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Designs by Old Beaded Lady Chris

Bronzed Rose

So, I delved into another bead loom project that I had in my mind. I am enjoying working with the Czech two hole bar beads. A tad larger than the...
Components: Czech Mates 2 holes bar beads in the colors of: Luster-Opaque Rose Gold / Bronze and the Dark Bronze. Toho round seed beads size 8/0 in the color of Bronze. I used my Jewel Loom by Beadalon. WildFire beading thread in black was used. I finished it by using my 20 mm gold ribbon crimps along with a simple gold rope toggle and clasp.

Cranberry Heart set

One of my gal pals is going to be celebrating her birthday in June. She loves wearing jewelry. What a better way to celebrate by making a jewelry...
Components: Maureen had this beautiful pendant for sale at her website. I purchased it and then followed up by purchasing matching beads to complete the set. The pendant is approximately 40 mm round and if you look closely Maureen styled a heart swirled within her design. The colors of the polymer clay a mix of cranberry, sage green, and grey. The coin shaped bead has a tiny heart swirled which I thought was pretty clever. I purchased this really shiny silver plated chain here at Lima beads that is perfect for what I intended to create. I played around with my beads to making this necklace design. I used silver components with all of the pieces. The bracelet is a combination of the Czech SuperDuo's and Toho seed beads.

Purple Squared is Hip

Ever since I spied this design with the Czech Mates two hole tile beads; I've been dying to make it for myself. The drawback is that I see the...
Components: One tube or strand each of the Czech Mates two holed tiles in two colors of your choice. I chose Tanzanite / Celsian and the Luster / Opaque Amethyst. Now, the other Czech bead that pulls this bracelet into shape is the Quadra four hole tile bead. I used in silver. I strung my bracelet using the Beadalon WildFire thread in black. At both ends I used 4 of my Toho size 8/0 silver lined clear beads giving my design a little extra zazz connected with silver wire guardians, crimps, crimp covers. The best clasp on this design is the two hole silver tube clasp.

Denim Zola

I had these really nice blue dyed quartz nuggets / chips in the denim color. Oh, do I love my denim !!! I thought that I would make myself a...
Components: One 20 mm ornate Zola metal bead in silver as my focal. Blue denim colored dyed quartz nuggets / chips. I stung this bracelet using my beading wire and I doubled it for security of both the gemstone chips and the Zola coin bead. I was a bit surprised as the Zola does have a touch of weight to it. given that it's all metal. I finished my ends by using 5 mm round silver plated metal beads connected with my two hole toggle and clasp. Silver components used such as wire, wire guardians, crimp covers. The toggle and clasp is a basic rope design.

Oil Slick Blues

I'm into the blues and purple. Purple is one of my favorite colors. I wear it as my complexion is near the winter colors. I loves these Czech...
Components: Wow..where do I begin ? Well, I again used the Jewel Loom by Beadalon. This loom is getting the lions share of usage !!! I used the WildFire beading thread in black. The bracelet consists of the Czech Mates 2 hole tile beads and half tile beads. Toho seed beads make up the rest of my design. Toho seed beads in size 8/0. The colors are: Frosted Matte Dark Purple and the Silver-Lined Black Diamond. I finished it by using the 25 mm silver plated ribbon crimps. Very plain and works beautifully against the beads. A simple silver toggle and clasp.

Arizona Southwest by Design

I'm still bead looming as I am finishing with my Czech Mates two hole beads. I am challenging myself with looming a one inch wide cuff bracelet....
Components: Two rolls of the Czech Picasso Opaque Yellow two hole tile beads. The image doesn't really tell the true colors of this particular bead. More of the dark mustard color yellow with different patterns of browns and hint of the dark muddy turquoise blue smidgen in there. I used the Toho seed beads in size 8/0. The semi-translucent dark brown beads are Miyuki also in 8/0. The Toho colors are: Marbled Opaque Turquoise / Blue - Gold- Lustered African Sunset / Silver-Lined Black Diamond. In the middle of each section are 3 mm round matte silver Czech druk beads. I like to mix it up a bit whenever possible. This was done on the Jewel Loom by Beadalon using the WildFire bead thread in black. My local bead store carries these wonderful silver plated 25 mm ribbon crimps. Perfect as keeping it simple. I finished it with a simple silver toggle and clasp.

