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At age 60 I have come to appreciate and love all the little beads and other pieces I find to create myy own line of jewelry along with my best friend Elaine.

As Elaine and I are both physically handicapped and unable to work outside the home, we realized that we needed to find a way to make money using whatever skills we already had. It didn’t take us long to realize that we were able to create a variety beautiful items that others were more than willing to purchase from us. Before long we were accepting orders for one thing or another and we discovered that we could actually make money from home.

We have been creating one-of-a-kind designs together for many years now and we have finally decided to take advantage of the knowledge we have and the creations we design after being encouraged for years by family and friends to take this to the next level. Formalizing our little crafting business just seemed like the perfect next step, so we created: Freestyle Jewellery Designs by M.E.

We are just now beginning to offer some of our one-of-a-kind jewelry designs for sale on Facebook. We are also considering, teaching our craft to others. We are also beginning to expand with the possibility of creating kits for some of our more popular pieces. We will definitely still have our one-of-a-kind pieces, however, we will be designing some pieces specifically to be used for a line of how-to kits for those who want to be able to learn how to make their own pieces.

We are always looking for new useable items and ideas regardless of where we are. We love every minutes of the hunt with garage sales and thrift stores being some of our most popular places to find some beautiful vintage items to work into new designs.

You will also find us creating our own line of Decorative Dreamcatchers, scrapbooking projects, creating and painting ceramics as well as sewing our own line of pillows and throws. I can guarantee that we never complain about being bored. Tired but not bored.

We usually have more projects on the go than we have time for and we love it that way… Neither of us are good sleepers and for the most part, we do our best work in the middle of the night. It just seems that our creativity seems to peak at around 3:00 am. Unfortunately our hubbies just don’t understand this part of us, but, they have come to realize that if the lights are still on, we are probably creating a new design of some sort

We have just begun to post some of our one-of-a-kind pieces on Facebook, but since I suffer with Multiple Sclerosis, and Elaine is recuperating after a hip replacement, it is taking us a little longer than expected.

It would be great if you could take a minute and check us out, “Like” our page and maybe even leave a comment. That would be awsome….

Oh, and by the way, the M.E. stands for Marnie & Elaine.

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