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Hey there! if youre reading this I just want you to know that I am so glad! ^-^ I really get this awesome feeling when anyone takes an interest in me and what little corner of the world I occupy with the products of my random bursts of creative energy. I’m Jet, (my real name is Jannelle, but Jet is a nickname that was bestowed upon me at a young age from two sepetate close friends at two totally different times, so I call it ‘meant to be’ :P ) and I have been an artist in every sense of the word since the moment I found out what crayola markers and stickers could do to my world at an age I can’t even remember. I started out drawing and painting in middle school and really got into drawing Anime and comics in junior high. Then in Highschool I got pretty serious into more finner arts with drawing, etching, sculpting and many other artistic means. During my Highschool years I lived in that art room! So, now that I am in my early twenties, I have experimented with different arts, (even culinary arts which is what I eventually decided to major in in an art school college) but nothing really grabbed me the way jewelry-making did when I suddenly began venturing into the trade. I mean, how perfect of a match? I am a serious fashion-foreward girl with my own unique style that I would say is a little hippy a little grunge and a little feminine, and I’m all about my “collection” of clothes and jewelry. So with that and my artistic energy, jewelry making couldn’t be a more perfect fit! I started up about 2 years ago and now I’m hooked to say the least. Not only do I love to make the jewelry, but I also just love collecting and searching for the coolest pieces. Nothing makes me happier than spending the day bargain shopping at weird little antique shops, thrift stores and yard sales and then coming home and making something totally me out of what I’ve bought. So, beading, yeah I’m pretty sure you’ll be my muse for a long long time : ) and now that I’ve found LB I’m really happy to be sharing creations with a super cool commuting of beaders!(because I think my long term boyfriend is getting sick of being my main audience) So I’m happy to be here and glad to make some new friends in the awesome world of jewelry creation!!

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  • Jet commented on the Design “Mermaid’s cove”   5 days, 23 hours ago

    Brilliant as always : )
    Hey can you tell me- the sweet little bead right above the clasp and wire wrapping pile, who is that? Thanks Asia. Always loving your components!

  • Jet commented on the Design “Flutter”   1 week ago

    Asia, you never cease to impress! If I lived in Canada I would love to meet you and learn from you. You’re so incredibly talented! I just started making my own ball pins (like you!) And I always wondered how you hot your balls to look so red? Mine just look black from the soot. I [...]

  • Jet commented on the Design “Lola”   1 week ago

    Yes that is very good advice thank you both. I never thought to use size as a variation. I always thought you would just use that if you had multiple pieces in different colors, etc. I will get right on fixing that! I really appreciate the helpful words. And thank you very much for liking my [...]

  • Jet shared a new Design: “Lola”   1 week, 1 day ago

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  • Jet
    On April 22, 2014 Jet said:

    Would love to have some cool new beading friends (don’t have too many yet…) so please feel free to engage me! Don’t worry, I don’t bite! (unless you’d want me to, of corse :P )

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