Native American Beauty

I live in Arizona where the Native American tribes which are 10 total make this their ancestral home. Navajo, Apache, Tohono O'odham, Yavapai just...
Components: I used my Jewel Bead Loom by Beadalon along with the Beadalon WildFire beading thread in black. I used mostly the Toho seed beads in size 8/0 except for the dark browns which are the Miyuki 8/0. Here are my colors: Miyuki Opaque / Transparent Dark Brown. The rest are Toho. Permanent Finish - Matte Galvanized Starlight / Gold -Lustered African Sunset / Silver-Lined Frosted Dark Topaz. The 20 mm gold metal ribbon crimps along with a simple styled toggle and clasp to finish the bracelet.

I've Got the Blues

I just love denim and I wear my jeans faithfully when I'm hanging out with my gal pals. I didn't have a bead loomed bracelet with anything blue....
Components: I used my Jewel Loom by Beadalon along with the Beadalon WildFire bead thread in black. I had these very distinctive Czech Mates 2 hole tile beads with the Picasso design. Sort of a jet black with blues mixed in. The blues show the denim color. Perfect for what I wanted. I used Toho seed beads in just two colors : Opaque jet black and the Marbled Opaque Turquoise / Blue. Don't let that Turquoise / Blue fool you. The color of this particular bead really picks up the blues in the Czech Mates to a tee. Yet, gives the right amount of contrast in the design. I wanted to mix it up a bit. I decided to place these wonderful silver metallic looking 6 mm rice beads into my design. I like what or how this turned out. I used the 20 mm silver metal ribbon crimps along with a simply styled silver toggle and clasp.

Green Tea with Olive

I'm still having fun beading with my bead loom. I am loving the new colors that the bead companies have out now. Exciting colors to create...
Components: I used my Jewel Bead Loom by Beadalon using the Beadalon WildFire thread in white. All of the seed beads are from Toho and the size is 8/0. Here are my colors: Matte - Dark Olive / Gold-Lustered Green Tea / Permanent Finish - Frosted Galvanized Yellow Gold / Three of the Silver-Lined Frosted Smoky Topaz. 20 mm gold ribbon crimps with a simple styled gold toggle with clasp to finish the bracelet.

It's A Psychodelic Thing

Here is another uniquely designed polymer clay bead from Aloha Moe. Maureen had this really colorful bead that I spotted at her shop at Etsy. I...
Components: My focal bead is this 25 mm coin shaped polymer clay bead. I used these Chinese crystals that I had in my bead stash. Since I had this really nice peace charm; I decided to dangle it from the bead. Kind of fitting don't ya think ? I used this silver plated chain keeping my design as simple as possible. I used a lobster clasp to finish my necklace. Now, all that I need is a pair of bell bottom jeans and I'm in the groove.


I just purchased this very striking polymer clay 22 mm coin shaped bead from Aloha Moe.
Maureen makes the beautiful polymer clay beads which I am...
Components: My focal is the 22 mm coin shaped bead. I used the Czech Mates 6 mm two hole tile beads in the jet black. I strung this bracelet by hand using the Beadalon WildFire thread in black. I very luckily had Toho seed beads that matched perfectly with my focal bead. Toho 8/0 seed beads in two colors : Permanent Finish / Matte Galvanized Pink Lilac and Permanent Finish/ Frosted Galvanized Mint Green. I had these 4 mm round Czech crystal glass beads in purple that worked. I used my 3 mm shiny round silver metal beads. I used my 4 hole I believe the Tierra Cast silver spacer bar bracelet findings. Silver findings used: crimps, crimp covers, wire guardians, 2 round silver 5 mm heishi spacers, and the two hole silver tube clasp.

Oxblood Czech Mates Bracelet

To quote from Monty Python.."And now for something completely different" que the music !! I am half pure Czech and I'd like to know whose the one...
Components: 6mm Czech Mates 2 hole tile beads in the Picasso style in Oxblood. I paired my Toho round size 8/0 seed beads. Inside-Color Crystal/ Metallic Teal Lined with the photos don't give the true colors of the beads. There is teal green mixed in that Picasso design. I used the Silver-Lined Frosted Black Diamond to give some sparkle without too much bling and to separate the lines into a simplistic design. I used my Jewel Bead Loom with the Beadalon WildFire bead thread in black. I used my shiny silver ribbon crimps and a simple shiny toggle and clasp to finish the bracelet. Let's just say that this bracelet is slowly growing on me. Even the not so pretty beads get some exposure.

