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Designs by Little Round Chick

More Metal Madness

I've been playing around some more making ear rings with brass. This time the embellishments are rudracksha (sp), the one with the big wrinkled...
Components: brass, rudracksha seed pods, mahogany obsidian, antique brass ear wires

A Green Cuff

Here is the latest version of the cuff bracelet. I chose green beads to make it because the color looks great with copper.
Components: 14 and 24 gauge copper wire, chrysocolla jasper, small chrysoprase nuggets, brass beads, tiny copper colored beads

Lots of Copper

A couple of weeks ago one of my neighbors brought me a LARGE amount of scrap copper. She was a partner in a fabrication business that used copper...
Components: flamed copper, turquoise, glass beads, niobium ear wires

Colorful Leaves

The center section of this necklace was originally part of another necklace that bombed. Many weeks after I made that necklace I took it apart...
Components: copper, brass

Closed Ring

I was experimenting with the wire necklaces again but when I cut the wire for this one it was too long. Rather than cut the extra off I decided...
Components: 12ga copper wire


Another of the extra long necklaces in party colors. I've made several necklaces in this style and sold them all. So it was time for a new one....
Components: bone, coral, wood, glass, crystal, shell. lava, horn, stones, resin, kitchen sink, fire polished glass and a lady bug

Hey! It's another Cuff!

Tuesday of this week I taught a class on making this style cuff bracelet. This is mine... almost finished. I noticed while I was photographing it...
Components: 14 ga copper wire, 24 ga copper wire, orphan beads

Colorful Water Fall

I finished this necklace a short while ago. It was stubborn and didn't want to work with me. But I prevailed!
Tomorrow is the street fair so I...
Components: orphan beads of every variety, copper chain from LB, handmade clasp

More Leaves

This is the 3rd or 4th rendition of the copper and brass leaves. I have a street fair on Sunday and this style necklace has been quite popular so...
Components: copper, brass, LB copper chain, copper trigger clasp, niobium ear wires, hand made jump rings, tah dah!

Washers and Discs

Been at it again with the torch. Love the colors you can get. One disc got toasted a bit too much but all in all I'm pleased with the color and...
Components: copper washers copper discs, box link copper chain from LB, trigger clasp

A Very Symmetrical Design

I had this marvelous idea... It bombed. Had another idea... it didn't work either. So there I was with 2 copper circle pieces in search of a new...
Components: copper wire, copper chain, Czech fire polished beads, tiny crystal beads and seed beads

Sky Blue Jasper and Copper

Sky blue jasper is such a neat stone. It is color enhanced and has beautiful rich colors. I've used all but 4 of the pebbles I had so now I have...
Components: dyed jasper, African jade and turquoise, copper wire and fabulous LB copper chain

Turquoise Howlite, Pewter and Coral

Another slightly asymmetrical necklace design. I had used the pewter squares in another design but could never get them to lay just right. So I...
Components: turquoise howlite, pewter squares and spacers, coral, stainless steel and silver plate chain, stainless steel trigger clasp

XL Staples and Recycled Glass

Found more of the very large copper colored staples that I had put away ages ago. Also found recycled glass beads from who knows where or when....
Components: large copper colored staples, recycled glass beads from Africa, copper color beading chain, copper toggle

Copper wire and Jasper

These single wire necklaces have been very popular. I sold the last one about 3 weeks ago that makes #5 or #6 I'm not sure which. Who knew...
Components: 12ga copper wire, jasper pendant


...And the hits just keep on coming! You can tell by the number I'm still at it with the asymmetrical necklaces. I wasn't going to do another one...
Components: 14, 22, 24 gauge copper wire, rhyolite and Czech glass beads, LB antique copper chain, copper trigger clasp

Copper Cuff with Pastel Crystals and Glass

Pastel colors are lovely to look at but not so easy for me to use in a design. Darker colored beads and a wider range of sizes and colors are...
Components: 14ga and 24ga copper wire, crystal rondelle beads, fire polished Czech glass

# 7

I distinctly remember saying #5 and #6 were going to be my last asymmetrical necklaces.

Weeeell there were beautiful green emeralds (not gem...
Components: copper wire, chain, clasp, 4mm beads, daisy spacers and jump rings, emerald beads, African jade, luster finished Czech glass in three sizes, square copper bead frame, a small piece of copper sheet and one little carnelian pebble.

Ear Rings to Match

These ear rings were made to go with one of the asymmetrical necklaces. I've included a picture of the two pieces together. Don't know what I...
Components: copper chain, wire, disc and jump rings, gold line turquoise colored magnesite, niobium ear wires, Czech glass beads

Copper and Jasper Pendant

I saw a pendant similar to this one on line last week. The technique looked very interesting so I thought I'd give it a try but put my own twist...
Components: copper wire, chrysocolla jasper

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