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  • this is just beautiful

      4 years, 6 months ago

  • Shawn l shared a new Fresh Pick: “power of purple”   4 years, 8 months ago

  • Shawn l and Shayla are now friends   4 years, 9 months ago

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  • Kitty Chicky Cat and Shawn l are now friends   5 years ago

  • This is gorgeous-straight to my favorites!

      5 years ago

  • Shawn l joined the group Garden Support   5 years ago

  • Thanks, I love the slices too! It is hard to use them as I would like to keep them for myself. LOL

      5 years ago

  • i added another pic, this is an agate slice from a strand from lima, then i used sterling silver wire thru it and put a loop on both ends, i then took various lengths of chain, placed a 4 mm moonstone bead on each piece of chain. easy and different!

      5 years ago

  • give me just a sec and i will post a bigger one!

      5 years ago

  • Shawn l shared a new Design: “agate slice pendant”   5 years ago

  • You are right I dont have a Molly, I just like the name!

      5 years ago

  • Oh Linda, Lucky Charms is my very favorite cereal. I often carry a zip lock bag of it to work! And actually now that you mentioned it, I have been thinking about having a small table for children to buy from. I thought keeping it costume and inexpensive would work well.

      5 years ago

  • Yes, when I sell a piece that I dont have much money invested in, I hear a big CHA CHING. LOL

      5 years ago

  • Thank you, that makes me feel better about this piece. I will try to make a necklace to match it!

      5 years ago

  • Thank you I like all the different textures on this one. I bought a few strands of the carnelian in the rough cut circle and they work well with many shapes and colors.

      5 years ago

  • Hi linda, you know when I was trying to think of a name for this one the first thing I thought of was Molly. For what reason I have no idea. It just looked and felt like it should be named Molly.

      5 years ago

  • Shawn l shared a new Design: “lucky charm”   5 years ago

  • Shawn l shared a new Design: “a walk in the woods”   5 years ago

  • Shawn l shared a new Design: “Not sure about this one”   5 years ago

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