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Designs by Old Beaded Lady Chris

Brownies with Cream

Still concentrating with the various Czech beads that have made their place in crafting. I wanted to try my hand with the Czech Mates. I had a...
Components: Double strand of beaded Czech Mates in this brownish design. The very tiny seed beads are the Toho 11/0 in matte cream. The slightly larger seed beads in the gold luster Toho 8/0. I strung all with black Fire Wire beading thread. I went with gold findings to complement the gold seed beads. I used gold crimps, crimp covers, and gold wire guardians. I also used the two hole gold tube clasp.

Burgandy in Pink

I wanted to try my luck with the Czech SuperDuo beads. I purchased this bead pattern for stringing these unique Czech beads. I also purchased...
Components: A delicate bracelet utilizing the 6mm Czech Picasso mauve crystal glass beads. The bead pattern consists of two superduo's in the pastel burgundy color. The very tiny seed beads are clear with a silver lining inside. I'm not sure as to what Japanese company supplied a local bead shop that I would shop at. The packaging is the bead shop's own packaging. With the consistency of the beads; it's either Miyuki or Toho. Many of the independent beads shops carry one or the other. I strung with white Fire Wire beading thread. Silver crimps, crimp covers, wire guardians and a very simple small silver toggle clasp to complete it.

Putting the Ox in Aqua

I wanted to try my luck with the Czech
Superduo beads. I know that they are tiny and primarily used in bead stitching work. I do openly admit...
Components: I used very old pale aqua glass beads as my focals and worked the bead pattern around them. The Oxblood seed beads are Toho 8/0. The tiny round seed beads are Toho 11/0 aqua with oxblood in the center of them. The Czech superduo is the pastel aqua. I used white Wild Fire beading thread along with my silver crimps, crimp covers, wire guardians, and a small simple silver toggle clasp. Simple and dainty.

Pretty in Pietersite

I purchased a small cabochon of Pietersite awhile back ago. I searched to find these 8mm silver bead connectors so I could make myself a bracelet....
Components: The focal point of this dainty bracelet is the Pietersite cab that I set into this silver bracelet connector. I used my beading wire along with my silver crimps, crimp covers and the silver wire guardians. The seed beads are Toho 8/0 terra cotta and the 6mm beads are very old from my bead stash. They are glass. The tiny decorative 6mm silver bead spacers are very old as well. It gives the bracelet some pizazz.

Amethyst On White

Greeting all !!! Wanted to make myself another licorice leather bracelet with a custom cabochon. Purple is one of my favorite colors. I wear it...
Components: I have a few bezel settings 18mm for the licorice leather. I had a friend who is into lapidary make me this cabochon and was set as well. I used the white licorice leather along with the components made for it. I wanted it simple. Let the cab speak for itself. Tried to be as minimal with the rubber O rings as possible.

Rustic Flower bracelet

Greetings to all my fellow beaders !!!
Well, I love to browse around the Internet looking for what strikes my eye. My passion is making...
Components: The flower connector which is my focal was easy for me to make my bracelet. I was looking for simplicity. In my bead stash I found these beads to incorporate into the bracelet. I used antique brass for my findings to keep the bracelet with a rustic touch to it. I couldn't decide if I wanted leather with wood beads as that would have worked out very well too. I have small wrists and I wanted this to be somewhat dainty. The beads are very old and I think that they are for the most part glass. I'm not quiet sure though. The brown ones shine like cat eye's. All in all they seemed to have worked out for me.

Flowers with a Twist

I'm still working with leather cords and their components. I asked to copy this particular design from a vendor which I purchase my leather cords...
Components: The main leather strap is 10mm with a soft floral pattern with blues evident in the flowers. The silver slider findings hold 2mm round leather cord which is weaved or twisted on both sides of the leather strap. The clasp is a 15mm magnetic one to hold everything together along with super glue for leather. I have another piece of this floral leather strap in the colors of olive, teal and purple. I will be making the same bracelet with a berry color that matches the purple with the same silver sliders and a different 15mm magnetic clasp. I see that Lima has the cork cords. Fantastic !!! This is the new leather sensation right now. Great colors and designs !!!!

Blue Floral Beauty

I just purchased these beautiful Czech glass floral beads. They are 8mm in size which are hard to find it seems.
I used the beads in my stash to...
Components: A combination of various beads in the colors to capture the color of the flower beads. Pale blue with hints of purplish lavender with the center of the flowers accented in bronzed gold. I used bronze rondelle beads and bronze tube clasp to embellish the bronze in the flowers. I had these Czech 8mm lavender bluish rondelles that seemed to match as well. I used the deep blue 6mm rondelles to contrast.

Swinging Salmon

When my interest peaked with the new
licorice leather; I purchased this hand made slider. It's made from glass; yet, the feel of it with it's...
Components: Salmon licorice leather with this slider focal for starter. I used just the periwinkle rubber O rings along with simple silver findings to keep the focal as primary interest.

White Olive Mix

I had this very nice lampwork glass
slider made especially for the licorice leather in my bead stash for a long time. I needed to complete my...
Components: White licorice leather bracelet with the designer slider focal. I used the rubber O rings and silver findings made for the licorice leather to complete this look.

