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  • Lindy b shared a new Fresh Pick: “All Hallows Eve”   6 years, 9 months ago

  • Haven’t been back to the site because of travel and finally decided to settle down. I’ll finally have my own studio space, granted it’s small but it’s mine and I can leave my designs out. Will finally have a wallboard pinned with thoughts, ideas and designs. Will post my new redesign using my grandmother’s [...]

      6 years, 11 months ago

  • No shows this summer but am in the throes of putting together multi pieces for my new grouping called La Penita Jungle. Large pieces in jungle colors, many stranded using chains, gemstones, pewter or copper animals. Will be sold to RVers. Also have started a group of redesign of old pieces from [...]

      7 years ago

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  • This mix of texture and shape is wonderful. I may start collecting some of these beads for a design. Love it.

      7 years ago

  • I love to mix metals and I like this mix very much. May have to put this together for summer. Thanks

      7 years ago

  • Love the sizes and colors of this grouping. I live in Mexico for part of each year and this is one I want to make my own. Thanks.

      7 years ago

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