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Designs by Shawn l

agate slice pendant

Just another pendant for my next party.
Components: agate slice, Moonstone, sterling silver

lucky charm

I am still making pendants as they sold well at my last party.
Components: green ??????, sterling silver clover charm

a walk in the woods

The wood sticks in this piece make it unique and I got a sweet bargain when purchasing this strand!
Components: marble, wood, Green Aventurine, Fancy Jasper, sterling silver clasp

Not sure about this one

I am not for sure I like this piece. I feel it may be too dark and drab looking. Maybe I should have used a turquoise color to pull the turquoise...
Components: China Chrysoprase, Hematite, pearl, sterling silver


This piece lays nice while wearing it. I named it after my best friends daughter. She loves the big round shiny beads.
Components: Tiger Jasper, red stone, Smoky Quartz, Garnet, sterling silver

orange truffle

Just another set of colors I find attractive.
Components: Pilbara Jasper, Carnelian, Wood and sterling silver clasp


I just love these colors together.
Components: Tiger Jasper, Peach Jade, Bronzite, Brioche Agate, sterling silver clasp, wood

bold one

Still making the bold pieces! It is easier for me to sell the bolder pieces as I am attracted much more to them than the sweeter petite pieces I am...
Components: Magnesite, Coral, China Chrysoprase, Wood, sterling silver clasp

slinky snakeskin pendant

I am having a show soon at a coworkers home. This is one of the pendants I plan to take to the show. I have many full beaded necklaces and wanted...
Components: Green Snakeskin, Green Aventurine, sterling silver

purple power ring

I made this ring for my friend. She just turned 50 and still has it going on! I admire her and her spirit. I chose this to give to her because it...
Components: sterling silver, Sugilite Jasper, Amethyst, pearl

african green opal pendant

i am attempting to make pendants. i loved the colors of this african opal mixing with the different pearls.
Components: African Opal, fresh water pearls, sterling silver

another bracelet out of my norm

a bit bigger and bolder than my usual
Components: Wooden Jasper, jaspers, and maybe the big yellow is quartz???

Trying out different stuff

i recently was asking if anyone ever felt like they just didnt have it in them to bead. well i have been really trying to get back into it. i...
Components: dyed agates, Lava Rock, Magnesite, Hematite, bali silver

sailors delight

i loved this piece-very easy to wear
Components: Coral, Blue Goldstone, sterling silver

vintage pears

I bought these vintage pear glass beads at a bead shop in north carolina. they are a beautiful shade of yellow and red
Components: vintage glass beads, 22 gauge sterling wire


This was my first attempt at wirework. I thought it came out ok.
Components: 14 gauge copper wire


This ncklace is a fun fresh spring piece. It is unique and quite interesting.
Components: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, sterling silver, pink opal

Vintage Pony

I bought this little silver horse pin just because it was so very cute. When i arrived home I wanted to make a necklace and bracelet to match,...
Components: sterling silver vintage pin, Labradorite, Moonstone, blue pearls, silver pearls, aquamarine

arizona skies

I love this piece, it is nice and warm looking, and the colors just seemed to go together so nicely.
Components: Amber, turquiose, sterling silver, glass


This piece was designed hoping to reach a very natural bold look. I am so very happy with the results.
Components: Tiger Jasper, Bronzite, india red aventurine, many different jaspers, and sterling silver

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