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Designs by Celticcrossing

Chakra Twist Ring

Had this necklace of chip beads that I knew I was going to take apart for something & then I found this ring tutorial & adapted it to add gemstones...
Components: wire, gemstones

Celtic Knots

I made a non tarnish copper Celtic Knot set for a co-worker. I really enjoyed making these & certainly plan to keep making it in the future!♥
Components: non tarnish copper wire, seed beads


A dear friend named this piece Heartfelt.
Tried my hand on making the tiniest double weave heart without it loosing the shape & design. This is...
Components: copper wire, Tourmaline

Opal Tree of Life

Opal Tree of Life done in raw copper. The second picture shows it in the bright copper & the first is after I oxidized it. So now the color in the...
Components: copper wire, opal chips

New Look - Double Weaved Oxidized Heart

Said I'd post pics of when I oxidized this piece. So here y'all go.
Whaddya think?
Components: copper wire, Peridot, Honey Jade, Amber

Spring Equinox goddess earrings

Sterling silver post earrings with tiny goddess charms & sterling silver wrapped rondelles of amethyst & blue topaz.
Perfect spring earrings!
Components: sterling silver, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, charms

Tiny Heart

Ok, so I thought yesterdays piece was the smallest I would ever be able to do. teehee I was wrong. This piece of rhodonite is even smaller.
Components: silver copper wire, Rhodonite

Amethyst Pendulum

Decided to spice up the pendulum!
Pale Amethyst pointer, added tiny Red howlite heart, tiny rose quartz star, another lavender crystal, & a silver...
Components: charms, Howlite Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Amethyst

Turquoise Ring

Silver turquoise ring, size 6.5
Tiny turquoise beads with pretty iridescent beads and swirls of silver on the side.
Gotta figure out a name for...
Components: copper wire, turquoise


Tiny Fluorite donut wrapped with silver & copper.
Can you see the rainbow sparkling in it?!
Notice how tiny it is - photographed beside a dime....
Components: copper wire, Fluorite

Copper Double Weave Heart

So I've oxidized this pretty double weaved heart & I promised to post it when I did. So here it is, with one of the original when it was bright...
Components: Copper wire, Honey Jade, Peridot, druk crystals

Queen of Hearts

Red copper wire twisted into a funky heart with my new wire jig. Added little squares of rose quartz & tiny peach moonstones. All sitting on a...
Components: copper wire, earring hooks, Rose Quartz, peach moonstone, druk crystals

Wired Up Blue Topaz

Tumbled piece of blue topaz that I picked up at a local shop that I love. Thought I'd wire wrap it in silvers and copper.
Components: wire, topaz

Double Wire Heart

Another double wire heart pendant. Again in stainless steel with brass wire & the tiniest turquoise beads!
Components: wire, turquoise

Paisley Earrings are back!!

Here are the latest in my Paisley earrings. What should these ones be called?!
They are made with stainless steel & brass wire. With garnets &...
Components: wire, Moonstone (multi), Garnet

Random Play

Just a piece I was playing with but I really do like it. I was trying to make my own findings as you may be able to tell since the ends are not the...
Components: sterling silver, beads

Crazy Paisley Hoops - SOLD

I haven't come up with a good name for these yet. They're non tarnish silver copper wire wrapped hoops, wrapped with bright copper wire and tiny...
Components: copper wire, Tourmaline, druk crystals

Swirling Madness

This is a late night (literally, I was working a night shift trying to stay awake! lol) piece. I had seen some work done with plain old washers & I...
Components: washer, wire, Citrine, Apatite, Garnet

Coeur et ame (Heart and Soul) Copper Weaved Necklace

I call this piece Coeur et âme. Why? Because it took alot of heart and soul to bring this piece together!

This is piece as you can see is...
Components: copper wire, Labradorite, druk crystals

Little Copper Butterfly

Free Formed copper wire butterfly & yes it's wings will move!! I used the lovely dumortierite that I got from LB and little iridescent seed beads...
Components: Dumortierite, copper wire, seed beads

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