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All 12 Birthstone / Zodiac Rings

I was doing Blog Talk Radio a few weeks ago with a friend of mine talking about gems & I discussed maybe starting a Birthstone / Zodiac Ring...
Components: copper wire, Peridot, Garnet, Lapis, Carnelian, Chrysoprase, aventurine, Citrine, turquoise, pearl, crystal quartz, opal, Amethyst

Leo Pendant

I picked up some pale pink copper wire the other day with thoughts of my best friend. She loves pink & she is a Leo just like me!♥ So I decided to...
Components: copper wire, Peridot

Rainbow MoonStone

Rainbow Moonstone ring with deep red swarovski crystals on the sides to sparkle. Done in non tarnish silver.
Components: rainbow Moonstone

Chelcedony / Citrine Earrings

Bright blue Chalcedony drop, & wrapped pieces of citrine on these lovely copper hooks.

I don't have a good name for these yet. Any suggestions?
Components: Chalcedony, Citrine

Goddess Necklace

I decided I would try my hand one again at making a chain. So I made this one with non tarnish silver, added faux pearls to the clasp & an extra...
Components: silver/copper wire, faux pearls, Rhodonite, crystals

Garnet Everywhere!

Not sure what to call this one yet either. Anyway, a friend had asked the other day if I did tiered necklaces, I said I had but not in awhile. SO...
Components: Garnet, Rose Quartz, peach moonstone, opalite, findings

Apatite Ring

Yet another ring - love making them can you tell?!♥

This one is done with chips of gorgeous blue apatite. Size 7 1/2
Components: non tarnish silver wire, Apatite

Labradorite Earrings

I handmade earrings from non tarnish silver, added this lovely textured silver disc & hand wrapped rondelles of Labradorite. The gems are just...

Copper Swirls Pendant

I don't have a good name for this one yet. I was playing with non tarnish copper & my wire jig the other night & this is the shape I got. Then I...
Components: copper wire, prehnite, quartz, opalite

Copper Earrings

Copper earrings that I added hand wrapped rondelles of Amethyst, Peridot, & Blue Topaz.
Components: earrings, Blue Topaz, Peridot, Amethyst

Silver / Copper Ring

Twists of silver & copper together to bring you this ring. I've added 2 tiny swarovski crystals to give it that extra sparkle!
Components: copper wire, crystals

Sterling Silver Earrings

I haven't come up with a name for these ones yet.

They were just fun & funky earrings I put together with Sterling silver stud earrings, adding...
Components: sterling silver earrings, findings, turquoise, rainbow moonstone, black tourmaline

Shamanic Dream Stone Necklace (finished)

Here is the finished necklace. I really like how it finally all came together.
More black tourmaline, some blue goldstone, & swarovski crystals.
Components: ss wire, findings, Blue Goldstone, black tourmaline, iodolite


Didn't name this anklet but thats ok, the gal who asked me to make it loves it all the same!♥

Her request for an anklet was simple, something...
Components: Angelite, Dumortierite, Lapis, Blue Goldstone, opalite, silver copper wire, copper wire, crystals

Chakra Earrings

Chakra earrings done in sterling silver. They sort of match my Chakra rings. I might move on to hoops next! lol
Components: sterling silver, gemstone chip beads

Garnet Ring

This is a ring I did the other night with some gorgeous garnet chips - they're the color of a rich Burgandy wine! What do you think of this ring?...
Components: silver copper wire, garnet chip beads

Shamanic Dream Crystal

This is a Shamanic Dream Crystal (real technical name Lodolite) I've wrapped it in sterling silver & added a small bead of Black Tourmaline. I plan...
Components: sterling silver wire, Lodolite, black tourmaline

Music of the Sea

A piece of Dendritic Agate. I free formed this treble clef of raw copper, it's been oxidized & hammered out already, made the jump ring & added a...
Components: Dendritic Agate, copper wire

Paisley Hoops

I made a pair of my paisley hoop earrings for a charity auction. Little extra swirl to the them & added red tigers eye beads.
Components: silver copper wire, Red Tiger Eye

Celtic Obsidian Butterfly

My version of a Celtic Butterfly, that I added a sparkling blue goldstone in the center - hence the Obsidian name.

I've hammered out the sides,...
Components: copper wire, Blue Goldstone

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