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Designs by Sonja J

Simplicity in Stone

Everything except the turquoise beads, I made myself! I wanted to make something to really showcase the double-drilled Santa Rosa Turquoise piece,...
Components: Solid Copper Round Wire: 20, 18, 16, 12 gauge; Genuine Turquoise Tube beads; Genuine Santa Rosa Turquoise Double Drilled Large Bead.

Sparkling Beach

Another set made for my soon-to-be Mama-in-Law, I gave it to her on Easter. I wanted a Summery theme with a color combo she could wear with...
Components: Sterling Wire:Round 20 Gauge, Square 14 Gauge; Bali Sterling: Hollow Fish Bead, Toggle Clasp, filigree-esque beads; Hill Tribes Silver: fish bead, wrapped Bicone spacers; Sterling: Earwires, Round Chain; Swarovski crystal: beads, baroque drops, and pendant

A Touch of Sparkle

These beads are absolutely gorgeous in person! I got lucky and managed to buy one strand of them when I had to go to a dr's evaluation out of town....
Components: Solid Copper Artisan made Earwires, Solid Copper Wire round 26 Gauge; Solid Copper JumpRings; Blue Topaz rough cut top drilled (Briolette style) nuggets with a thin titanium coating on some sides.

Eyes on The Ocean

These were made to match my "Treasures of the Earth and Sea" necklace, and feature herringbone wrapped Teal Chalcedony and Blue Quartz Briolettes....
Components: Solid Copper Wire round 18 or 20 Gauge. ( I think 20, but not 100% sure, I forgot which I used.) Teal Faceted Chalcedony Rondelles; Blue Quartz Briolettes; Solid Copper jump rings; Artisan Solid Copper Earwires from online

Treasures of the Earth and Sea

Another piece that took awhile to make, this one features a lot of wrapped components, including an undrilled pale turquoise piece of genuine beach...
Components: Solid Copper round wire in 12, 20, 22, and 24 gauge; Solid Copper square wire in 21 gauge; Solid Copper JumpRings, Solid Copper Cones and Clasp; Mother of Pearl Flower Pendant; 2 Gaea Ceramic Faceted Beads; Small Mint/Pistachio colored Freshwater Pearls; 2 Mother of Pearl Rounds; Faceted Teal Chalcedony Rondelles; Undrilled Geode Slice; Undrilled Palest Turquoise Beach Glass Piece; Lapis Rectangle bead; 2 Patterned Copper Soldered rings; Sari Silk in Blue/Turquoise/Teal.

Green Scene

The matching earrings for "Into the Wild GREEN Yonder." The Earwires are from a handmade artisan through a Jewelry making website. One pair...
Components: Solid Copper: Earwires, JumpRings, Brushed Copper Center Drilled Discs; Artisan Copper Wire 16 Gauge; Malachite Coins; Peridot Rounds

Into the Wild GREEN Yonder

This one took awhile, too. I like to think it's 'Asymmetrically Symmetrical.' The swirly links were made using a technique from the book "The...
Components: Solid Copper wire 12 Gauge; Artisan Copper wire 16 Gauge; Solid Copper Center Drilled Brushed Disks, JumpRings, and thin Eyepins; Artisan Lampwork Focal and two Large Green Rondelles; Peridot Rounds; Malachite Coins

Peacock Queen

This piece took the better part of yesterday to complete, mainly because of how many homemade pieces were involved. The pendant inspired the look...
Components: Artisan Copper Parawire: 18, 20, 24, 26 Gauge; Solid Copper: Eyepins, Etched Pillow Beads, Chain-2 Types, Small Washer-like rings, JumpRings; TierraCast: Central ring, Sunburst Rings on sides, Medium Tiny floral Rings( including the one used as the eye part of the clasp); Gaea Pendant from 2004; Silky Tassel; Leather Lace in Teal; Square-ish Peacock Pearls; Large holed Pearls in Bronzish and Greenish shades; Two Aquamarine Teardrop beads

