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Designs by Little Round Chick

Theme and Variations

I like the graceful lines in the frame of this style. Three different bracelets with the same basic style only one has been reversed. The first...
Components: 12, 14 and 24 gauge copper wire, stone, glass, crystal and chips (many are orphan beads)

A Trio of Rings

Thought I'd make some rings but didn't expect the design to get out of control like it did with two of them! At least one is a fairly normal...
Components: 14ga brass wire and lots of heat!

More Malachite

The frame for this piece was one I had made many months ago. Every thing I had tried for a focal just didn't look right.

Then I brought home...
Components: Malachite, 12 and 24 gauge copper wire

Marvelous Malachite

The neck wire part of this necklace is one I've had for quite some time. The bead in it is from the great find I made a couple of weeks ago. I...
Components: 12 gauge copper wire, 24 gauge copper wire and 1 malachite bead

Wire Bracelets

I've been on a bracelet binge this past week. One of these bracelets was made for a customer and the others just for the heck of it.

The third...
Components: 18 gauge wire

Brass and Bones #2

Several weeks ago I made a brass and bone necklace using larger discs. I decided to make another one with smaller discs and bone beads with more...
Components: 12 gauge brass wire, brass discs, bone beads, wood beads

Eye See You X 2

When I was in the LBS a couple of weeks ago the owner showed me some fun lamp work beads she had just purchased. Fun Evil Eyes! They weren't even...
Components: lamp work beads, copper wire, soft flex wire, suede cord, black and white seed beads, green seed beads, one copper bead

New Version of a So-so Necklace

The third photo is the original design of this necklace. It was just too forgettable. I kept the chain and leather and the African jade beads just...
Components: copper chain, Greek leather, African jade, seed beads, niobium ear wires


Two brass Trees of Life and a oval copper one. They are all made with stone chips and some seed beads in the first brass tree.

I found the oval...
Components: 14 gauge copper and brass wire, 24 gauge brass and copper wire, various stone chips, seed beads


The chain in this necklace just happened to be handy when I started the necklace. I didn't even think about the length and I should have. It...
Components: my favorite LB chain, sheet copper, copper wire, African jade, Greek leather, copper trigger clasp and jump rings

Is This Too Weird?

I was playing around with some old wire pieces that never quite made the grade. This was part of a cuff bracelet that I chopped up, wrapped some...
Components: 12 and 24 gauge wire

Ear Rings and Other Things

The two pairs of ear rings were made to go with the necklaces they are shown with. The brass necklace is very similar to one I made sometime ago...
Components: copper wire, Czech glass, my favorite LB chain, brass discs, bone beads, brass wire neck ring.

Endless Color

Still playing around with the memory wire. I was looking at some jewelry that had long sections of hand made coiled wire and thought what a great...
Components: seed beads, coiled wire bracelets, memory wire

Copper and Crystal

This nice little asymmetrical circle just turned up one day. I don't know when I made it, why I made it or where it had been.

Shortly after I...
Components: copper wire 16 and 24 gauge, 4mm crystal bi-cones, copper chain

Music Music Music

I got sorta bored at the Farmers Market a few weeks ago so I decided I'd make some more musical pieces. I tried to figure out a way to make a...
Components: red brass wire

Out on the Fringe

It is symmetrical! Will wonders never cease! The center section with the blue beads and copper are part of another salvage job. Don't know what...
Components: sodalite beads, copper wire, tiny copper color seed beads, niobium ear wires, copper plate chain and toggle clasp

Discs and Brass

Love working with unusual recycled material. The discs in this necklace are recycled wood beads from a tacky old necklace, recycled vinyl disc...
Components: recycled vinyl and wood discs, rustic brass filigree beads, rustic brass focal, beading chain, brass toggle

Once Upon a Time I was a Bracelet

It really was a bracelet but it was completely forgettable. When I did the re-work I was in the middle of the doldrums and needed something to work...
Components: 14 and 24 gauge copper wire, Czech glass beads, my favorite chain from LB, pure copper trigger clasp

Brass and Bones

I've been playing around with neck wires recently. Today I decided it was time to use one in a necklace. The brass discs are from the great stash...
Components: 12 gauge red brass wire, brass discs, bone beads

Tree and High Tech Pliers

I was inspired by the beautiful trees made by JC Hamm and since I hadn't made a tree pendant in ages I decided it was time to do it again....
Components: red brass, aventurine, serpentine, peridot, red agate and mookite chips, cheap-o Chinese pliers

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