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Designs by Frida

For Linda (not ready pendant)

Painting this kitty cat on drift wood, not ready it need small adjustments, but I wanna check whit Linda If she likes it? Bec then it will be...

Driftwood Owl Pendant

I painted this lil owl on a driftwood I have collected, it makes a cute quite big pendant!

Snirkly Ring

Another ring whit ivory turq. And fosil stone and copper wire... these pic are not really representiv will take others but it was what I had...

Lil Green African Beauty

I got this African green opal during the easter egg hunt, and paired it whit the fozil ;) Like the outcome!
Components: Green African Opal, Fossil Coral, Claps =from LB, copperbeds...

Bold Ring Made it For Me!

Made it to match my bracelet ;)
Components: Rhyolite, African Brown Rhyolite, CubicZircona Butterfly = from LB, Smoky Quartz, Copperbeads, Copperwire

Maries Necklace

Dunno, is this ok? It is a lil bit different I have my concerns... Lil bit better pics!!
Components: Blue Lace Agate, Orchid FWP, String Chain, Claps = from LB and Hill Tribe Silver Heart

Maries Bracelet

maries B-day tomorrow! A dear dear friend of mine! New pics!
Components: Blue Lace Agate, Orshid FWP, Claps = from LB and the heart is Hill Tribe Sliver.

Bracelet for Me!

Made it for myself. Sorry for the bad pictures my photo programs aint working... New pics!!
Components: Rhyolite, African Brown Rhyolite, Copper Claps. Everything from LB...

Sofias Ring

Made it for my friend Sofias B-DaY!!
Components: Copper and Brass wirwe, Brass Ring that I have hammered, Screw Nut, One Citrin...

Beach Stone Pendant

One of my findings on the seashore...
Components: Copperwire, copperbeads, Smoky Quartz, beach stone


Simple is speaking to me just now ;)
Components: LB Fossil Stone, LB F.W. Vanilla, LB Claps, copperbeads...

Master Copper

Look u see my hands and camera in the copper beads!!! ;) :)


Changed to daylight pictures :) Al vulcano talk inspired this necklace. I hope it not getting worse on Iceland, thinking bout al humans and...
Components: LB Rainbow Flourite big nuggets, LB Madagascar Rose Quartz, LB Lava Rock

Plant Butterfly

Mommy love to put butterflies in her plants!! I made this bugger for her ;)
Components: LB Smoky Quartz, Glas Seed Beads, Copper and Brass wire...

Funky Twist

Did not become as I thought, but did my best to save it.
Components: Black Onyx from LB, Red Jasper (color enhansed I think) Two colors of copperwire, Brass hardware wire...

Pretty Spiral

Sterling around copper, then add some fresh pink pearls in two colors, two rosequartz nuggets and the ring is done! :D

Doggybag bracelet 2

Some beads are leftovers. I saw now in the pic that the crimp cover was not perfectly closed...
Components: Freahwater pearls, Green Turquoise (treated in some way, no mine was mentioned when buying them, Copper Beads, Claps from LB!!

Jumping Out

A fun "little" ring :)
Components: LB Shell donut, Smoky Quartz, Some kind of white stone..., copperwire

The Royal Cheeta

Some leftovers, and not leftovers ;)Loves the clasp from LB
Components: White Agate from LB, Black Onyx from LB the small ones, LB copper beads

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