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Designs by Valley Girl

Basic Black and Emerald

Emerald has always been one of my favorite colors... I think it really shines when surrounded by black.
Components: Black circle beads, black solid circles, matte Rondelles and emerald pearls...

Basic Black

Sometimes you just want something simple and easy to wear... That's where this little beauty comes in!
Components: Black gloss round disc beads and matte black Rondelles and a simple silver toggle clasp

Fish On...

Tangled lines sometimes catch the biggest and best fish of the day...
Components: Fishing Lure for Trout or Bass, Crystals, Brass Chain and one little flower just for fun.

Storm Clouds over a Turquoise Sea

I tried pink, blue, green and white before I settled on Turquoise...

These puff Jasper beads remind me of lightening strikes and the sea of...
Components: Black Water Jasper Puff Beads from LB, Turquoise Disc Beads and a bit of silver and silver toggle clasp

Pearl Power...

So I have had these little coin beads for a while now... and I thought the pearls really helped them to stand out... and then added a few matching...
Components: Swirl coin beads in off-white and lavender. Lavender shell pearls and baby pale lavender pearls...

Bits of Blue and Black

So I have had these little blue, green and teal beads for a while and I thought they looked pretty okay with the black for a simple necklace with a...
Components: Irregular shaped Black Beads, Black Glass rounds and little blue and teal glass beads... toggle clasp, from LB!

Heart of Gold!

A Valentines Heart that can be worn year round.
Components: A reclaimed antique gold puff heart pendant surrounded by gold crystals and assorted beads

Blue on Black

The Blue in this Stick is an amazing cobalt blue color... it was not what I was expecting at all (much bigger than I had pictured) but I love it!...
Components: LB Black and Blue Agate, LB Luster Silver Crystals, Silver/Blue Seed Beads and Little Black Bows.

To You From Me, Pinkee Lee!

Anyone remember this line??? This is just a funky little pink and white, long strand necklace that would be great to wear this spring/summer with a...
Components: Chunky Funky White Beads and Cherry Quartz from LB and a hammered silver toggle also from LB.

Sea Breeze

I love the randomness of chip beads and the colors of these chip makes me think of a cool ocean breeze...
Components: Mixed Chip Beads from Michaels and gorgeous Crystals from LB and a simple toggle clasp.

Yaba Daba Doo

Love these super chunky beads... they remind me of Wilma Flintstone... or GI Jane... not sure which... but they are fun!
Components: Chunky Camo Beads and soft hemp twine braided in macrame style.

Trinkets by the Sea

Okay, so I know it's winter but I am still stuck on the sea! So just a fun little piece of black leather, random starfish, sun, and a mix of...
Components: Soft black leather cord, random starfish, Sun face, c-koop tubes and beads...

Twisted Mermaid Necklace

A Twisted Mermaid Shell Pearl & Fishy little Necklace...
Components: Shell Pearls (LB), Twisted Aqua Tubes, Silver Flower spacers, Silver Rings and two cute little fishies...

All Chained Up

Long double chain, simple little design but eye catching and pleasing to look at especially against a black sweater!
Components: Super long double layers of chain and charms... the chain from Lima Beads, random charms and crystals and the purple charm is from C-Koop Beads.

Phil's First Trip To The Ocean

This weekend the hubby and I escaped to Morro Bay with our pup Phil. This was his first trip to the ocean and the weather was gorgeous, low 70's,...
Components: Blue Lace Agate (perhaps, not sure) and little purpleish, blue crystals, and a toggle clasp.

Workout Until You See Red!

Well compared to Frieda's this one is pretty bland and boring but I shall post it anyways just for fun...
Components: Silver Dumbbells and Ruby Red Crystals... simple little chain and toggle clasp.

Cows for Christmas

What is black and white and read all over???... a, sorry couldn't resist!
Components: Just a pretty little jasper bracelet in black, white and red.

China Blue Pattern Bracelet

The blue and silver colors in this little bracelet remind me of my mom's wedding china.
Components: Silver components of Butterflies, Hearts and Circles, and assorted pretty little blue beads

Sunshine on the Turquoise Bay

Not sure how I feel about this one... maybe because it looks to summery for the weather we are having now...

Any opinions?
Components: Turquoise and Gold Lampwork beads, twisted turquoise tubes, golden yellow glass rounds and a few shell pearls.

Lavender Twilight Mist

I have been holding onto these little lavender coin beads for a while now... I thought they looked pretty with the charcoal grey cats eyes.
Components: cats eye beads, lavender swirl coins beads, lampwork beads and chain

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