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    On July 13, 2010 Faithful Chick aka Faith said:

    Maybe you all should start saying a few prayers for my kitchen, LOL. No joke. Sometimes you just have to chuckle or your tension builds to crying. I told them to just sit it where we were going to put the dish washer by the sink where the old fridge sat. If I had known this pipe was there that is what I would have done in the first place. Pooey seems to just pile up sometimes.

  • sunny chick
    On July 13, 2010 sunny chick said:

    Faith, I hope everything works out! ;)

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    On July 13, 2010 Faithful Chick aka Faith said:

    This plumbing goes to my main bathroom and kitchen. :( OMG!!!
    I am in a panic, now I think they are talking about cutting my stove so they can just slide it in the hole over the plumbing. I’m gonna have a heart attack

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    On July 13, 2010 Faithful Chick aka Faith said:

    Their first suggestion was to set the stove atop a platform the heigth of the old cupboard floor. That would raise my stove height to 5 inches higher. :9 ;) That would mean cooking from my elbows.

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    On July 13, 2010 Faithful Chick aka Faith said:

    Oh Ladies and Gents,

    Heavens to Betsy. I am all in a dither. My friends husband came over to help cut out my cupboard to move my new electric stove in. Ran into a big problem. Pipes under old cupboard…..EEEEEEEeeeeeeeKKKKKK!!!!

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    On July 6, 2010 Faithful Chick aka Faith said:

    Oh ladies hello :P !! I am so glad I decided to stop by for a short hello!!!!! Beth you are fabulous!!! Love ya girl! :P I must go for now Ted taking me to lunch, back later. Hugs Faith ;) :) :P

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    On July 5, 2010 Faithful Chick aka Faith said:

    I think I must go to bed now. Had a long day working on my friends new house again today. Hugs to all

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    On June 23, 2010 Faithful Chick aka Faith said:

    Night, Night ;)

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    On June 16, 2010 Faithful Chick aka Faith said:

    I am outa here for coffee and tv with Ted. Hope my hinney can take an hour in my soft recliner. Bones pinch my behind side. OUCHIE!

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    On June 2, 2010 Faithful Chick aka Faith said:

    Must go again Ted is calling me to the yard to see paint job. It is so hot here you could fry an egg on the concrete sidewalks.

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