Blue & Brown Abstracted

I discovered this unique hand crafted slider bead made for licorice leather.
I love the design and colors of the clay bead.
Components: Cognac licorice leather embellished with the beautiful clay focal bead. I used the rubber O rings matching the colors inside of the clay bead along with silver findings also to coordinate with the licorice leather.

Out of Africa Kazuri necklace and earrings

Greetings to my fellow bead artisans !!!! This is a very belated
Christmas gift for a gear friend who not only is very patient; but, very...
Components: Kazuri beads consisting of the various shapes in the coordinating colors matching the focal pendent. The oval connectors are sterling silver with sterling silver crimps for leather. The leather is 3mm brown which is very surprising to me as it matches perfectly to the brown in the shale beads. The matching earrings have sterling silver wire and the oval connectors. The beads on the earring don't exactly match; but, come very close to those in the necklace. Very hard to match the colors and designs of Kazuri perfectly at times. Especially when beads are purchased via the Internet. All in all it turned out better than I thought. The focal pendent and beads are strung with beading wire twice for strength as they are crimped to the sterling silver oval connectors then covered by crimp covers for a more finished look. The sterling silver leather connectors were glued before fastened with my jewelry pliers for added strength and security.

Singular Black Hawaiin Floral

I had just one black polymer floral bead left. I decided to make myself something special. I don't have bracelets with just black and white. I...
Components: On this bracelet I went with my gemstones. The black are 6mm black onyx separated by Czech white glass spacer beads. In between the two white spacers are 6mm snowflake obsidian beads. Love them as the mix of black and the grey goes with the intricate design of the flowers. there are two large hexagon clear glass beads on both sides of the focal. A very simple shiny clasp and toggle to finish the look.

Lavender in Bloom

I love the artisans who create beads with polymer clay. I wanted to make a special bracelet for a friend. I found this soft, delicate, and...
Components: The focal is polymer clay as I embellished it by adding the tiny rhinestone in the center of the flower. I used tiny 4mm grape crystal glass beads, 6mm druk lavender round glass beads, 6mm clear crystal glass beads. The 6mm rondelle beads are gemstones...Angelite. Everything else is done with silver findings and I like to use the tube clasp.

Millefiori and Silver

Awhile back I was browsing in my local
bead shop. I spotted these really neat
Millefiori beads. Also found next to them these tiny glass spacers...
Components: Small red Millefiori beads with a pattern using a combination of blue and white. Three tier bracelet with tiny silver three hole spacers in between the glass beads. Very tiny white seed beads used within the middle layer giving a little definition between the red ones. Shiny silver metal beads are the center focal point and on the ends. A coordinated finished look is what I was going after here. I like using the tube clasp as it seems to work the best.

Kazuri Copper

I've noticed for awhile now that some
bead crafters are going by way of Africa with their expertise. I wanted so bad to make my own bracelet as...
Components: Two bracelets connected together with copper findings. The main bracelet is three pita-pats in greens with a brownish copper blend. I also used the tiny matching beads to incorporate into the two bracelets. Just love the glass pearls now that you can find them in just about any color. These are close to the green in the beads. I used this really wild antiqued copper metal spacers beads. The wired look gives the bracelets a polished look that I was looking for. The Kazuri beads are handmade and I wanted to achieve that in my design.

Swirling in the Red

Once again going through my stash to find another polymer focal which I needed to address. This time I decided to make myself a necklace. Simple...
Components: I have this large oval polymer focal in swirling of deep stripes of reds and pinks. A really nice bead to work with. I went with silver findings. Seemed to do the trick as I used two ornate silver bead caps. I have some cherry quartz nuggets that I used along with some smaller crystals and tiny silver spacers. Put it all together on a very shiny chain with a lobster claw clasp.

Blue Caramel Swirl

Old Bead lady here in the house !!!!
Greetings to all of you very talented
beading enthusiasts. I've been away from creating I'm back. Well,...
Components: The focal piece is the polymer clay bead with lush swirled colors of blue, green and caramel. I used blue faceted crystal rondelle beads. The dark green oblong glass with a pearl finish to complement the green in the focal. The smaller pillow shaped are gemstones as I'm not sure as to what they are. Silver corrugated spacer beads to finish the design.

Regaliz Born for the Blues bracelet

Licorice leather bracelets are the craze. I have seen them on the browsing the I do learning and finding new jewelry ideas. This particular...
Components: Regaliz navy blue distressed leather with the focal slider bead from Desert Bug Design. These sliders are custom made to fit the Regaliz leather. I followed up with the silver Regaliz findings in silver. The clasp is magnetic. The rubber O rings are made for this type of bracelet to serve two functions. First and foremost, to hold everything in its place. Second, is to add color to your design. For my very first piece...not bad.

Regaliz Green with Envy bracelet

Keeping up with the latest fashion jewelry craze. Leather is definitely in. I fell in love with the thick Greek licorice leather. It holds up...
Components: Regaliz brand leather in the dark brown distressed color. I found these beautiful porcelain sliders that were created by Clay River Designs made for the Regaliz leather. The metal findings are Regaliz findings in brass. The clasp is magnetic. The rubber O rings are very popular and very important as they keep everything in its place. Also adds to the design. The ring colors are olive and chocolate brown.

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