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Designs by JulzJewlz

Blue in Greece

I got this tutorial from another website. It was a fun bracelet to make. Fairly simple. The blue is oxidation from salt and ammonia. It tends to...
Components: Copper wire 16, 18, 20 gauge. Salt bath and ammonia fumes.

I love Buddha

I found these Buddhas and immediately started making the necklaces. I had to improvise, and make some bails because the holes in these are very...
Components: 14, 20, 22 gauge wire.

Copper with a Silver Twist

Just another of my 'Twisted" jewelry!! I really don't like most plastic beads....but the focal bead on this guessed it PLASTIC. I get so...
Components: 14, 20 gauge copper wire. Silver wire and components. Plastic focal bead.

"Copper Feathers"

I'm not really sure what inspired this piece. Probably another one of my frustration days, where I was pounding out my aggravation on the wire.
Components: 14, 20 gauge copper wire, copper beads, findings, and components

"Copper Lady"

This necklace is what I made from earrings that I wrote about when I posted my last bracelet.

The 2 pieces with the woman's face are earrings. I...
Components: Copper tubing, copper wire 14 gauge, copper washers, earrings.

Expensive??? HAHAHA!!!

I was playing with some copper tubing. It wasn't working out the way I wanted it to. I was upset with it soooooo......I started pounding on it with...
Components: Copper tubing, copper wire, 1 green pearl and Lots of hammering!!

Topaz for my Love!!

A friend sent me this topaz and asked me to take it to a jeweler to have it set. Then he asked me to make necklaces for it for his girlfriend. He...

Make Mine Amber

I had some Vintage carnelian beads leftover from another project. I used pearls as spacers and silver diamond shaped spacers. The pendant is Amber...

Simply Turqoise

I wanted this necklace to be simple so that it would highlight the pendant and not over shadow it.

I used turqoise, crystals, pearls and silver...

My Twisted Necklace

I'm not trying to take anything away from Leigh because she does a fabulous job of wire working. Someday I hope to be as good as she is at it!! I...

My Twist

This is the same bracelet pattern that Leigh used on her Gorgeous copper bracelet. The pattern for it is in "Bead on a Wire".
I needed a gift...
Components: Silver wire, beads.

Christmas Surprise in copper and silver

This is the same bracelet only made with copper and silver.

Christmas Surprise Update

I had to make the bracelet smaller for my son's gf. I also added a charm to it. This is the updated version of it.

Christmas Surprise

My son is in welding school, he is going to visit his gf for Christmas. Because he is a student he has no extra money for a gift. So, Mom is coming...
Components: Silver wire!!!

Classic Carnelian

The carnelian beads were on a vintage necklace, and bracelet that I bought. I bought it for about $7. I still have enough beads for at least one...
Components: Carnelian, round crystals, silver findings.

Beads with a Twist!

I wanted to add beads to a wire bracelet. I wanted it to be a bit chaotic. And I think I managed to come up with what I was looking for. Of course...
Components: Silver wire, Beads, liver of sulpher.

Copper PIns

I used "Bead on a Wire"s pin designs to make these. I really like abstract or designs that I can put my own flair into. I have a ton of copper...
Components: Copper wire, and beads.

Silver and copper bracelet

I like a the combination of different metals. I wrapped the silver wire around copper wire. Then decided to add silver and copper components to the...
Components: 20, 24, 26 copper and silver wire. Silver and copper beads.

Simple Silver Bracelet

I've had a few men ask why I don't make jewelry for men. So, I tried a bracelet for a man. Even though it's simple I still don't think it's very...
Components: 18, 20, 24 gauge wire. Silver round beads.

Sun bead bracelet

I'm just having a ball making wire bracelets. I love the sun beads. I've used them on a lot of jewelry. They seemed to work well on this piece.
Components: 18, 20, 24 gauge wire. Silver beads

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