Blooming Through

It was cold and rainy the night I worked on this piece, and it made me think of all the places where it must still be icy/snowy, and the little...
Components: Hill Tribe: Flower Beads, Small BeadCaps, Tiny Molten Spacers, Rosebud bead; Bali Sterling: Central Twisted Ring, 2-Strand Hook Clasp, Large Beadcaps; Sterling Round Wire 20 Gauge; Sterling Oval JumpRings; Sterling Chain-3 Styles; Moonstone rounds in Graduated Sizes, smooth and faceted; "Rock Crystal" aka Quartz Faceted Rounds; Blue Kyanite Round and Stick Beads; Etched Shell Pendant; 3 tiny Aquamarine rounds ( 2 are hidden inside the Rosebud, so that the 3rd can show at the bottom.)

Moody Blues

This piece is the second piece I made last night using my new Vintaj supplies, and boy, was it a hassle! The smoky blue Chalcedony Square beads...
Components: Vintaj: Floral Centerpiece, Connectors, Tiny Peanut Chain, Parawire in 22/24 Gauge, Eyepins, JumpRings, Patinas in Onyx, Quartz, and Verdigris; Smoky Blue Chalcedony Square Faceted Graduated Size Beads and Briolette; Blue Quartz Briolettes; Silk Ribbon from LimaBeads

Midieval Summer

I got some new Vintaj pieces, and this piece just sprang to mind. The Patina is a Mix of Vintaj Patinas in Topaz, Cinnabar, and Quartz. The chain...
Components: 30's-50's Vintage Deco Etched Brass Chain; Vintaj: Patinas; Filigree BeadCaps, Connectors, Pendant, Parawire 24 Gauge, Eyepins, JumpRings; Toho/Miyuki Seedbeads in Topaz; Baltic Amber Freeform Nugget Beads; Crackle Crab Agate Rounds; Brazilian Madeira Rough Citrine Nuggets; Apricot Quartz Briolette

To Light Up Her Day

This set is a (belated by one day) gift for my soon-to-be-Mother-in-Law's birthday. I was waiting for the last of the supplies to come in, and they...
Components: Hill Tribe Gold Vermeil: Earwires, Square Charms; Gold Vermeil: Bird Pendant, Stardust Beads, BeadCaps; Gold Plated: Chain, JumpRings; A+ Grade 12mm Blue Fluorite Rounds and Large Heishi shaped Beads; Apatite Ovals

Summer Bird

I wanted to use some of my new chain and some of the beads I already had, so I drew a few sketches until this piece came out. After I decided on...
Components: Copper chain in four different styles; Vintaj Artisan Copper: Stamping blank long rectangle, Parawire in 24 and 20 Gauge; Copper JumpRings, Antique Copper Central Ring, Smaller Ring, and Oval Connector; Swarovski Crystal Pearls size 10mm in Tahitian; Sodalite nuggets; Iolite Rondelles; Copper Heishi Spacers; Antique Copper tiny beads; Copper hook clasp; Copper Bird Connector; Smoky Blue Chalcedony onion Briolette; Blue Quartz Briolette; Vintaj Patina in Lapis ( filled in the letters on the blank)

Victorian Romance

I happened, by sheer luck, to win several ceramic beads and pendant by Gaea on eBay from someone who was clearing out her stash. She didn't list...
Components: Vintaj Brass Parawire 22, 24, 26 Gauge; Vintaj Brass JumpRings; Vintaj Brass Eyepins; Vintaj Brass Chain; Vintaj Brass Heart Blank; Vintaj Brass BeadCaps; Vintaj Patinas in Lapis, Cinnabar, and Marble; Vintaj Glaze; Vintaj Nouveau Roses Die and BigKick; Gaea Ceramic Heart from 2004; Two Pink Quartz Faceted Briolettes; Smooth Muscovite Rounds; Swarovski Round Pearls in Powder Almond; Creamy Freshwater Seed Pearls; Swarovski Bicone Crystals from the "Star" Mix; Pink Organic Triangle-ish Shaped Crystal from Michael's; Mauve Hemp Cord

