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Designs by Shelly m

out west

i love the boldness of this pair. They are long and have a bit of swing to them.
Components: howlite, copper

ride cowgirl ride

simple dangle earrings, great color combo and quick to make
Components: copper, calispar ( i think)

second wire wrap cuff

another copper cuff to use many leftover beads!
Components: copper, amber, Green Aventurine, Canadian Jade

Spiced Up

One of my favorite new pieces. I like the pretty design on the copper bar beads and the way red coral and turquoise howlite make each other pop.
Components: coral, howlite, copper

first wire wrap cuff

i love this, it was fun to make!
Components: copper, seed beads, Labradorite, i just dont know lol

sandy dreams

I have been trying to use up some of my beads that just seem to never get chosen.
Components: mother of pearl hearts, freshwater pearls, copper, moonstone


I had many (rough) looking pearls just sitting around for months and months! I decided to make a pearl necklace that was not ladylike! The toggle...
Components: assorted fresh water pearls, tiny mixed gemstones, sterling clasp

Nature Walk

My latest set! It is very natural looking. I love the wood beads, I am finding just a touch of wood makes any piece so versatile.
Components: Picture Jasper, Fancy Jasper, Bone, Tiger Eye, sterling silver

Wild Horses

I was asked to make a nice jewelry set that would include a longer necklace. My customer wanted earthtones. This is the design I have decided to...
Components: Smoky Quartz, Wild Horse Jasper, sterling silver

Time To FLy

I designed this necklace after I made a fresh pick and Diane mentioned she thought it would be an interesting necklace. I love love love the bird...
Components: ceramic pendant, ceramic clock connector, sterling silver, blue quartz???, glass chips, pistachio pearls


Years ago, I enrolled in the Navy and had the time of my life. This bracelet is a keeper, as it evokes great memories for me!
Components: navy blue pearls, sterling silver beads, sterling silver NAVY charm

Fight Like A Girl

This piece was made for a lady I work with. She has been cancer free for 3 years now!
Components: sterling silver charm, cherry quartz


I think this one is "sexy". LOL Something about this snakeskin jasper is very appealing to me.
Components: fresh water pearls, snakeskin jasper, wood and sterling silver

one of my favorites

I just like how this piece came together, the pearl sticks gave it just the right "different" look I was hoping for.
Components: blue agate, bawa pearls, seed beads, sterling silver

jane of the jungle

I couldnt decide what to title this, so my husband said it reminded him of the jungle. Thus, Jane of the Jungle!!
Components: Green Aventurine, Marble, Peace Jade, Wood, Fancy Jasper, sterling silver

Flying High

I love love love this sky blue agate beads.
Components: sky blue agate, seed beads, sterling silver

mermaid splash

These spiral carved fluorite beads laid forever before I could find the perfect pearls to match.
Components: Fluorite, freshwater pearls, crystal, sterling silver

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