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Designs by Old Beaded Lady Chris

Rainbow in Paper

When I purchase my paper beads I will receive a gift bag as well as a thank you for my purchase. I received this really nice large bicone paper...
Components: One large paper bicone bead as my focal. I used these pale glass disks to complement the colors within the paper bead. I love silver so I incorporated the shiny silver metal heishi in the row of the glass disks. The white band in the middle of the paper bead gave me the inspiration to go with the 8mm pale white sea glass beads. The almost translucent 6mm glass beads to follow. I finished with a simple silver toggle / clasp.

Festival of Color in Paper

I'm still inspired by paper beads. I just received these paper beads and I wanted to create a necklace with them.
These paper beads are oval...
Components: My paper beads are my focal. I strung a mix of 6mm white glass druk beads unfortunately from China. They will do. I used these really nice crystal clear 10mm glass bicones. I also used these silver 10mm metal beads. What I like is these silver beads are not as shiny which gives off a different look. I used shiny 6mm silver metal heishi spacers in between my paper beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, crimp covers and wire guardians. I finished off my necklace with a rope design toggle/clasp.

Kazuri Drop In Teal N' Grey

Kazuri has the wonderful drop pendants in a colorful pattern wavy rich in design. I love the colors of this particular drop pendant. Teal at the...
Components: The Kazuri drop pendant as my focal piece. I coordinated my beads and colors around the pendant. The 12mm round Kazuri beads picking up the aqua followed by glass spacers in aqua and grey. The dark teal clay beads at the ends. I used silver findings to embellish my design. 12mm silver daisy spacer beads along with the small daisy spacers at each end of the necklace. I had this nice grey leather cord which goes perfectly with the lighter grey in the pendant.

Kazuri Purple Passion pendant

Oh, how I love the color of purple. I love the Kazuri beads. Put the two together and oh still my heart. I purchased this large Kazuri...
Components: Whoops !!! I just typed the list of components in the describe the piece section. It's late and I'm getting tired. Mistakes do happen. Sorry about that !!!

Kazuri Green Yellow Mix

I had these old Kazuri beads in my stash. I wanted to make jewelry using them. This is what I came up with.
Components: A combination of the various shapes of the Kazuri beads in the colors of greens and yellow mixed within the beads. I strung these beads on grey leather cord with silver findings. I also made a pair of coordinating earrings to match.

Triangles in the Blues

I found these wonderful gemstone triangles at my local bead store. What an amazing find indeed !!! Sodalite gemstone triangles that are quality...
Components: The gemstone triangles in the hues of blues which brings out the color of the Sodalite gemstone as my focal. 10mm dark blue/navy glass druk beads with white glass spacers giving this necklace a geometric flow. I used shiny chains to dangle from each of the triangle beads. I used the silver 6/0 Toho seed beads on white leather cord. I purposely used leather as it makes the triangle design just pop. I purchased seven of these triangles and I used six. I decided to make matching earrings. My friend Marie fell in love with this particular set. I will be looking to creating this same design look with the Mahogany Obsidian gemstone in the future. I will be using black Onyx with those triangles.

Love is Patient Love is Kind Heart

I just love hand crafted clay/ceramic work by individual artisans who love what they do and do it very well. One of them is Bo Hulley. This heart...
Components: My focal is this beautifully hand crafted cream colored heart. Because the holes are unique to the pendant; I made my own bails to fit using silver eye pins. I purchased this nice charm from Bohemian Findings in Canada that carries a huge selection of charms for the jewelry making people like us. Love Is Patient Love Is Kind...with Bo's heart. A very special necklace for myself. I used the creamy riverstone gemstone beads in the 4mm and the 6mm sizes. I also incorporated the Czech two toned fire crystal beads in brown/clear. I also used the tiny 4mm silver round metal beads. Silver findings: crimps, bead wire, crimp covers, wire guardians. I used two silver double split rings to attach my silver charm and the dangle beads. They won't come off I promise you that !!! I finished my necklace with this shiny silver toggle/clasp in a heart design.

Crimson Fire and Blue Ice

A very long time past as I purchased this very unique lampwork glass pendant which is like
kind. I loved the way the glass...
Components: My focal is this beautiful crimson red lampwork glass pendant. I strung with my beading wire a combination of beads pulling in the colors within the glass pendant. The large red pearlized acrylic which I believe are about 12mm in their size. I also used the 8mm blue crystal glass beads along with the 8mm opaque white glass beads. Shiny silver 6mm heishi spacers adding silver to the mix. I used silver in my findings: crimps, crimp covers, wire guardians, and I finished it with a simple shiny roped designed oval toggle/clasp.

