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Well, I am a retired senior lady who enjoys her hobbies.
I love to create with my abilities that God has given to me. I live in the Southwest as I moved here when I retired from work back in 2009. Previously I lived in the Midwest part of this country….Illinois. It got too cold , too expensive, and just too damn political for my taste. I needed change and freedom from all of the madness that was in Chicago. I am extremely happy now. I live in a senior retirement community where I can live my life the way I want to. My home is small and filled with the things that I love. I have beautiful cactus plants, lots of quail and rabbits scurrying around my property. The sun is always shining and music is constantly filling the rooms where I reside. I dabble with the beads, I am learning to play the organ, and I dabble in writing. I have friends that I pal around with as we do lunches, movies, and whatever suits our fancy. The rec centers provide me with exercise and swimming. So, basically I am living my life …my retired life with no fan fare. Quiet, simple and very happy.

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  • Old Beaded Lady Chris commented on the Design “Punk Purple”   6 days, 15 hours ago

    Little Round Chick,

    No needle was used in creating this bracelet. It was strung with thread by hand. I designed this bracelet to be made by stringing the beads. Labor intensive …yes;
    but done without any needles.

  • Old Beaded Lady Chris commented on the Design “My Heart on the Bricks”   6 days, 15 hours ago

    Annie, I think that it may be the tension. I weave my thread at the end of my loomed work enough so it will stay flat. I don’t know what other type of advise that I may offer than for you to just keep at it until you find what works for you. I wish [...]

  • Old Beaded Lady Chris commented on the Design “My Heart on the Bricks”   1 week ago

    O.K….I looked up what selvage is and how it is applied in looming cloth. Not beads. Do I understand you Annie that you use material or cloth on the ends of your bead loom project ? Or leather perhaps ? I don’t use material to finish my loomed beads. I weave the thread on both ends [...]

  • Old Beaded Lady Chris commented on the Design “My Heart on the Bricks”   1 week ago


    Uh…what is a selvage ? You lost me and I am unable to properly answer your inquiry. And what are puckers ? Is that when the beads don’t lay flat or flush with your warp threads ? Again, I am very lost. Thank you for the complement on my loom work. I learned from watching how [...]

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