we all want to know so we can check it out when it gets there. Tell us please!

  • Kathryn Lobert
    On March 19, 2010 Kathryn Lobert said:

    I don’t know if it is OK to mention other shops here, but I am just so excited.Most of you know my most important cause is raising SIDS Awareness. I think it was a year ago I submitted a page for the really large online store for SIDS and today I got notice that my page was chosen for this month! More than anything, I would love to have SIDS be over before my granddaughters start having their own children! Anyway, I just had to share!

  • Kathryn Lobert
    On July 8, 2009 Kathryn Lobert said:

    :) :)

  • moarkgal
    On July 6, 2009 moarkgal said:

    Thank you for accepting me as a friend!

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