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Designs by Regina v

My first cuff

My first mangled attepted at a freeform wire cuff. Cleverly disguised the mangled parts with LOTS of sparkly beads. No laffin ladies 8o !
Components: crystal, craft wire, random stuff from my desk

Drumbeat mambo

earth toned stones with varied shapes and a Russian serpentine pendant
Components: Serpentine, Red Bend Jasper, several flavors of jade, no idea what some of these are, sterling

more simple floaties

SOme more price point floaty necklaces
Components: plated metal flex beading wire, crystal

Simple floaties

Price point oriented floaty necklaces. Delicate pendant styles are starting to be featured in magazines for teens through 30-somethings.
Components: plated metal beading wire (flex), crystal

vanilla berry frosting

Stretchy crystal necklace and bracelet set, using frosted cool colors and rondelle shapes.
Components: czech crystal, stretchy cord

peeling the orange

carnelian, Swarovski crystal and glass necklace. Sparkly and casual.
Components: Carnelian, crackle glass, czech crystal, sterling silver

bead machine nugget necklace

straightforward lapis nugget pendant necklace, with brown lip shell - copper - brass patterning to offset the main stone. Stretchy. Gotta luv the...
Components: Lapis, brown lip shell, sodalite, copper metal beads, brass beads, stretchy cord.

violets in the dew

Very feminine necklace using chalcedony and amethys with sterling silver. Bead caps add some texture and "frill". Around 20" with built in...
Components: Chalcedony, Amethyst, Cape Amethyst, Tourmilated Quartz, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, sterling silver beads and findings.

martini olive

Copper pendant necklace using a big sparkly CZ from the bead machine offset by rhyolite. Medium length - about 22 -24 inches.
Components: CZ, Rhyolite, Sunstone, Amazonite, copper beads and findings.

tangerine for the queen

Fun stretchy set in orange and soft pink. A little loud.
Components: lampwork glass beads, czech crystal gold plated components, stretchy cord.

Fresh soocho candy

A variation on the soocho candy necklace (I'm keeping the original). Becky visits.
Components: raibow soocho jade, Agate, sterling silver

triple play

Rainbow shaded necklace which can be worn several ways ways:
1. Long symmetric with pink in front
2. Long symmetric with blues in front
Components: Amazonite, Carnelian, aventurine, sodalite, just about everything else, plus copper

Amazonite's many faces

Ahhh, the many shades of amazonite - and a few other blues - in a triple strand to double strand necklace.
Components: Amazonite, sterling silver

black to basics

Simple, neutral color beaded necklace. Stretchy. Carved soapstone provides some texture and picks up the color and pattern in the black...
Components: soapstone, Black Leopardskin Jasper, brass, stretchy cord

black tie tribe

The primary picture is the beaded necklace in a mix and match set of 2 related necklaces and 2 related coordinating bracelets. I like the idea of...
Components: pyrite quartz, White Opal, Citrine, onyx, moonstone, and a little blackleopardskin jasper, gold filled beads and components

shell shine by the seashore?

pendant necklace with a beadmachine sepataria pendant, copper "cheaty-bail" and beads, brass and brown lip shell. This started as a bit of a lark....
Components: brown lip shell, Septaria, Copper beads and findings, brass beads

baroque bracelet set

Costume jewelry. Silverplated filigree and crystal components, with crystal wirewrapped links. Bracelet and matching earrings
Components: crystal, silverplated crystal components, silverplated findings

praisiolite on parade

praisiolite facetted nugget (out of stock for a long time) featured in a delicate necklace with pearls and peridot chips. Very green N' white
Components: Prasiolite, Peridot, pearls, goldfilled beads and findings

flying saucers by night

Necklace with big blue aventurine disk beads
Components: Blue Aventurine, Blue Pearl, Labradorite, sterling silver

lapis necklace #2

Necklace using bead machine beads
Components: Lapis, freshwater pearls (BIWA), Moonstone, Labradorite, sterling silver

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