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My name is Tracey, and I have a small addiction. B.E.A.D.I.N.G.
I lay awake at night and put jewlery together in my head.
I spend my days crazy with keeping up with a busy and super sassy 4year old daughter. I honestly wouldn’t have her any other way heehee. Not enough uppity, strong willed women in the world I say ;)
Beading is someting I can constantly evolve and learn and that’s fantastic to me.
Love Lima Beads and the forum it creates for like minded(addicted) people to share their love for the craft and give an opprotunity to share and learn from each other.
Looking forward to meeting and sharing & learning from everyone here

Oh and I am a notoriously bad speller/typo-er :)

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  • MermaidSoulGirlTracey
    On April 15, 2010 MermaidSoulGirlTracey said:

    Off to bed with achey fingers. I made a boat load of earrings today.
    Ever just get on a ridiculous track and just.will.not.stop.? Me today.
    I was cleaning up my bead spot and rebagging/combining wee bits of left overs. Got a bit inspired (crazy) and cleaned out lots of leftovers. Just what I am gonna do with 30 pair of earrings is beyond me, but I got ’em LOL
    Good Night New Friends.

  • MermaidSoulGirlTracey
    On April 8, 2010 MermaidSoulGirlTracey said:

    haha! Yay blatant pleas for amigas worked!!
    Happy to have found such a fantastic place to visit

  • MermaidSoulGirlTracey
    On April 8, 2010 MermaidSoulGirlTracey said:

    Who wants to be friends with the new girl!?!?!

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