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    On September 9, 2009 Andrew M said:

    Heading over to the new Lima Beads office. I wonder if they are enjoying the new space?

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    On June 17, 2009 Andrew M said:

    Wow, that was a wet bike ride in to work today. Note to self: buy rain gear.

  • Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    On June 12, 2009 Lynn Eileen Chicky LE said:

    That’s funny about your wife & the wires! LOL She must have a lot of patience to want small children for her patients. ;-) Interesting about beaders not being aware of LB — I first became aware of them through their print ad in BeadStyle Magazine, then their ads on the net. Both are really inviting! :D

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    On June 11, 2009 Andrew M said:

    Yeah, don’t blame me for the Easter Egg hunt difficulties ;) That was all Matt. All of the games and puzzles are created by Matt and/or Steve. They stump me too!

    I mostly work with the team on Google advertising and other ways to bring in new customers to join the community. You’d be surprised how many passionate beaders don’t know about Lima yet!

    My wife is getting her masters in Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Michigan here in Ann Arbor. She spends all day putting wires on teeth…sometimes putting wires through beads is the last thing she wants to do at night!

  • Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    On June 11, 2009 Lynn Eileen Chicky LE said:

    Oh, I remember Matt was the one who TORTURED us!!! LOL I thought it might have been Andrew’s marketing idea to hook us!!! LOL :D

  • Kevin
    On June 11, 2009 Kevin said:

    Matt was responsible for the Easter Egg Hunt, and for how difficult it was!

  • Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    On June 11, 2009 Lynn Eileen Chicky LE said:

    Did you invent the LB Easter Egg Hunt? That got me & a lot of other Chicks hooked on this site!!! It’s the best one on the net!!! :D When will your wife be done with her degree? What is her major? Looking forward to meeting her, too! Have a great day, Andrew! :-)

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    On June 10, 2009 Andrew M said:

    Lynn – no, I wish the BGBM was my idea. It was around long before I met the team. My wife is finishing up her masters degree and doesn’t have much time for beading these days, unfortunately. I’m sure she’ll be back at it when school’s out.

  • Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    On June 10, 2009 Lynn Eileen Chicky LE said:

    Welcome, Andrew! It’s nice to meet you thru your profile! Is your wife online, too? So, are you the one who has taught LB how to lure us into buying more & more beads thru the insidiously evil BGBM? (insert sound of evil laugh) ;-)

  • Happy Chick aka Harriet
    On June 10, 2009 Happy Chick aka Harriet said:

    Thanks for the background info. I’m thinking that Anne Arbor must be an interesting place to live nad work. :-)

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