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Designs by AllureofGemsGlamJulia

Aqua Fresh!

For my friend's birthday tomorrow! She drinks a lot of
What do you think?
Components: Toho and Miyuki. Silver plated findings.


Components: Toho and Miyuki, silver plated findings.

Razzleberries! ( according to Nancy...)

Berries ;) Is it too bright? I will make earrings in addition to it later...

Nancy, you are now a God Mother to this one... lol
Components: Czech and Japanese beads, copper, hemp cord ( Limabeads).

Chocolate Radiance

Components: Toho and Miyuki beads, polished hemp(LimaBeads), Copper chain, hook, etc. ...

Raspberry and Cream!

Just was going crazy... ;) Made one side raspberries with gold inclusions and another side; gold with raspberry inclusions and two different...
Components: Toho and Miyuki beads, polished hemp, copper.

Mystic Mystery

Mystic Blue Feldspath. I had once a set I made of it but it did not show right so, I took it appart and made a different design!
Components: Mystic Blue Fieldspath, Labradorite, Sterling Silver.

Ready for Peaches!

Beads, peaches, sale. necklace and bracelet.
Components: Toho beads, polished hemp, gold plated and gold colored findings

Molto Dolche!

The Miyuki Drop Fringe matte seed beads colors and idea. Necklace is 18" long...

It is soooooooooo very dolche!
Components: Miyuki Drop Fringe seed beads 2.5mm by 3mm. Toho gold lined 6/0. Silk threads. 22k gold plated cones, s-hooks and findings.

Pearly Blues

Colors , experimented with different threads, sorry to say: as this one is too soft for my taste but, I am not going to re-do it ;)
Components: Bohemian and Toho beads, silver plated findings.

Cool Sea Waters

Colors of cause :)
Necklace and earrings.
Components: Toho and Miyuki, Antique silver colored and silver plated findings.

Copper & Chocolate Indulgence

The gorgeous beads! Being a chocoholic...

I took photos under different light and so the colors just played. Too bad It does not really shows...
Components: Toho and Miyuki beads, pure copper


Bright , like a ray of sun ;)
Components: Toho and Miyuki drop glass seed beads. Silver plated findings


Beads :)
Components: Tiny "peanut" Japanese glass seed beads. Silver plated findings and chain.

Green ...White...

Continue my "cleanning"...
Necklace. 22" long.
Components: Green Prase, White Agate, New Jade, Gold Plated findings.


Components: Toho beads and brass plated findings.

Day Dream

remnants...:) Was cleaning my staff and this three types just mixed together and I like the combo! 20".
I made it last night, wore it today for...
Components: Rutilated Quartz, Green Copper Opal, Natural Green Jade, gold plated findings.

Ginger Opulence

Ginger flowers.

I cannot tell you how much richer it looks in life (!): like liquid gold and brandy mixed :)
Components: Toho and Miyuki beads. Copper plated ends and solid copper chain and s-hook.

Blue Peacock

The Blue color of Magatama beads :)
Components: Bohemian beads and Miyuki beads. Silver plated findings

Blackcurrants Joy.

Colors, textures.Bracelet.
Components: Toho and Miyuki beads. Silver plated findings.

Peach Dream Set

Peaches, peaches....I wanted a set :) Now... I wonder if earrings are needed...?
Components: Toho, Miyuki, copper.

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