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Designs by JulzJewlz

Riveting from BT Dec 2011

I made this bracelet with copper, brass and then put it together with upside down bead caps and Rivets to resemble flowers. The chain is also brass.
Components: Copper Brass, Rivets, upside down bead caps.

Part 2 of the BT Designer Highlight pics

These are the last 2 designs in the magazine.

Designer Highlight Mar 2012 Bead Trends

I haven't posted in awhile. I've been moving and living in a hotel and with my kids for the last 4 months.
I was the Designer Highlighted in Mar...

Audry Bead Trends May 2011

This is my submission for May 2011. I finally got mine back today.
This is Audry (Old Hollywood Glam). My daughter thought it looked like Audry...
Components: Vintage brooch, vintage aurora borealis necklace, silver spacers, square glass beads.

Hardware Garden April 2011 Bead Trends

This is a Copper collar necklace. There are beads on it that I made out of copper washers, bead caps, and copper balls that look like a flower.
Components: Copper pendant, copper beads, findings, spacers, clasp

Burst of Red April 2011 Bead Trends

This bracelet is in the April Bead Trends magazine. I'm so pleased with the picture. It really shows off this bracelet!
Components: Vintage Brooch, vintage pearls and clasp from a vintage pearl necklace, gold chain and gold findings

No Name Yet

This was originally a bracelet with 2 strings of chain. I held it up by the chain and OOOooooooo Necklace!!!
So, with my Magic Wand....I turned it...

"Heard It Through the Grapevine"

This is my first piece that was just published in Bead Trends Magazine. I'm very excited about it! I have 1 piece in April and 2 in the May issues!

I won this Book!!

I am on a blog called Beadwright. I entered a contest for a jewelry book and this is what I won!
Can't wait to get it and start making something...

"Ravin" Re~Done

First off please excuse the pictures. I have very little space to take pictures. Putting up my light box takes up my working room or my dining room...
Components: Copper!!!!


I named this after our very own "Vampire Chicky Ravin." When I was all finished with it and trying to think of a name you popped into my head. So,...
Components: 1/4 & 1/2" copper tubing, copper washers, copper chain, copper jump rings, copper charm. Used Ammonia to antique it.

For My Mom

My mother was visiting about a month ago and saw a pin that I had made from twisted wire. She loved it. It was designed after one from the book...
Components: Copper wire, copper beads, leather cording.

A Lotta Copper

I knew I had forgotten to post 1 of my bracelets. I love this bracelet. Someone gave me a watch a couple of years ago that had chains for a band. I...
Components: Copper Copper and more Copper!!

On a Whim

This was on of those pieces done on a whim! Just off the top of my head. No planning or designing and it just happened and all went together within...
Components: 14, 20 gauge copper wire, copper beads, copper tubing.

Bangles and Chains

I love these bracelets because they are simple, inexpensive, and easy to make.
I get a ton of complements on these. It cracks me up because they...
Components: Hammered Copper tubing, copper wire, copper chain.

Almost a Disaster.....REDO

I put this one on before also. I almost ruined it by soldering the pendant to the bracelet. It melted the acrylic crystals and, discolored the wire...
Components: Vintaj remade pendant, copper tubing, 14 gauge gold brass wire, 20gauge copper wire, czech crystals

Expensive??? Redo!!

I put this on before. The bead that I used as a charm kept coming off. Plus I liked this vintaj charm much better. So, here is the final version of...
Components: Copper Tubing, 20 gauge copper wire, vintage charm.

"Fit For A Queen"

I have never been much of a fan of filigree. However, There have been several Filigree pieces on here that are gorgeous. They sparked me into...
Components: Brass chain, copper colored brass wire, brass filigree, swarovski crystals, vintage earring used on the bottom of the pendant.


I wanted to make something simple for my sister. She is very active and doesn't wear much jewelry.
In some of the vintaj jewelry that I've gotten...
Components: 16 gauge Copper, Silver, Gold Colored Brass, 20 gauge silver wire, 22 gauge Copper and Gold wire, Copper tubing, various beads and findings.

Almost a Disaster

I had this piece in mind however, I needed to solder the pin to the copper and I am not real good at soldering!
I got it too hot and it started...
Components: Vintage pin, copper tubing, silver wire 16 gauge.

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