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Designs by Rosie

copper swirls

Just love copper and jade together, just had to try some swirls! Everyones wire bracelets and cuffs have been such an inspiration!
Components: copper wire and green jade

picture jasper necklace

I fell in love with the pendant, picture jasper reminds me of sand dunes and summer....
Components: Picture Jasper, gold plate copper wire

Ready for spring!

I hadn't been beading for a while though I have been popping on this site to see all the beautiful designs. I needed to destress so I went and sat...
Components: Red Aventurine, autumn jasper, glass pearl and gold plate copper wire

warning: very scary craftroom!

Hi everybody! Sorry I have been gone so long, I have popped on the site occasionally to look at designs. I have been redoing my craft room, and its...

vanilla ice cream

I fell in love with the beads, I don't know why because I never wear beiges, and I had to have them. I guess I will be buying a new outfit!...
Components: pearl beads and seed beads

wire play

These are pieces I made while practicing my wire wrapping, so much to learn and so little time .....
Components: Russian Serpentine, copper wire, ribbon Hematite, aluminum wire, silver craft wire

colorado sunset

This is another necklace inspired by the pendant. This one my neighbor made and gave to me. The colors remind me of the sunsets I love here in...
Components: blue aventurine chips, unknown on pendant (forgot to ask) and glass beads

From Scratch

The pendant inspired this piece. My neighbor is a rock collector which I didn't give much thought too until he showed me that he also makes...
Components: Fluortie, desperado agate (pendant), silver wire, spacers and chain

Trying to Stay Optimistic

My Brother-in-law was just diagnosed with Hodgkins Lympnoma. I made this in support of him. I have thought about sending this to his girlfriend as...
Components: crystal or glass beads (don't remember correctly, didn't write it down) and silver tone clasp

Inspired To Make Rings

These were inspired by Frida & Ravin. After seeing their great designs, I had to try. you'll have to excuse my dogs nose in the second photo, she...
Components: pearls, green aventurine, green russian serpentine copper and silver craft wire


I just had to have these beads. I don't normally wear orange, but something about these..... Not real original and creative, but had to string...
Components: Fire Agate 14mm round beads and Red Agate chips with a silver tone clasp

dangles or not?

Not sure if I should keep these dangles? I loved the glass beads when I bought them but haven't figured out what to do with them. I'm not loving...
Components: glass beads gold colored seed beads gold tone wire and clasp

Finally Fixed

This pendant has been in my jewelry box for years on a broken necklace. I found these glass beads that happened to be a perfect match, so I gave...
Components: silver sead beads and purple glass beads

Wanting Fall Back

This is one of my first attempts at beading! I love the autumn colors and just had to try making a tree of life pendant. I'm not sure what the...
Components: ocean jasper chips unknown larger beads silver tone spacers and toggle clasp

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