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Designs by Frida

Lovely Affro Ring

Reminds me of the lovely curly Affro hair!
Components: Freshwater pearls, Ivory Turqouise, Brass wire...

Ring to Jasmine

>It's Jasmines B-day today! Jasmine is not related to me but since she plopped out her mother 20 years ago she has been my little sis!! I always...
Components: Copperwire and LB Black Onyx

Pleas Help with my Chain

I did this chain from wire today, but I want to close th rings. How? Dad has diff. torches???
The chain is going to be part of a necklace.
Components: Hardware copperwire


Cute n simple. Waanted to make them bigger and bolder but stopped bec. think they are nice as they are.
Components: Fresh Water pearls, metal...

Clumzy Clay Clump Necklace ;)

Crawling bf I walk ;)
Components: Clay, seedbeads, metal...

Smoked Smashed Abstract Flower

Just playin, hope it not fall apart ,...
Components: Copper wire (hammered) (h, Brass circle (hammered), one smoky quarts bead!

Pendant dangle

Small brass circles that I have hammered...
Components: LB Rainbow Obsidian, Rock Crystal, Brass circles, copperwire 20 gauge

Slip on Stubborn Bracelet

Got an idea¨hm, I had to be stubborn the wire (hardware) didn't wantet to collaborate. Smashed it with the hammer.. Hope it will hold...
Components: Copperwire, copperwire, LB Black Onyx!


Stone I find on the beach with a turtle walking on it!
Components: Ivory Turquoise, Copper beads, LB A.copper beads, LB toggle claps, LB turtle, stone from beach, copperwire

I wrapped a Pendant from Grandma

I dunno nothing bout the stone, than It is from Karelen in Finnland.... My grandma ordered necklaces with this stone so I have one more pendant and...
Components: A gemstone, copperwire

Lil Stone from the Beach

The pendant stone I have picked at a beach here in Skåne. I have no clasps so I just show how I think I gonna design it.
Components: Jasper (I think), Stone from the beach, copperwire, copper beads...

Whimsical Me

Very fun to make this one, had to rearange a few times.
The Fairy inspired me!
Components: LB Rainbow flourite, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Rock Crystal, LB Rose Quartz, SeadBeads, LB chain, metal components, Vintaj whimsical fairy!

Dad Picked Pendant

One of the pendants from Dad, which he has picked by himself :)
In the first pic the chain has fallen togheter, (left in the pic) its not...
Components: Blue rock crystal, Blue Quartz, Shell, Chain recycled sterling, aswell as the claps, itty bitty sterling wire, gauge 26 I think, crimp and crimpcovers sterling.

Rocky Grandma Corset Bracelet

Its a experiment and it was fun to make. ;)
Components: Lima gemstones, metal, thread, quilt, synthetic leather imitation... etc

Pendant one of my Birthdaygifts

Simple stringing the beads to fit togheter with the pendant. If you as me are little alergic as me LOL to mix silver with basic metal close your...
Components: Rainbow Obsidian, Rhodochrosite, Fresh water pearls colored, white rock?, recyckled silver chain, metal, sterling crimps.

Pink Bracelets For Jenny

These bracelets I have made for a very, very dear friend Jenny. Jenny lost (beggining of this year) her and her mothers 3 year old horse Alba,...
Components: Rhodochrosite, Madagascar, Rose Quarts, Freshwater pearls natural shade and color enhanced pink. Butterflies and Flower beads.

Those Puffy Punk Onyxes

It's a brooch or something like that! Onyx beads, I Love Onyx, thy beautiful black!

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