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Designs by amkcreations aka Amanda

"Grand Canyon" Necklace

Not sure if these are Picasso Jasper or Red River Jasper, since I see them sold under both names (bought as Red River though). Wanted to make...
Components: Picasso Jasper, Sterling Silver, Brown Goldstone


Another piece to sell. I need some more ideas for Rose Quartz, this is the 4th design that I've just has Rose Quartz and pearls, but the combo is...
Components: Rose Quartz, Pearl, Pewter, Silver Plate

Blue Jean Baby

Sorry I keep "spamming" designs....getting nervous about the show and in real need of feedback. Thank you ladies, you always know how to make me...
Components: Blue Aventurine, Amethyst, copper

Sunkissed Mookaite

Large Mookaite coins have been taunting me since I bought them in October. Threw them into the corner of my table and left them there. Got some...
Components: Mookaite, Citrine, Copper

Aurora Borealis

Saw something similar with Carnelian and Coral and decided this would be a lovely color combo (and use of the huge fluorite nuggets that I had no...
Components: Fluorite, Amethyst, sterling silver

Heart of Goldstone

Another chunky bracelet.
Components: Copper findings and clasp, Swarovski crystals, Brown Goldstone

Fluorite (needs name)

I always have the hardest time with nuggets, they never look "uniform" to me, but I like the organic feel of them. I'm odd, what can I say?

Components: Copper clasp, copper colored glass seed beads, Fluorite nuggets, Amethyst rounds

Red Passion Flower

I don't know, something kinda Christmas-y, but able to be worn other times too. Going to use the other identical clasp I have in a necklace of...
Components: Pewter clasp and spacers, swarovski crystals, red czech glass

Christmas Holly

Got home from my visit to South Florida & Key West to find out that I evidently have a show going on Dec. 9th, surprise, surprise. So, here are 4...
Components: Silver plate, red green white czech glass

1st attempt wire wrap bracelet

Keep seeing alot of wire wrapped bracelet links in magazines and various places, as I am sure has been around forever, but with me only being a...
Components: Copper, glass, copper wire

Inspired by Shannon's Question

A few designs down on the list, Shannon asked "Who said Neutrals were boring?" and as I was picking through my agate bag, I stumbled across this...
Components: Wood Agate, Cinnabar, Botswana Agate, copper

Key West Waters (a little departure from my norm)

I work primarily with gemstones, but my mom bought me these mixed teal beads from Walmart (on clearance), and I've been stumped as to what the heck...
Components: glass beads, dyed pearls, Mother of Pearl, silver plate

Faith in Pearls

Have had these pearls for a while now, made some earrings from them I posted a while back, now I used them in a bracelet.
Think this would be...
Components: pearls, Korean glass rounds, sterling silver

Gift for a Friend

These pictures suck, as far as showing the color. The beads are an electric teal color (dyed Jade)with turquoise glass beads in between copper...
Components: Jade (dyed), glass, copper

Caffè Latte

Swirling, creamy, rich, and delicious Botswana Agate squares in cream, beige, brown, and white. The gemstone squares are paired with tiny Swarovski...
Components: see above

New Angel Earrings

Made a different set of angel earrings with Tierracast butterfly wings. Think they look nice, they are bigger than the other angel earrings I have...
Components: glass, tierracast butterfly wings, sterling silver, Mother of Pearl

1st attempt tree necklace

Please pardon the lint and hair on my velvet bust, I cannot locate my lint-roller in my pile here.
Think this came out pretty nice for an...
Components: aluminum wire (copper color), glass faceted red beads, white seed beads, ribbon

1st attempt tree earrings

I know they're a little mis-matched in size, but for my 1st attempt at this, I think it's okay. I hope I'll get better. Used green colored copper...
Components: see above

Harvesting Pears

Went to a bead show in Pensacola on Saturday and got these Autumn Jasper pears, which I liked due to the faceting. I paired with some copper and...
Components: Autumn Jasper, Copper findings, 5 Star Cable

Lava in the Obsidian

I tried pairing these obsidian barrel shaped beads with some back and white glass beads, but they didn't look quite right. I kinda like this with...
Components: Snowflake Obsidian, Glass, sterling silver

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