A Delicate Balance

This piece started with the coiled wire links, which I made using 18 gauge wire for the base, 22 for the coil. I thought they looked almost...
Components: Sterling Silver Round wire in 18, 20, 22, and 26 Gauge; Sterling Silver JumpRings; two types of Sterling Silver Chain; Sterling Silver Floral 3-1 Link; Thai Hill Tribe Silver Spiral Charms and Beaded Stick Charms; Bali Sterling Bead Caps; Sterling Headpins; Rose de France (Pink) Amethyst Briolette, Coin Beads, and Oval Bead; Medium Amethyst Small Rounds, Briolette, and Faceted Oval Bead; Blue Topaz Tiny Briolette; Larimar Briolette and Round; Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Rondelles; Self Representing Artist Lampworked Bead from eBay seller blueskyday2013; Jill MacKay Square Toggle Clasp

Silver Dream

A piece I made for a repeat customer-she asked for a bracelet using silver, black, and white, and with a vintage feel, and this is what I came up...
Components: Sterling Silver wire in 18 Gauge, Sterling Silver Eyepins, JumpRings, and Chain, Bali Sterling Silver Focal Bead, Bali Sterling Silver Bead Caps, Sterling Silver spacer beads, Creamy Seed Pearls, Black Spinel Rondelles, Swarovski Crystals in Jet, Faceted Rock Crystal (Quartz) Rounds, Rainbow Moonstone Smooth Rounds, Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp, Sterling Silver 3-1 Links


I was sorting through my stock, organizing and throwing away trash and wrappings, when I got the idea for this piece. The left side started out as...
Components: Solid Sterling Silver Wire in 18, 20, and 26 Gauge; Various types of Solid Sterling Silver Chain; SAKI Sterling Silver Toggle; Solid Sterling Silver Eyepins and JumpRings; Tiny Garnet Rounds; Small faceted Garnet Rounds; Bali Sterling Spacers; Swarovski Crystal Pearls in Burgundy; Vintage MoonGlow Glass Button

Bollywood Hearts

This piece started with my Polymer Clay Heart I posted here the other day. I decided to go bright and colorful to match the array of shattered...
Components: Solid Copper wire in 12 Gauge, Vintaj Artisan Copper Parawire in 18, 20, and 24 Gauge, Solid Copper Headpins, Eyepins, and JumpRings, Ant.Copper Textured Chain, Pink/Purple Sari Silk, Aztec Gold PearlEX, Turquoise Polymer Clay, Lisa Kavelka Texture Stamp, Vintaj Natural Brass Heart Lock Charm, Alexandrite Ovals, Color-Enhanced Tourmaline Faceted Rounds, Toho/Miyuki Turquoise Colored SeedBeads, Toho/Miyuki Blackberry Colored Seedbeads, handmade Polymer Pendant featured earlier, Swaroski Bicones in Light Rose

Bluebird of Happiness

This is the piece that corresponds to my Pick of the same name, and uses my little polymer birdie. =^__^=

I handforged the circles using 12...
Components: Blue/Teal Sari Silk, SAKI Bronze Cones, Rough faceted Aquamarine Nuggets, Amazonite Rounds, Toho or Miyuki Seedbeeds in Blackberry, Swarovski Crystals, 12 Gauge Copper Wire, 16, 20, and 24 Gauge Vintaj Artisan Copper Parawire, Vintaj Artisan Copper Blank, Acorn Bead Caps, and Teensy Leaf Charm, Solid Copper Oval Chain, Vintaj Patina, Blue Chalcedony Lightly Faceted Briolette, Handmade (by me)Polymer Birdie

Polymer Pendants

Three polymer pendants I made, all using Pearl colored Kato Polyclay and with 3 coats of Gloss Glaze on front and 1-2 on back. The birdie is...
Components: Kato Polyclay, PearlEx, Sculpey brand Gloss Finish Glaze, Lisa Pavelka Tye-Dye colored Craft foil

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