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Designs by Frida

Spring feat Pyrite Set

Made this set for Chickies'Jewelry on etsy. I do have scratched that vintaj parawire-darn...

Components: Natural Lemon Jade, Lemon Chrysoprase, Peruvian Amazonite, Golden Pyrite, Freshwater Pearls Pistachio, Cubic Circonia, Vintaj Natural Brass Parawire, headpins, jumprings and Chain. Everything from LB!

Experimental Play

Just developing something with wire, leather and fabric. This one is more like a prototype than something I'm kind of happy with. I sealed the...
Components: Artistic Wire Brass 16 gauge, Leather Cord(LB), Nylon thread, Irish Linen, African Recycled Glass Beads, all from LB :)

Whimsical Wood Bouquet Blue Ocean Bracelet

This is the cousin to "Whimsical Wood Bouquet Bracelet" which I also made for Chickies Etsy shop. The wood focal is slightly off centre and the...
Components: Moonstone (multi)(LB), Lapis(LB), Lemon Chrysoprase(LB), Olive Jade(LB), Fresh Water Pearls (Stash), Ebony Wood(LB), African Recycled Glass(LB), Czechs(LB), Gaea Beads(LB), The BeadsNest Lampwork Glass Crackle Bumpy Rondelle(LB), Unicorne Bead (LB), Gunmetal Spacers, Copper Headpins(LB), Vintaj Natural Brass Headpins and Jumprings, Vintaj Arte Metal, Jumprings and Chain, Tierra Cast Antique Brass Plated Toggle Clasp(LB), Leather Cord(LB), Nylon Thread(LB).

Whimsical Wood Bouquet Bracelet

This bracelet is thought to be listed on our Chickie's shop on etsy to get wheels for Dixie. The wood bead I have made, first I was thinking that I...
Components: Citrine (I think)(stash), Czechs (LB), African Recycled Glass(LB), African Brass Beads(LB), Gaea(LB), TierraCast Plated Antique Brass Spacers(LB), The BeadsNest Lampwork Glass Little Neptune Saucer(LB), Button(stash), Leather Cord(LB), Nylon Thread(LB), Artistic Wire(LB), Vintaj Jumprings(LB), Satin Hamilton Jumprings(LB).

Rough Wrap Necklace

Got these pieses of what I think is some kind of slag product...
First I wrapped it (wanted it a lil bit tighter but but). Also hammerd the wire...
Components: Slag Stone, Artistic wire (LB), Gaea Ceramic Beads (LB), Leather Cord (LB), Irish Waxed Linen(LB), Vintaj Patina(LB), Wooden Button, Acrylic Paint.

Skulls Likes Bling

Ooooohh my... dunno if I'm ready with it or if I will make it into two pices. I have had some issues with this. The bigges issue is the clasp,...
Components: Okey I will do this soon...

All Heart Challange: "Amethyst Love"

My second piece for "All Heart Challange". Heart made of rescued wire from another project (the thick wire). Amethyst gem and Czech in both heart...
Components: Amethyst, Amethyst Czech, Artistic Wire, Vintaj Peanut Chain, Vintaj Jump Rings, Vintaj Lobsterclasp. All but the reused wire is from LB.

All Heart Challange: "My Heart"

The first piece for "All heart challange". I will post a second ;) I made a challange for my self to, to keep it simple... So hard, wanted to...
Components: Artistic wire, Leather Cord, Irish Waxed Linen.

M Wire Bracelet

Wirewrapping using artistic wire brass 16 gauge and 24 gauge. Clored first with acrylic and then gilders paste over ended with a clear finish. It...
Components: Artistic wire brass gauge 16 + 24, Vintaj Natural Brass chain/jumprings, Seed Beads, Czech, Crystals, Shell Pearls, Gilders Paste, Claudine Hellmuth studio multimedium gloss (Gun metal clasp). Stach: Acrylic Paint

A Thing Called Love I Think

A little kind of abstract heart made by me, brasswire soldering and painted, with a glossy finish. The actual beading design feels a bit oriental...
Components: Garnet, Golden Pyrite, Amethyst, Blue Goldstone, Raku (focal) Czech, SeedBeads, Gunmetal, Vintaj Brass beads, chain n clasp, Irish waxed linen. From LB Freshwater Pearls, Soft Flex gold plated stringing wire, Brass wire, Acrylic Color. My Stach, though the string wire LB now carries ;)


Sloppy wirewrapped dangels that I think looks like females with dress on. (Might add ribbon to one of them haven't made up my mind yet, and had no...
Components: Charoite, Emerald, Golden Pyrite, Dogtooth Amethyst, Ruby Zoisite, Vintaj Brass spacer beads, clasp, chain and crimpbeads, Artistic Wire 22 g, Soft Flex Extreme Campagne string wire.

Big Ball You are Beautiful!

I was going for the look of a exotic plant with an antique touch to the design. First thing I did was changing the shape of the ball then I painted...
Components: Bronzite, Lemon Quartz, Freshwater Pearls, Shell Pearls, Seed Beads, Vintaj Filigree Bead Caps, Vintaj Chain, Vintaj Jumprings, Vintaj Lobster Clasp, Handmade Antique Brass Chain, Waxed Irish Linen 7 ply, Silk Ribbon, Artistic Wire, paint, and course BIG BALL! ( and some cat hair )

Citrus Dream

I know I'm totally off season with my designs right now, may be rigth for the tropics though ;) Think I deed to dream away...
Irish linen bracelet...
Components: Lemon Quartz, Olive Jade, Brazil Rainforest Jasper, Red Aventurine, Czeck, African Recycled Glass, Vintaj Spacer Beads, Seed Bead Cubes, Vintaj Lobster Clasp, Vintaj Chain, Irish Linen.

Copper Ocean

Handmade chain (by me) attach to a irish linen bracelet :)
Components: Seed Beads, Czecks, Shell Mosaic in Acrylic (I think) Beads, Olive Jade, Antique Copper Clasp, Irish Linen Sage, Piece of Silk Ribbon. 18 gauge Copper Wire. All but the mosaic beads are from lima ;)

Peruvian Treasure

Wanted to try the irish waxed linen I have bought from lima. A thing I notised and actualy thought about bf starting was that I should have washed...
Components: Czeck, Peruvian Blue Opal, Green Aventurine, Amethyst, Lava Rock, Shell Pearls, Vintaj spacers, Gunmetal Lobsters, Irish waxed linen Sage. Everything but the amethyst and lava rock are fro Lima.

Six Strand Braided Butterfly

Braided Hemp :)
Components: Hemp and Sead Beads metallic iris brown Magamata from Lima! Button and ceramic bead.

Newly Baked

Had some clay that was on its way to become dry, soo I had to play with it. I'm a begginer. In the three last pics I have used sandpaper, ink and a...
Components: Clay Black bead; black ink and vanish.

Dragon Necklace

Gonna change later when I have the right stuff... Just made it bec. I wanted to wear the dragon on my B-day.
Components: Green Girl Dragon, Amethyst, Moonstone (multi), Angelite, Brass and brass plated...

Butterfly for Lynn Eileen??

I have carved the pendant in wood and painted it with acrylic paint.

In the pictures you can't see the real colors...
Components: Wood and acrylic paint

Dawn Owl (Not R)

For Dawn Owl in sunset. The last picture gets the color best, but are shaky. If you like it I will just color the back and sides of it. Drill a...
Components: Wood and acrylic color

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