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Designs by AllureofGemsGlamJulia


Colors, holidays etc....
Components: Long magatama, fringe drops, silver plated cones and chain, silver colored pewter toggles.


Another necklace redone... I did not change the earrings.
Components: 22mm rose quartz faceted rondelles. 12mm faceted Jade, 2 large, faceted amethysts nuggets chunks Toho 8/0 matte seed beads, SS.

Malachite Dream

I redone existing set . added three more green agates...
Components: 26" long necklace. 14mm faceted malachite, 12mm faceted jade, flat faceted slices of green agate, sterling silver findings

Lucious Drops

A Birthday gift for a friend. I asked what she wanted:kumihimo or gems... she choose kumihimo, so kumihimo she will get :)
Components: Bohemian seed beads 6/0 and Long Magatama from Miyuki, cords ( Lima Beads) End flower brass caps (LB) Brass toggles and brass chain, brass head pins.

Chain and Tiger

Tiger on the chain ;)
Components: Copper plated chain, copper toggle and findings, Tiger gold stone ( or at least I was told so when I bought the stones)

Another chain with dragonfly ..

Another dragonfly:)
Components: Silver plated chain, agates, pewter dragonfly


dragonfly :)
Components: Silver plated chain, gemstones, pewter dragonfly


Earrings for the show/sale.

Components: Copper Green Opal, silver plated base and gemstones.

Necklace for Alexandra

Alexandra our third and youngest grand daughter . she is going to be 5 years old in September :)
Components: TOHO seed beads 8/0 and magatama 3mm, LB silver plated chain and toggle and silver dragonfly .

Addition to the set gone...

I sold the set but promised the earrings. So here they are. The colors are closer to each other in reality :)
Components: Czech seed beads. Lucite flowers from LB and silver plated chain

My friend's garnets

My friend had torn garnet necklace so, I restrung it while adding some round garnets(LB) I had and I used two toggles : one as a toggle and another...
Components: Garnets : chips and 5mm rounds. silver plated chain and silver colored metal.

Necklace for Elizabeth

Innocence :)For my 10year old grand daughter :)
Components: TOHO 8/0 seed beads from LB, Miyuki fringe drops from another place, cords from LB, Lucite flowers from LB. Stainless steel cones/bullets, silver dragonfly and toggle from somewhere else.

Raspberries and Cream

In this set I decided to use the toggles as a toggle for necklace and two of toggles as earrings :)
Components: Czech and Japanese beads, brass and hemp cords.

Oh, Berries, Berries!

Berries! Actually I made it for the friend's birthday tomorrow. She loves bright colored, shiny objects... LOL

What do you think?
I will take...
Components: Bohemian, Toho and Miyuki beads, Brass ends (LB), gold plated chain and toggles ear wires are gold filled.

A Date with Turquoise

Summer ...
Components: Turquoise, rhodonite, copper wire and toggle, copper plated chain

Burgundy Wave

Necklace and earrings .
Burgundy.... For some reason the photo would not really show the correct color of Magatama beads : they are Burgundy Gold...
Components: Czech beads 6/0 and Miyuki Long Magatama, Lucite flowers ( I used two on each end ;), copper wire, copper chain and copper plated hook.

Snaking Around...

Just ...snaking...around... I will make either a bracelet to with it or earrings later...
Components: Toho and Miyuki beads, silver colored and silver plated findings

Copper Addiction

hammering of the I was bored... so I went for it...
My husband told me that it looks as for a child...? The copper part takes 3",...
Components: Copper rings which I vigorously hammered, lol. copper wire slightly hammered, copper chain and beads: 2 rhododonite, 2 blue quartz, 1 garnet and Toho seed beads

Velvet and Chiffon

Velvet and chiffon dress.

And also here is my dear friend on my front yard hydrengia : Lizard The Chameleon ;)
Components: TOHO hybrid round 6/0 seed beads, TOHO 3mm magatama, Sunstone (LB). Copper plated cones and hook, pure copper chain links, pure copper wire.

Adriatic Waters

Colors of Adriatic Sea...
Components: Toho (LB), Miyuki seed beads. Lucite bell flowers (LB) instead of cones, silver plated chain and toggles

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