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Designs by Little Round Chick

Brass and Bones

I've been playing around with neck wires recently. Today I decided it was time to use one in a necklace. The brass discs are from the great stash...
Components: 12 gauge red brass wire, brass discs, bone beads

Tree and High Tech Pliers

I was inspired by the beautiful trees made by JC Hamm and since I hadn't made a tree pendant in ages I decided it was time to do it again....
Components: red brass, aventurine, serpentine, peridot, red agate and mookite chips, cheap-o Chinese pliers

A Quick Note and Other Things

These are some more pieces from my wire working week. The eighth note is a pendant I made as an experiment, the pin another squiggle, The ring...
Components: 14 gauge brass and copper wire, 24 gauge copper wire, turquoise nugget

Wicked Wire Bangles

This past was my week to work with wire. I didn't plan it that way. It just happened.

The two brass bracelets are made with 14ga red brass...
Components: 12 gauge copper wire, 14 gauge red brass wire, and sturdy pliers

Asymmetrical Necklaces Again

These three necklaces have been hanging around in an unfinished state for ages. I decided to finish them to take to the museum. They are a bit...
Components: copper wire, copper chain, agate and rhyolite beads, sheet copper


I went on a jewelry making binge this past week end. Made a new cuff and finished some others. The wiring on these cuffs is not as neat as I...
Components: 14ga copper wire, 24ga copper wire, glass, stone, pearls, Coral, metal beads, kitchen sink

Curly Bangle

This bangle is made with 14ga red brass wire. I had forgotten how difficult this gauge of brass could be. I had to use the torch a couple of...
Components: 14 gauge red brass wire and the torch

Abalone with Pearl

The abalone in this pendant is the last one I purchased at a little surfer shop in Ocean Beach other wise known as OB. Lots of interesting people...
Components: abalone shell, fresh water pearl, copper chain, hand made hook clasp, copper bead

A Bracelet to go with the Butterfly

This is way the Abstract Butterfly was supposed to look (more or less). I used the same colors and beads with a few variations and just arranged...
Components: various agate and carnelian beads, seed beads, 14 and 24 gauge wire

Blue Jasper

I've been playing around with wire wrapped pendants again. They are not my thing most of the time. However, this one does have an interesting...
Components: jasper, copper

A Delicate Pendant

Several years ago a three or four stone pendant was quite popular (they may still be). I'm not sure what the name of the style was... journey...
Components: copper wire, faceted carnelian

More Monopoly!

I had a few Monopoly game pieces left over from making the ear rings so I decided to try a necklace. It was pretty bland until I decided to put...
Components: gunmetal chain, genuine Monopoly players pieces, tiny red dice

Abstract Butterfly

As so often happens for me, I had an idea with a lot of potential. It was a different take on a cuff bracelet using more free form shapes inside...
Components: 14 and 24 gauge copper wire, agate, seed beads and other small beads

Pendants This Time

Yesterday seemed like a good day to make pendants.
The two greenish stones are rhyolite. I've had them for ages.
The fan shaped piece is...
Components: rhyolite, carnelian, fire polished and lamp work glass, a pearl, copper, silver filled wire, silver plate chain, turquoise nugget

More Metal Madness

I've been playing around some more making ear rings with brass. This time the embellishments are rudracksha (sp), the one with the big wrinkled...
Components: brass, rudracksha seed pods, mahogany obsidian, antique brass ear wires

A Green Cuff

Here is the latest version of the cuff bracelet. I chose green beads to make it because the color looks great with copper.
Components: 14 and 24 gauge copper wire, chrysocolla jasper, small chrysoprase nuggets, brass beads, tiny copper colored beads

Lots of Copper

A couple of weeks ago one of my neighbors brought me a LARGE amount of scrap copper. She was a partner in a fabrication business that used copper...
Components: flamed copper, turquoise, glass beads, niobium ear wires

Colorful Leaves

The center section of this necklace was originally part of another necklace that bombed. Many weeks after I made that necklace I took it apart...
Components: copper, brass

Closed Ring

I was experimenting with the wire necklaces again but when I cut the wire for this one it was too long. Rather than cut the extra off I decided...
Components: 12ga copper wire


Another of the extra long necklaces in party colors. I've made several necklaces in this style and sold them all. So it was time for a new one....
Components: bone, coral, wood, glass, crystal, shell. lava, horn, stones, resin, kitchen sink, fire polished glass and a lady bug

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