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Designs by K H

Sweet Lariat

I had a large copper washer sitting on my desk that looked like it would make a dandy lariat clasp. I decided to use a double strand of green...
Components: 60 pound nylon fishing (Rosary) twine, chunks of coral, 18G copper wire, copper washers - large for the clasp and small for accent.

Streamline Moderne

Streamline Moderne: One phase of Art Deco architecture, predominately from the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. These wonderful buildings were...
Components: 19G stainless steel wire for the frame, 26 G SS wire for wrapping, frosted glass beads, and a love of things art deco and mid-century.

Over Arizona

Earlier this year I flew into LAX, and as we crossed Arizona I was mesmerized by the landscape below. I tried to capture the colors by using a...


This morning I had to take the car for its emissions test. It could have been a wasted Saturday morning, except that the Clean Air Team place is...

Pearls with Ivory & Crystal

A friend recently told me that she really doesn't like pearls (gasp), but it turns out that she thinks of pearls as something that Jackie, Barbara...
Components: Ivory bone diamond beads, tiny FWP chips in white, ivory, pink and peacock, tiny peach Chinese crystals.

Summer Flower Earrings

This is set of earrings that I made for myself for summer enjoyment. All three feature my own hand-hammered copper earwires. Before you ask –...
Components: 20G copper wire from the hardware store to make the earwires and headpins. Glass belss and Chinese crystals. You will need a hammer and bench block and stuff to use as mandrels - like ink pens, Sharpies, seed bead tubes, small bottles, the handle of the hammer, or any other object of interesting shape.

Business Card Holder

I turned a scrap piece of copper wire into a business card holder. I used my PetPerks card becuase it was windy this morning and the plastic card...


I found these wonderful glass beads while rummaging through a bowl of loose beads. The squares and circles are a wonderful shade of Tiffany blue,...

Serpents of Ireland

I made these earrings for St. Patrick's Day. I used 16 G coper wire,cutting 2 pieces that were about 6 inches long. I started by making simple...

Frog Spit

These glass marble beads remind me of that concoction of lime sherbert and vanilla ice cream known as Frog Spit. I think the colors are perfect...

Crown Jewels

This was made from a strand of mixed Chinese Crystals linked with copper wire. I have an event coming up for which I must wear a gold dress - gold...
Components: Chinese cystals (big 'ol honking ones) 18G copper wire for linking and 16G copper wire for the clasp

Roibos & Te Vert

This piece was inspired partly by a Fresh Pick I did last week and partly by C Clark's chocolate pearl necklace posted yesterday. I used coral...

Tricotage Français Avec des Perles

The other day I found my French knitting spool (also sometimes called a nifty knitter, knitting nobby, knitting Lizzy or knitting Nancy). I pulled...

Frosted Folliage – Starry Night

This piece was inspired by all the recent bad weather. I used labordorite and silver kelshi pearls to create the look of flozen foliage. Each...


I found this wonderful pendant on a $5 sale rack, (earrings included), just begging to be liberated from the silver ribbon necklace it was hanging...
Components: "Upcycled" glass pendant, copper wire and FWP.

Stained Glass Windows

This is a simple strung necklace made by mixing 2 strands of Czech glass beads. The larger beads are round, faceted sky blue with a hint of AB...

Flash Dance

The other day I saw a piece of jewelry with laborodorite mixed with bright colors - something I had never thought of doing. For these earrings I...

Sweet Pea Pendant on Hammered Copper Neckwire

This is a slider that I made for my copper neckwire, but it can also be worn on the black nylon omega necklace.

I started by heating and...

Hammered Copper Neckwire

For awhile now I have been wanting a hammered copper neckwire, similar to an omega. I am happy to announce that my skills finally caught up to...

Copper Tornado

This piece was inspired a little bit by the work of Little Round Chick, and a little bit by a tornado necklace I saw on another website. I started...

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