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Designs by Sonja J


This piece corresponds with my Pick of the same name. Wow, this piece took a lot of work! I handmade the links and connector piece using Vintaj...
Components: Amazonite Rounds, Aventurine Shard Beads, Green/Blue Faceted Crystal Pendant, Swarovski Crystals from the Seabreeze Mix, Vintaj Artisan Copper Leaf Charm and Parawire in 16 and 24 Gauge, Lots of Solid Copper mother-and-child chain, Solid Copper UFO beads, Solid Copper Etched BeadCaps, Solid Copper oval JumpRings, Headpins and Eyepins, Artisan Lampwork beads

Two Hearts Clasp

I had the idea for this one right as I was falling asleep last night, so I sketched it on my Sketchbook program on the iPad super sloppily and went...
Components: Vintaj Artisan Copper Parawire- Round-16 and 20 Gauge

Practice Clasps

Working on making some handmade clasps. I'm going to try making these a few more times, but I think they turned out interesting enough to share....
Components: Vintaj Artisan Copper Parawire

Embossed and Dapped

My first things made using my new Vintaj BigKick! I ran the Artisan Copper blanks through to create the key pattern on one, and the heart shaped...
Components: Vintaj Artisan Copper Parawire Square 21 Gauge; Faceted Carnelian Teardrops; Swarovski Bicones in Dark Topaz; Solid Copper Mother-and-Son Chain; Vintaj Artisan Copper Blanks; Solid Copper Oval JumpRings


This piece is named after the Celtic goddess of earth, and features both brass and copper from Vintaj, as well as ceramic organic shaped beads and...
Components: Vintaj Natural Brass: JumpRings, Parawire; Round Leather Cord in Medium Brown; Solid Copper Mother-and-Son (also called Long-and-Short) Chain; Mother of Pearl Rounds; Yellow Turquoise Stone Puffed Coins; Ceramic Organic Shaped beads and Moon; Carved Stone Celtic Knots ( I believe these are Jasper, not 100% sure, since I got them almost two years ago and forgot to label them properly)

Azure Gardens

I've had the focal, a glass lampwork bead I got at a Gem Show, for almost a year now, afraid to use it because it was rather costly and I was...
Components: Vintaj Natural Brass: Chain in two types, Nouveau Swirl Toggle set, Heapins, Fold-Over Crimp Ends, Filigree Flower, Verdigris Patina, Marble Patina, Filigree Bead Caps, Vintaj Parawire in 16 Gauge Round and 21 Gauge Twisted; Swarovski Crystals in Varying Shades: Pacific Opal and Seabreeze Mix Bicones, Crystal AB and plain Crystal flat backs; Glass Lampwork Focal; Genuine Larimar Small Round; Michael's Epoxy Clay; Blue-Green-Purple PearlEx; Genuine Aquamarine Rounds; Genuine Dumortierete Rounds; Leather Lace in Turquoise and White; Dark Blue Freshwater Pearls

Violet Beach

First note: I know this is displayed on a necklace stand, but it's a veeeery small one-this is a bracelet! =^___^=

The focal is a piece of...
Components: Everything listed above: all the metal is solid Sterling, except the Hill Tribe beads, which are Fine Silver. This bracelet looks big in the photos, but it fits my 5.5 inch wrist a bit loosely, and measures about 7.5-8 inches long total.


This is my first wrap bracelet, and it could also double as a necklace! I handmade the links/chain by wrapping 18 gauge Vintaj Artisan Copper...
Components: Vintaj Artisan Copper Square Parawire-18 Gauge and Round-24 Gauge; Vintaj Artisan Copper Flourish Link; Solid Copper-End Cones, Headpins; Angelite Diamond/Square-shaped Bead; Leather Lace in Turquoise; Swarovski Crystals in 2 Sizes- Seabreeze Mix, Metallic Blue, Pacific Opal; Hemp Cord in Three Shades of Blue

Tranquil Spirals

My first pair of earrings using handforged Earwires! The wire used is Vintaj Artisan Copper Square Parawire, and it was coiled into spiral...
Components: Vintaj Artisan Copper Square Parawire, Hemimorphite Flat Ovals, Copper Headpins, Turquoise Colored Waxed Linen Cord, Copper Headpins, Air Blue Opal Swarovski Crystals

Blue Fairy

A piece I made for my other close friend, this was also my first time using the Metallic color line of Vintaj Patina- I used the Bronze one to make...
Components: Blue Quartz Briolette; Vintaj Natural Brass Etched Chain, JumpRings, Headpins, and Parawire; Pewter Fairy Pendant coated with Vintaj Bronze Patina; Poetic Spirit Viscose "Silk" Ribbon; Genuine Sapphire Faceted Rounds, and Swarovski Crystals.

