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Designs by Steph

What's left

Inspired from a book I have, I used left over beads and just strung them together.
Components: Glass and crystal beads, fairy ribbon

Champagne Bubbles

From the cover of an issue of bead style mag. My version of that necklace.
Components: FW pearls from LB sterling cones, swarovski crystals


Once again they matched well.
Components: Picasso Jasper, fw pearls


The lovely center piece from LB.
Components: White Agate, White Jade, LB pendant


Just played around with beads one day and this is what I got.
Components: Vessonite, jet glass beads, sterling clasp

Eagle Eye

The carved ball from LB. It looks nice with the eagle eye beads.
Components: Eagle Eye Jasper, carved jade ball, wood beads, sterling clasp.


More beads I got at the bead show, they looked pretty together.
Components: Mookaite, jasper, silver plated spacers.

Perfectly Matched

The pearls got me to use the jasper, they matched color wise so well.
Components: Jasper, fw pearls


I saw these red beads at the bead show I went to a few months ago. I think everyone bought some. The color is incredible, picture does not truly show.
Components: Red glass beads, silver plated spacers, silver clasp.


The snowflake inspired me to use the beads I wasn't sure what to do with.
Components: Swarovski crystals, frosted glass beads that have a roughed texture, snowflake charm.

Winter Fairy

A wreath I made last year. I was hoping to find another fairy similar to this one, no such luck.
Components: grapvine wreath, feather boa, butterfly picks, metal snowflake, fairy doll, pearl bead wire wrap

I Love you bracelet

My friend who has breast cancer inspired me to make it for her because I love her and she is not going anywhere. She has to stay here and watch her...
Components: Rose Quartz, clear quartz, sterling heart and swarovski crystal.

On Fire

Fire agate is just so pretty and versatile, I want more of it. It's like watching the fire in the fire pit outside all the swirls of the flame.
Components: Fire Agate, Smoky Quartz, sterling clasp.

Silver Rose Petal

The petal made me think of the roses outside and know I just thought of another idea for the other one I have. My mind is always working but my...
Components: Sterling silver petal, Rose Quartz, metal leaves, sterling ring, cubic zirconia

Color Inspired

I loved this stone when I saw it and just had to have it. The man at the store couldn't remember what it was either, so if anyone does let me know....
Components: Not sure of the stone but I used amythest, swarovski crystals and a rose quartz piece and bali silver.

Carnelian Dream

I thought a lot about what to do with this center piece, it's almost 2 1/2", I actually have another one too. I think I do start having dreams...
Components: Carnelian, Fire Agate, Sterling findings

Sparkling In Green

I'm not a big green color person but this Kyanite is pretty, it looks even nicer in the sun.
Components: Kyanite, swarovski crystals.

Fairy Butterfly

Purple is my fav. color and I love butterflies, I also have a huge purple butterfly bush outside the door and always watch for them to come.
Components: Sugilite Jasper, Ruby, Amethyst, Chalcedony, sterling butterfly clasp, green girl pewter charms.

Fudge Swirl

These beads looked like ice cream.
Components: Brown Zebra Jasper, smokey quartz

Have A Heart

I found this heart at a Christmas bazar, I asked how much and she said 50 cents. It fits in the palm of my hand, it is so pretty. It's flourite so...
Components: Flourite and silver beads, sterling heart clasp.

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