Array of Larger Gemstone Donut necklaces

If you glanced at my first addition of gemstone donuts; I also have the larger
sized ones as well. These measure at
the 32mm size. I followed...
Components: 32mm Gemstone donuts: Moss Green Brecciated Jasper, Blue/White Magnesite, Unakite, Green/Red Apple Jasper, Red Picture Jasper. All of them are hand strung using the WildFire beading thread and the Toho size 8/0 in colors coordination with the colors of the gemstone donuts. I used the same design as that in the smaller donut necklaces. Czech SuperDuo's along with other seed beads, crystals, and metal findings. I used either the gold or silver findings: crimps, crimp covers, wire guardians, and the very decorative barrel clasps.

Array of Gemstone Donuts

I'm like the female Simpson...DUH or is it DOH ?!!! (LOL) DONUTS anyone ? !!! I just love those donuts...gemstones of course. I went donut mad as...
Components: Gemstone donuts : 25mm Black Snowflake Obsidian, Leopardskin Jasper, Natural Jasper, Rhodonite, and Red Japser. All of them hand strung using the Toho size 11/0 seed beads in coordination to the colors within each gemstone. My simple design within the necklaces consists of the Czech SuperDuo glass beads along with either silver or gold metal findings and crystal beads. All necklaces are strung with WildFire beading thread. Don't ask me how I was able to string four threads onto those tiny 11/0 seed beads. It was a killer and frustrating at times. I sometimes blurred out some unappropriated language. But, never will I use that "F" bomb. Not in my vocabulary !!! I'm a lady after all.... Anyway, I finished all of my necklaces using either the gold or silver findings : crimps, crimp covers, wire guardians, and these very decorative barrel clasps.

Blue Bird of Springtime

Greetings all !!! Well, this has become one of my most ambitious designs yet. I had this old polymer clay pendant which I have been pondering for...
Components: Oh boy...the list is going to be long and involved. O.k..the polymer clay pendant is my focal point. I used a bronze tree branch connector with more that just the usual kind. This one has more connecting for bead work. I used Czech glass leaves and flowers to embellish the tree branch giving it the look of a flowering tree at springtime. You know what I am trying to achieve here. Anyway, I then brain stormed the birds nest. I found this large bronze bird nest connector with three holders for the eggs. I used my 3 or 4mm glass pearl beads in the gold for the eggs. I used bronze findings throughout my necklace: crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers, bronze bead wire, decorative head pins, and just about anything else bronze. I had these bronze beads in my stash...added them into the necklace. What the hell...I said...go for it !!! The beads are these creamy beige river stone gemstone beads. So, I played around with making the flowers with the Czech Picasso maple leaves until I got the look that I wanted. These Czech Picasso leaves have the same blue as in the flowers and my pendant only subtle. I also had these glazed clay ceramic large pony beads that I added into the design to add blue. All in all, I completed what I had in my mind.

Big Striped Minty Pink Crystal Persuasion

I have two of these really unique hand crafted lamp work beads that are old.
This one is my favorite as I love the way that the artisan got the...
Components: Just like the other one I went with the clear crystal beads to complement the focal. It also enhanced it. I strung a combination of beads given the colors of the focal bead. Clear crystal glass beads in the disk shape and the 8mm octagon shape used. I also incorporated 6mm dusty pink crystal glass beads, 8mm Czech shiny minty green pearlized Druks, and ran the Miyuki 6/0 clear crystal glass beads up to the top of the necklace. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers. I finished with a medium sized shiny oval roped toggle/clasp. My bracelet is the same combination of beads sans the lamp work. I used a small round shiny roped toggle/clasp. My earring are the French fish hooks with a simple design of the same bead combination.

Pearly Red and Black as Night set

Well, here is my story on this bead set. I was shopping at my local JoAnne's craft store. I always hit the beads. Anybody out there hear of Blue...
Components: There are five pearly red disks in the set that I purchased. One disk was damaged. Didn't matter though...I didn't need it. I used a combination of red glass pearls in the 4mm and the 6mm. Black glass crystal beads in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm. Toho silver metal 8/0 seed beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, double silver bead caps, crimp covers. I finished with a small simple toggle/clasp. A single strand bracelet utilizing the same beads with the red pearly disk as my focal. The earring are French fish hooks with silver seed beads, red glass pearls and one 8mm black glass crystal bead.

