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Designs by Little Round Chick

Ear Rings for the Asymmetrical Chrysocolla Necklace

I have a lady who is interested in my asymmetrical chrysocolla jasper necklace but she wanted ear rings to go with it. We'll see if this pair...
Components: chrysocolla jasper, copper wire, niobium ear wires

Copper and Rhyolite

I'm still exploring necklaces with asymmetrical designs. This time I decided to use copper washers in graduated sizes. To give it a little extra...
Components: rhyolite beads, copper washers, chain wire, small beads and niobium ear wires

Ear Cuff with Tutorial

Another ear cuff with a skull. Black wire makes it a good Halloween cuff.

I've also included instructions for anyone who wants to give it a try.
Components: black craft wire, pewter skull and cross bones

Smaller Ear Cuff

Here is a photo of a smaller ear cuff, Mary. I took a picture of the cuff by itself and one with a penny so you can compare the sizes. The cuff...
Components: black craft wire, fresh water pearl


Last week I decided I needed to learn how to make an ear cuff. I started simply with just wire then added some curls. Over the course of 5 or 6...
Components: 16ga copper wire, crab fire agate beads

Can't Leave Halloween Alone!

The last time I did any crocheted wire I swore I'd never do it again. So much for that statement.

Crocheted black wire with dark beads make a...
Components: various dark beads including glass, metal, stones, lava and bone, pewter skull and spider

Extra Halloween Things

Well there is nothing like going over board with the Halloween things. The funny things with wings are gargoyles. I have another pair that I...
Components: pewter spiders, mystery metal witches and gargoyles, acrylic sea horses, Czech glass, gunmetal findings and chain

More Halloween

Campy little ear rings sell really well at the farmers market so I decided to make a bunch. My favorite ones are the octopus and frog. The ones...
Components: metal charms, stone beads, pearls, coral, gun metal chain, spacers and ear wires.

Opinion Please

Well here is number three. What do you think? Should I put it in the closet for a week? I've looked at it so much I can't really see what I've...
Components: copper wire, copper chain, chrysocolla color jasper

Rudraksha Pods and Copper Leaf Ear Rings

I made these ear rings to go with the necklace of a similar design. The colors on the copper aren't quite as rich as the ones on the necklace....
Components: sheet copper, rudraksha seed pods, niobium ear wires

Getting Ready for Halloween

When I found these skull and cross bone charms a few weeks ago I had to buy them. I had several ideas on how to use them. They went through a few...
Components: silver metal skull and cross bone charms, gun metal chain, black pearls, black Czech fire polished beads, red coral

Carnelian and Copper

The center wire piece has been hanging around for so long I don't have a clue as to when I made it. Off and on I have tried different stones with...
Components: copper wire, copper chain, carnelian


A couple of days ago I went to the thrift store to prospect for jewelry components. The one thing I really wanted was a scrabble set but they...
Components: Monopoly player's pieces, surgical steel ear wires, sterling jump rings

Hot Copper Leaves

I've had these leaves hanging around for more weeks than I can remember. My original idea for them just wouldn't work the way I wanted it to....
Components: 24ga copper sheet, big seed pods, Greek leather

Another Half

Sold my last half necklace at the street fair last week. Soooo, I needed another one. The others have all been made with 10ga wire. This is the...
Components: textured 12 gauge copper wire

5 Piece Copper Pendant

The copper pieces in the pendant were made at different times and originally were not intended to be used together.

I was straightening up my...
Components: copper wire, Greek leather and copper chain

Tiger Eye and Pearls

My last pearl bracelet sold so I made another one only this time I combined it with Tiger Eye. Originally I had wanted to make a Tiger Eye...
Components: 12 and 24 gauge copper wire, pearls, Czech glass, seed beads

Pearl Cuff

I sold my last pearl cuff at the farmers market a couple of weeks ago. They sell fairly well so I like to have at least one on hand all of the...
Components: fresh water pearls, 14 and 24 gauge copper wire

It's a Chain Thing

I'm just about out of sheet copper. I wanted to make something using this small piece and see if I could make a very eye catching design....
Components: 24ga sheet copper, chain, bronze niobium ear wires, simple copper toggle from LB

More Coils

Copper coils seem to attract a lot of attention so I decided to combine the coil with squiggles. It's not the greatest design but it isn't too...
Components: 14ga copper wire, pure copper chain

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