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Designs by martham

tribal 1

This was a collaboration with my sister as we passed the evening playing with beads.
Components: carved blackstone matt tubes, brass from Lima (I really like the discs and the pineapple beads, ordering more), Dzi agate replicas, red aventurine chips.

Leftovers again?

I have a plastic container that I throw all my mismatched leftover beeds in. Enough to make a necklace! I like the casual look.
Components: Too many rocks to list! Interspersed with black seed beads.


I got some nice matt forest green seed beads a while back and just didn't know what to do with them. I was playing with garnet and separately...
Components: Garnet and amber rounds. Forest green matt seed beads, with silver lined garnet colored seed beads.

picking rocks

I picked up rocks on the beach along Lake Superior where I lived a few months ago. I finally took my husband's dremel and drilled holes in some of...
Components: Diabase, leather cord, silver jump rings and bead


Carrie Rachel inspired this. I like her necklaces with the big round beads. I used jet so it is lightweight. I like to wear this one, it matches...
Components: Jet rounds 12mm, carved jet, Thai silver cube (10mm), Thai silver spacers.

Everything goes with smoky quartz 2

This was my first multi-strand necklace.
Components: Brass, including some really nice looking brass rounds from Lima, smoky quartz, and champagne colored pearls from Lima.

Everything goes with smoky quartz 1

I didn't know what to do with the citrine nuggets,they seemed king of harsh but when I matched it up with the smoky quartz its toned it down nicely.
Components: Smoky quartz rounds, citrine nuggets, small off white pearls, pearl/sterling clasp.

Funky pearls

I like pearls but most necklaces with pearls are so formal. So I tried to jazz this one up.
Components: Pearls, sterling silver, and a few left over faceted garnets thrown in for good measure.

ice princess

Ok, I am posting my first picture of a necklace. I love blue lace agate and it brought out the flashes in the moonstone.
Components: Blue Lace Agate, Kyanite, Moonstone (rainbow), and silver

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