Tribal Celebration

Oh, so let me explain this design thingy. I had this bracelet that I made a long time ago with these unique handcrafted lampwork glass beads. I...
Components: Where do I start to describing this ? I go: the lamp work beads are two sets that I have purchased a very long time ago. One-of-a-kind which consists of squares, disks and rondelles in earthy tones of browns, golds tone and a touch of black. The large 10mm beads are sort of a rusty orange...gemstones in the jasper family. 10mm silver metal beads. The spacers are these decorative swirly design 10mm disks. The black and brown are clay spacer beads 10mm. Also 10mm silver metal spacer beads. A combination of 10mm black crystal glass rondelles and 6mm round crystal black glass beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers. The toggle / clasp a very simple one. The same combination of beads are used in my bracelet with the lamp work being the center of attention. My earring are the French fish hooks with the lamp work squares as my focal with the 10mm rusty orange beads. The clay and metal spacer beads in between the mix.

Stoned Out Paper

I purchase these paper beads from the same person. I found these vibrant ones with a combination of blues and oranges. So, I decided to stretch...
Components: 8 vibrant paper beads approximately 1 inch in length each. I wanted gemstone chips to go with these beads. I found blue Aventurine gemstone chips that worked. I went with a funky tribal type of design. The 6mm orange sherbert colored beads which are as old as the hills in my bead stash which I incorporated into the design. I also used these really neat silver metal bead spacers. The tiny dangling beads are dark royal blue potato pearl beads. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers, and a toggle / clasp to pick up the design in the metal beads spacers. The bracelet is a double strand of the same combination of beads used in my necklace. I used a tube clasp along with the two hole spacer bars to hold the bracelet together. The two paper beads are my focal. The earrings are the French fish hooks with a simple design of the paper bead with two silver metal spacer beads at each end. The tiny dangles are the 4mm dark royal blue potato pearl beads and these 3mm light orange glass Druks.

Purple Paper Passion

I dabble into what I can do with different materials in the jewelry making craft. Paper beads intrigue me.
I love the craftsmanship that goes into...
Components: 8 beautiful paper beads approximately 1 inch in length each. A combination of purples, hints of blues with a creamy center with a hint of lavender. I centered my colors with purple and beige. I used a combination of beads starting with 8mm purple crackle glass beads, 8mm pale pearly white crystal glass rondelle, 6mm clear crystal glass beads and 4mm beige Druks. The seed beads are the 6/0 crystal clear Miyuki's. I used silver: wire, crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers, and tiny daisy bead spacers. I finished with a simple silver toggle / clasp. My bracelet is a combination of the same beads as my necklace. I used a tube clasp as the bracelet is a double strand. The earring are the French fish hooks with just the paper bead and the 4mm beige Druk glass bead.

Golden White leather bracelet

I was searching for some really unique buttons. I wanted to continue making leather bracelets using the buttons. I found this really nice button...
Components: I used 2mm sliver white leather cord. I used a combination of the Czech and Toho size 6/0 "E" beads. The Czech glass beads are the matte dark gold and the silk pearl. The Toho's are not marked by color. I will determine my best guess....light topaz with the glassy finish and the translucent frosted crystal. One out of two ain't bad for the Toho's. I got one right...yeah !!! I used the Super Lon bead cord in the cream color to string the beads. The button did it as it's old and has style to it. The back side of it is all gold plastic. What a match !!!

All Loomed Out

Greetings bead crafty people !!! So, after learning and experimenting with the bead loom; I have concluded my working with it for a while. I have...
Components: I have used Toho size 8/0 seed beads in all of the bead loom projects. I have a stash built up of the colors that I think will work with my wardrobe. I have used either the white or the black WildFire thread. Most of the bracelets are finished by attaching ribbon crimps in either the gold or the silver. I used the double split rings in either gold or silver to attach my magnetic clasps. Because I have found the bracelets to be light weight; the magnetic clasps work well for me. So does the ribbon crimps. Much easier to work with as you finish your project.

Zigging and Zagging In Blues

Hey, remember Charlie Brown's shirt ?
Yeah, that one with the zig zag pattern that he always wore. Here is my take on that pattern. I love to...
Components: I use the Toho size 8/0 beads. Again, my colors are the dark brown which is an old Toho seed bead called Root Beer. I also used the matte bronze. The blue is the marbled opaque turquoise. I used the black WildFire thread. I finished off my piece with the silver slider clasps made especially for loomed work. I used my magnetic clasp attached by silver split rings.

Amethyst in Argyle In Style

Greetings bead artists !!! Old Beaded Lady still getting loomed !!! I am sort of getting addicted to this bead loom thing. So many different...
Components: I am using the Toho size 8/0 seed beads. The colors are the silver lined dark amethyst, opaque lavender, and a light beige cream. My thread of choice is the white WildFire. Its strong and easy to work with for the bead loom. I finished my piece using 20mm silver ribbon crimps with a magnetic clasp that is attached with silver split rings.

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