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Designs by Asia


You girls know that I always have problem with earrings ideas, so last weekend when I was finally off, I did a few, this is the first batch, what...
Components: 1. Brown circle Agate from LB, Handmade frames from 10 gauge electrical wire, handmade droplets. 2.Teal Impression Jasper and recycled glass from LB., Petra, s drops in mustardy yellow, yellow seed beads with Apollo finish and handmade earwires. 3. Czech glass and bronzite rondelles from LB, Vintaj key + keyhole links and handmade frames and earwires. 4. Tiny Pyrite nuggets, Vintaj washers and waxed linen from LB, Petra's beads and handmade wires.

Red is in

Made a treasury list on Etsy with the same title, so after I got this gorgeous button from Lisa Peters that was just a perfect name for this bracelet.
Components: Pyrite nuggets, Czech glass, seed beads are from Lima, Czech glass nuggets from my stash. Handmade copper clasp LOS to black.

Iron flower

Most of my designs are based in my fresh picks and this one is no exception, but the inspiration was also this gorgeous pendant from Classic Bead.
Components: Teal Impresion Jasper, recycled glass, Czech glass, C-Koop ring and flower all Lima Beads, Venetian lampwork beads, seed beads, pendant from my stash and a handmade copper clasp.


I'm admiring all of you who make earrings by the dozens, I usually struggle with them. made a whole bunch of copper findings now I have to come up...
Components: Handmade copper earwires, handmade copper fused rings, Kazuri beads


All inspired by Gaea pendant and Wanda's fresh pick.
Components: Gaea pendant from the last chance sale, Unicorne teardrops, Czech glass, leather cord all from LB. Handmade copper clasp and spiral spacers.

Acorn hollow

It is based on my fresh pick, I need opinion, should I loose the seed beads, change to chain or leave it as it is?
Components: Oval embossed copper blank with heat patina that is slightly domed and tumbled, Grace Lampwork acorn, Poppy Jasper, Czech glass, leaf copper chain, hybrid seed beads all from LB. Handmade copper clasp.

Last flower of season

Based on my fresh pick.
Components: Czech glass, seed beads LB. Bo Hulley pendant, Unicorne Beads teardrops, C-koop flower, lucite barrels, Chariorite nugget, Golem Studio stoneware bead all from my stash. Handmade copper rings, connector and clasp.

Under an oak

One of my first necklaces was made with the Humble Beads sparrow pendant, but I was not happy with it, so almost a year later this is a new...
Components: Humble Beads sparrow pendant, Unicorne Beads teardrops, Vintaj oak leaf, matte Red Creek Jasper all from LB. Clay River oak charm, pewter acorn charm from my stash. Handmade copper rings and clasp.

Along the creek , Misty woods, Branches

Using the same idea as in the wolf necklace, double ended headpins as spiral spacers.
Components: "Along the creek": Vesonite, Unicorne beads teardrops, Czech glass, leather cord." Misty woods": Forest Agate, Unicorne Beads teardrops, African recycled glass, leather cord." Branches " : Brioche Agate, Unicorne Beads teardrops, African recycled glass flowers, leather cord Everything from LIMA, but the flower beads. All clasps are copper and handmade as are the headpins and spacers.

When the moon is orange

Last fall I did a fresh pick with those elements, took me another year to make something from it.
Components: Patricia Healey wolf pendant, Czech glass, Agate, freshwater pearls, leather cord, copper plated chain all Lima. I made the copper clasp and the spiral spacers.

Fall in the reeds

Inspired by my fresh pick with the same title and Lynda from FB.
Components: Vintaj pendant, domed and patina-ted, orange agate slab, yellow line agate nuggets, all from LB, rustic agate bead and Javanese lampwork beads from my stash, handmade copper clasp.

Nut hunting

Distlefunk PC squirrel pendant was my inspiration.
Components: Green Kyanite, Sunset Jasper, betel nut, Vintaj acorn bead caps and handmade copper clasp.

Cabbage patch

Wanda's pick started it, I remembered that I had the Purple Zebra Jasper in my stash,I modified her pick and the "Cabbage patch II" was borne.
Components: Purple Zebra Jasper, Tagua nut beads, Czech glass leaves, GGS jumping rabbit are from LB. Galvanized seed beads from my stash.

Dragonfly idea

I got the Venetian glass bead at 50% sale, it was quite large , then when the Tagua beads and recycled glass showed up at LB it was a perfect color...
Components: Tagua nut beads, recycled glass, Czech glass nuggets, seed beads from LB. Venetian glass bead from my stash.


Based on my Fresh Pick,I embossed a copper blank with the BigKick and treated it with Swellegant patina.
Components: Czech glass beads, copper blank, pod toggle bar, copper chain, Nunn Design jump rings, Swellegant patina all from Lima. Unicorne Beads coin beads and Picasso seed beads from my stash.

Mermaids pillow

I made double ended headpins from 18 gauge copper wire, wrapped them around the marker and twined the rest of the wire.
Components: Czech glass beads, Unicorne Beads drops and Biwa pearls all LB. Unicorne Beads coins, Kazuri coin from the stash.Raku shell focal and bead from Star Spirit. Handmade clasp and headpins.

Ethnic fusion

I used the patina to add color to the African brass bead and matched that with turquoise and yellowish Indonesian seed beads.
Components: African brass, leather cord, waxed linen, Vintaj patina all LB. Indonesian seed beads from my stash.Handmade brass clasp.

The unusual

This design is based on my pick with the same name.
Components: Amazonite, Czech glass, copper blank, enameled chip from C-Koop, copper chain are from LB, handmade clasp, focal from Bohulley Beads.

Rustic Agate

I really liked the Rustic Agate, but the beads were quite big, I decided to use it as a focal for a bracelet, paired it with 8 strands of...
Components: Rustic Agate, Indonesian seed beads, coconut button, handmade copper clasp and the waxed linen is from LB.

Pearl diving

I made a fresh pick with the same title and components.
Components: GGS pendant and link, Biwa pearls, Sunstone chips, Pyrite small nuggets, Czech glass all LB. Pewter button from Mamacita Beadworks, galvanized seed beads from my stash.

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