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Designs by Wishing Stone

Dream in Carnelian

This piece was recently sold as a retirement present for a world travelling librarian-type. It's off to see the world!
Components: Carnelian, Golden Jade, Copper Wire, Red Malachite, Sunstone

A lady's collar

My take on the collar necklace -- with plenty of colour.
Components: Garnet, dark blue shell, Indian glass (orange), lime green crystal, jasper focal.

Warm Water

A summery bracelet, good for the beach and beyond.
Components: blueberry quartz, sea blue rice FWPs, white agate focal.

Fool's Gold

A simple, earthy piece
Components: Pyrite, Rutilated Quartz and some kind of jasper

Break on through

It's simple to wear, it goes with a lot of different looks and it's a real day brightener.
Components: Bronzite, Coral, Rhyolite, Copper and Crystals

Reminders of Russia

Waaaaaay back in the late 90s, I met my husband while living in Moscow. I designed this piece with those days in mind.
Components: Hand painted shell, Seraphinite, Amber, aragonite, copper

Peace, love and candy

Even stones like a day in the sun.
Components: Black Onyx, Cherry Quartz


Fluorite and snowy quartz are both stones that enhance learning. Be a student with style!


Another piece for the forest walker who loves big bold jewelry. This piece is all labradorite all the time.

Purple, Green & Yellow

If I were trapped on a desert island with three colours of beads, they'd be these three.
Components: serpentine pendant and beads, yellow fluorite, amethyst, copper wire & clasp

I feel brand new

A sunny piece to take you through the summer.
Components: Various bits and bobs that were in my bead stash.

Pink Limonade

A young, fun piece for someone full of optimism and joy.
Components: Copper wire, lemon chrysoprase faceted teardrop, lemon chrysoprase flat ovals, cherry quartz rounds, rhodocrosite coin

Coiled Serpent

Wire-wrapped serpentine pendant.

In Amarna

Whenever I read, I am always captivated and inspired by Ancient Egyptian historical fiction. Now those are some people whose necks I would love to...
Components: Amazonite, Lapis, Carnelian, copper

Banana Slug

Inspired by a bold-coloured creature found in our local forests -- the banana slug. For those in touch with their natural sides and not afraid to...
Components: silk beading cord, yellow jasper rounds, sterling silver clasp


A bold and chunky piece for the woman who loves to make a statement.
Components: Andalusite, tiger iron (rice), sterling silver wire

Found in the woods

Silver-wire wrapped apatite pendant. Made by fairy folk and left in the woods.

For Fun

This piece is a just for fun kind of piece. It's got dalmatian jasper rounds, Indian glass beads (that were from a necklace I'd had for years that...

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