Cuff in Purple Passion

I have the Czech Mates 2 hole tiles in the Luster Opaque Amethyst that I decided to use on my bead loom. I wanted to make myself a cuff bracelet...
Components: For starters ...the 6 mm two hole Czech Mates tile beads in the Luster Opaque Amethyst. Toho seed beads in size 8/0 were used : Marbled Opaque Light Blue / Amethyst = Matte in the Mauve Mocha = Silver Lined Crystal. The beads in the silver lines are the 3mm Czech glass beads that I received from my Easter egg hunt with Lima Beads. It was one of their prizes. I just incorporated them into my design. I used my Jewel Loom by Beadalon with the Beadalon WildFire thread in white. I used my 20 mm shiny silver ribbon crimps. I'm happy that I decided to use the Toho silver lined crystals as the silver gives this design some bling. And who doesn't like a little bit of bling in their wardrobe these days ? Last, I used a shiny toggle and clasp to complete the bracelet.

Persian Turquoise Beauty

I have these Czech Mates two hole tile beads collecting dust. I have the Beadalon Jewel Loom waiting to be used. Add these two and this is what I...
Components: I used my 6 mm Czech Mate two hole tiles in the Persian Turquoise Moon Dust. Pretty beads at that !!! I matched up three of the Toho size 8/0 seed beads that I thought would go nicely with the dark turquoise. Antiqued mettalic silver for starters followed by opaque matte gray. This one did the trick...opaque lustered lagoon which made this color combo pop. I used my WildFire beading thread in the black. I finished off by using my 20 mm silver ribbon crimps. A nice shiny oval roped toggle and clasp to finish attached by the silver split rings. I love using the split rings as I'm confident that I will not loose my toggle / clasp and the the bracelet is secure. What I find is when I am weaving after I finished with my beads that I will weave another time with my thread. It makes the bracelet a little bit more taunt and stronger. It still has the flexability to it. I also played with my design as to making it a little more interesting playing the colors of the grays. I am very please with my first experiment with the Czech Mates.

Bronzed Brown Czech Mate Bead Weave

I have in my bead stash some of the
Czech Mates two hole squares which are collecting dust. I love to bead weave now since I have my Jewel Loom...
Components: O.k.. I used the 6 mm two hole tile Czech Mates in the Picasso opaque light beige. I love these beads !!! Two rows of the Toho seed beads in the size 8/0. One is the bronze matte and the other is the matte galvanized starlight. I used my WildFire bead thread in the black. I have different sizes and colors of the metal ribbon crimps.Here I used the 13 mm gold ribbon crimps. I used this beautiful rope design gold toggle and clasp attached by gold split rings.

Swirled in Blue Silver

I just purchased this beautiful 20 mm coin shaped polymer clay bead from AlohaMoe Beads.
I love blue and this bead with her unique design caught...
Components: My focal is the blue silver swirled design of this 20 mm coin shaped bead. I used the Czech SuperDuo two hold beads in this simple design using two colors : blue luster and the clear crystal. The antiqued silver metallic are Toho size 8/0. I used silver findings along with my WildFire thread in the white. I used a silver two hole tube clasp.

Rainbow in Paper

When I purchase my paper beads I will receive a gift bag as well as a thank you for my purchase. I received this really nice large bicone paper...
Components: One large paper bicone bead as my focal. I used these pale glass disks to complement the colors within the paper bead. I love silver so I incorporated the shiny silver metal heishi in the row of the glass disks. The white band in the middle of the paper bead gave me the inspiration to go with the 8mm pale white sea glass beads. The almost translucent 6mm glass beads to follow. I finished with a simple silver toggle / clasp.

Festival of Color in Paper

I'm still inspired by paper beads. I just received these paper beads and I wanted to create a necklace with them.
These paper beads are oval...
Components: My paper beads are my focal. I strung a mix of 6mm white glass druk beads unfortunately from China. They will do. I used these really nice crystal clear 10mm glass bicones. I also used these silver 10mm metal beads. What I like is these silver beads are not as shiny which gives off a different look. I used shiny 6mm silver metal heishi spacers in between my paper beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, crimp covers and wire guardians. I finished off my necklace with a rope design toggle/clasp.

Kazuri Drop In Teal N' Grey

Kazuri has the wonderful drop pendants in a colorful pattern wavy rich in design. I love the colors of this particular drop pendant. Teal at the...
Components: The Kazuri drop pendant as my focal piece. I coordinated my beads and colors around the pendant. The 12mm round Kazuri beads picking up the aqua followed by glass spacers in aqua and grey. The dark teal clay beads at the ends. I used silver findings to embellish my design. 12mm silver daisy spacer beads along with the small daisy spacers at each end of the necklace. I had this nice grey leather cord which goes perfectly with the lighter grey in the pendant.

Kazuri Purple Passion pendant

Oh, how I love the color of purple. I love the Kazuri beads. Put the two together and oh still my heart. I purchased this large Kazuri...
Components: Whoops !!! I just typed the list of components in the describe the piece section. It's late and I'm getting tired. Mistakes do happen. Sorry about that !!!

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