"Owl" Always Be Your Friend

This piece, which contains many elements from my Pick of the same name, was created for my best friend, who loves owls. I did a lot of...
Components: Vintaj Natural Brass: Headpins, Eyepins, JumpRings (etched and regular, ) Diamond Trellis Filigree, Perching Owl Pendant, Foliage Bead Caps, Fine Oval Chain, Small Flat Cable Chain, Peanut Cable Chain, Hook, 21 MM Hammered Ring, Twisted Square Vintaj Parawire in 21 gauge, Peridot Briolettes and Rounds, Serpentine Rounds, Swarovski Crystals ( from a mix, unsure of color...maybe Peridot?)

Antiqued Amethyst

This is the piece I mentioned in my pick of the same title. I didn't have the toggle yet, so I made my own clasp using a large charm from Vintaj...
Components: All Vintaj Natural Brass findings, charms, and chain, Amethyst of varying sizes and shapes, Swarovski and Czech crystals.

For Nancy

These were created for Nancy, though I was slow in finishing them due to issues with my hip ( it still hasn't recovered from surgery in April) and...
Components: Provided by Nancy. I know some Sterling, the chips looked like Blue Goldstone, and I know the crystal was Montana Blue or similar. =^__^=

Wintry Enchantment

Another Christmas gift piece, for one of my fiancé's aunts who loves fairies. The pendant is Vintage Sterling Silver. I wanted to create a feeling...
Components: Sterling Silver Chain, Headpins, JumpRings, and Toggle, Vintage Sterling Silver Fairy Charm, Tiny Cream Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski Briolette Beads and Drops in Plain Crystal and Crystal Aurora Borealis finishes.

Shades of Orchid

This piece was made for my future Mother-in-Law for Christmas. She loves to stay ahead of the trends, so I chose to use the 2014 color of the year,...
Components: Swarovski Crystals, Varying shades, shapes, and sizes of Amethyst, Sterling Silver Chain, Sterling Silver Toggle, Sterling Silver Headpins and JumpRings, Tiny Cream Freshwater Pearls.

Under Lock and Key

These simple little earrings were so hard to photograph! I apologize for the poor quality photos-I was trying really hard to capture the gorgeous...
Components: Small Faceted Blue Flash Moonstone Onion Briolettes, Sterling Scroll Links, Sterling Key Charm, Limited Edition Crystal Comet Argent Light Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Heart Shaped Lock Charm, Bali Sterling Accented Earwires, Sterling 24 gauge Round Wire, Sterling JumpRings (oval)

Moonlight at Midnight

I've had this gorgeous vintage solid sterling clasp with an embedded moonstone for awhile now, and when I bought a Vintaj Artisan Pewter Repousse...
Components: Sterling chain, Bali Sterling accent beads, Bali Sterling Headpin, Sterling Eyepins, Sterling Textured Closed Rings, Sterling Three-to-One Connectors, Vintage/Antique Sterling Box Clasp with embedded Blue Flash Moonstone, Vintaj Artisan Pewter Repousse Cameo Link, Jet Swarovski Crystals, Limited Edition Crystal Comet Argent Light Swarovski Crystals, Hematite Stars, Black Freshwater Pearls, Large Faceted Round Milky Blue Flash Moonstone, Bali Sterling Bead Caps, Small Smooth Hematite Rounds, Small Faceted Banded Onyx Round, Small Smooth Milky Blue Flash Moonstone, Large Flat Faceted Onyx Oval, Medium Flat Faceted Onyx Briolettes, Large Faceted Onyx Round/Full Tear Drop, Sterling 24 gauge Round Wire, Sterling Jumprings (Oval and Round)

Feuilles et Baies

The name of these, "Leaves and Berries" in French, comes from not only the obvious finishing accent of the leaves, but from the plump Peridot...
Components: Vintaj Findings/Charms, Light and Dark Serpentine Rounds, Green Swarovski Crystals, Peridot Nuggets

Moineau Doré

The name means "Golden/Gilded Sparrow" in French. =^__^= Hand Patinated Vintaj Bird Connectors hold a trio of dangles beneath them. I used Vintaj...
Components: Vintaj Natural Brass Findings/Connectors/ Wire, Serpentine Rounds, Dark Green Kyanite Rectangles, Green Swarovski Crystals

Charme Vintage

This piece was wholly inspired by the amazing centerpiece, a vintage coin my father sent me. It is from France, 1923, and has a lovely light patina...
Components: Vintaj findings and chain in Natural Brass, Vintage French Coin, Large Metallic Lime Freshwater Pearl, Dark Green Kyanite Rectangles, Bronze colored Freshwater Pearls, Serpentine Rounds, Swarovski crystals in various sizes and shades of green

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