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Designs by beaded banana


Here's a trio of three wrap bracelets. One has a loop and button to fasten, with a long tail that can be wrapped around and tied, and the other...
Components: vintaj stained glass kit, other stained glass components


Who says the humans are the only ones who need to look fancy? When my package from Limabeads arrived, I couldn't help but think that the leather...
Components: Vintaj stained glass kit, leather, d ring, collar components

Stained Glass Princess

To add to my tiara collection-one of Vintaj brass wire and beautiful beads from the Stained Glass kit.
Components: vintaj brass wire, stained glass kit

Glimmer & Glass

At first the necklace only contained the bottom strand of green and blue beads. But something was missing. I created the sections with purple,...
Components: vintaj stained glass kit, stained glass components

collection of charms

I began by making tiny components, waiting until later to decide what shape they would take in a finished piece.
However I realized these were...
Components: vintaj stained glass kit, vintaj stained glass components

Sun Catcher

At first I thought this would be the focal of a piece of jewelry. I had created a variety of small pieces from the kit and some of the other...
Components: Vintaj Stained Glass Kit Stained Glass Contest Components

Rain in southern California

'it never rains in southern California'...but it did this past week. So hear's a pair of SoCal spring earrings.
Components: Spring rain earring kit, patinas, jump rings.

Rain on the flowers

Fun with patinas! I used a few different of the kits, and mixed some of the colors so that I could find the perfect shade of blue
Components: Spring rain earring kit, jump rings, shell pearls, seed beads, patinas

Rain on a chain

Coming soon...
Components: Patina, chain, spring rain kit, wire

Silken raindrops

Components: Silk string, spring rain kit! (and headpins)

Wrapped in rain

This bracelet I suppose could also work as a necklace.
Components: Spring rain kit, wire

rain on a spring beach bracelet

Have had trouble getting this to upload correctly, so hoping it works...
Components: Items from the design kit, silk ribbon, hemp. And I used iCabMobile web browser app in order to be able to upload photos from my iPad!!!!!

Red Trio

I started making the first two necklaces on Tuesday. On Wednesday I started the third and added clasps to the first two. And I wore it out to...
Components: Coral, beads, nylon coated bead wire

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