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Designs by Steph

my free cabinets

Got these for free from a friend show mom owned a curtain shop. They were going to be tossed so I said I'll take them. Now I need to get rid of...

Ocean Dream

This stone is gorgeous they need to make more different cuts in it.
Components: Sky Blue Agate, Aquamarine, FWP in champagne, flourite

Butterfly Fantasy

I love Lab and I love butterflies. I made this peice a long time ago it's a choker style, the clasp can be worn in the front or back.
Components: Labradorite, sterling clasp

None Yet

Colors went well together, I finally got to using my beads.
Components: Hypersthene pendant, Green Snakeskin, Antique Jasper. All from LB except silver dangle.

Midnight Butterfly

I took the buttefly from another piece I did before and added it to this onyx pendant instead. My attempt at wire wrapping, been trying to do it I...
Components: Black Onyx, Amber, I think the butterfly is Carnelian.

Malted Milk Balls and Rock Candy

My mother named this because that's what she said it looks like. These beads are huge and sooooo pretty, the swirls of color are like chocolate...
Components: Carnelian crackled dark 24mm, HUGE beads, rock crystal. All from LB

Sea Treasure

The beautiful colors in this stone remind me of being at the beach and listening to the waves as I fall asleep.
Components: I think this is Sky Blue Agate, came from LB and the pearls too from LB sky blue.


I loved the graduated style of the beads.
Components: Fossil Coral, LB clasp and spacers.

The Wonderful Find; DONE

This is what I put together with the wonderful pendant I found. I'm going to make a bacelet with the few left to match it. I think it's a keeper too.
Components: Turquois bead from LB, sterling spacers and clasp.

what a find

While looking for something else I came across this pendant in a box of stuff. Not sure where it came from, had a tag on the back that said $45. I...
Components: Turquois beads turquois silver pendant. Will show again when completed.

Kept Simple

I didn't want to take away from the stone so I added a little.
Components: Turritella Agate, smokey quartz, glass beads and wood beads. LB clasp

Hawaii Hula??

I got the same shell piece as KittyMom. Finally I got it together.
Components: Shell pendant, white shell beads and fw pearls from LB

Amethyst Ice

I got the cube amethyst beads in Cali. in 2007, go figure. I have more still. I took them a part from somthing else I put together, used the left...
Components: Amythest, Rock Crystal, fw pearls from LB

Blue Clouds

The whole January crossword sale got me spending quite a bit. These slabs are so pretty so I left them to themselves.
Components: Aquamarine, sterling bars, clasp

Sparkling Drops

This just came together as I sat doing my jewelry looking through stones. It was going to be a bracelet but I added the silver squiggle bars in...
Components: Rock Crystal, Muscovite, sterling bars and clasp

Kambaba Baby

This is a beautiful stone if you have not purchased it I suggest you do. I didn't want to take away from it so I kept it simple.
Components: Kambaba Jasper, Rainbow Obsidian, LB clasp

Sun Setting on Water

Took a different look at colors together and came up with this. I just thought of sitting at the beach and watching the sun set on the water it's...
Components: Blue Lace Agate, amber glass, smokey quartz and sterling little beads. LB clasp


Getting back into the swing of beading. I feel a lot better now that I got my butt moving again.
Components: The long beads are sardonyx but then look like smokey quartz. Got them from a bead show. The others in betweeen are smokey quartz faceted round from LB and another stone from the bead show. Clasp from LB also.

Button It

It all came together from the button I used for the clasp I found in my mothers bag of buttons.
Components: Black Tree Agate, jet glass beads button clasp.

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