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Designs by Frida

Butterfly Landscape Pendant

Pendant made by me in Polymer clay and then painted.
I'm a newbee when it comes to clay.
The finish is not perfect. Will put one more laye...
Components: polymer clay, paint, vanish

Crazy Tree Ring

Hmmm I love bold designs but might redo this ring to something else???
Components: Copperwire, Aquamarine f rom LB!!

African Turq. Ring

The brown wire is plated and so easily scrached :(
Components: Plated copperwire, copperwie, African Turquoise from LB!!

Rattlesnake Ring

Made this ring today!! The copperwire I have aged before I made the ring. Used the hammer a little aswell. I'm not totally happy overthe result but...
Components: Aged copperwire, (Labradorite)I guess???

Ardianas Necklace

A present to my friend on her b-day!!
Components: African Turquoise, Black Onyx, Sterlingsilver, Bali or thai or hill tribe silver flower

Necklace for Friends Sis

A necklace where one can change the dangles =)
Components: Sterlingsilver, gemstones and freshwater pearls

Earings For a Friends Sis

Sterling silver looop earings!!
Components: Sterligsilver, Rock Crystal, Apatite!

LadyLike Ring

For the ladies ;)
Components: Wire n freshwaterpearl

Lets Smash the Wire

Strarted playin whit the wires. Not perfectly satisfied whit the plated brozed wire, the plating is really delicate, so wwhat I did was smashing it...
Components: Diff. wires

Pure Easy Ring

Also a easy ring to do. Just wrapp the silver around the copper, turn the copper into a knot, hammer it, done!
Components: Copperwire, Silverplated copperwire

A Lil Bit Goth Ring

One of the most simpliest ring designs I have come up whit... This ring become dark n mystic!
Components: Artistic Jasper f rom LB, Wire

A Ring For Me

Made this one for me because I gave away my rings to friends that liked them, midsummer gifts ;)
Components: African Brown Rhyolite, Artistic Jasper, CZ butterfly = from Lima FreshWP, Wire

Art Pendant Mystic Bush

Big pendant painted whit acrylic on wood!

Art Pendant Mermaid

This Mermaid in fogg are painted by me. Acrylic paint on wood (driftwood). Big pendant.

Owl Pendant for Lynn ??

It meassure 5.5 cm tall but I can make it shorter, almost 2 cm in the other direktion.
I have been running around searching driftwood that could...
Components: Wood, Acrylic color

Pair in Crime

Jumpring chain and a stringed bracelets to wear togheter :) or by them self ;)
Components: Hematite colored jumprings n claps, Corrugated silverspacer beads, Freshwaterpearls...

Twisted Ring

Hmmered and twisted lil ring ;)
Components: Copper n Brasswire, FreshWaterPearls


Lil funny ring ;)
Components: Copperwire, Shell, Gems

Turning, Smashing and Twisting

Surprice another ring ;)
Ravins rings gave me inspiration for this one... :D
Components: Copperwire, Brasswire, gems that I don't remember what it is...

Instruct. To Frida Style Ring!!!

A lil Ring I made for the request to show how I do my rings :P ;) :D
Components: Citrine, Freshwater Pearl, LB Cubic Zirconia, Copperwire, Brasswire, Brasscircle that I have hammered... Hope you can get a 'hum' about how I do it... Not to much plans, just seeing where the material take me... Give me some week and I gonna dislike it hahahah LOL :D Hope you like it though!

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